The Feeling of Falling in Love with Marlboro

The Feeling of Falling in Love with Marlboro
I smoke not because I am addicted in Marlboro cigarettes, but I love the feeling of smoking. I really like the feeling of flying between my fingers. Whenever I look at the clouds not the shape of the smoke is curling up in the air from between my fingers rises, flying slowly disappearing time, my heart will have a sense of depression in the rising.
I do not remember how marlboro lights many cigarettes have been the point of the past, and I do not remember how many ideals have been designed in the smoke of the tobacco parliament cigarettes or the dream of the story. But in the end it all like a lighted Marlboro cigarette end like smoke spread. I have a dream. A dream that can only be felt in the smoke. Only with the influence of tobacco can be able to evoke from the memory of the hidden deep in the heart of the dream. In my life, there was a pair of slender hands happy for me to smoke. Remember the flames glint in “YTDFSGFGCUEYFA” the hands of the moment, there are also with the flickering flame shining with a pair of blue eyes. That is how a kind of love. Only to be found in a solemn pledge of love story. And to the present, the group Marlboro Gold Cigarettes has evolved into a flash of fire has been buried deep in my heart of the flashing tears. I don’t remember what it feels like to break my heart. All the things happened all over time and gone.
And I carton of cigarettes still have to smoke a Marlboro. I like the feeling when I smoke. Every time I have a Marlboro cigarette, maybe I just want to light up a hope; maybe I just light up a piece of the past. I breathe deeply into my body, and then gently release it from my body. I might not have expected it to dissolve into my body. But I want to dissolve into the smoke of the world. Looked at the group of no shape of the smoke from the thick to light, slowly disappear from the top of the roof above the ceiling. I know, maybe my future is like the smoke that whirling has disappeared. Occasionally a group of cigarette ash will fall on the computer desk in front of me. It is a kind of passion after remaining ashes. I am sad to see it. I know, as long as I lightly a blow. It will be like the past like smoke has been destroyed. I smoke, not because I want to smoke, but because I like the feeling of smoking. I smoke, so I��m lonely.

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