Tips to Choose The Best Meat Slicer

Electric Meat Slicer is often used for home kitchen purpose and restaurants. It has many types based on the quality, brands, and the most important is the size. The slicer has many various size, commonly based on the blades. The big size has 12” of blade size, while the size which is commonly used for home kitchen purpose is the one with 8.7”. The biggest size mostly used for industrial, restaurant or butcher. It helps them a lot in preparing meat by cutting and grinding them into smaller pieces in fast. Therefore meat slicers are very efficient for cutting meat, rather than using the old way by chopping with knife.


Many people, especially housewife, might be complicated the most suitable food slicer for their home kitchen. There are several aspects that you need to consider before purchasing a meat slicing machine. First is tohe power and machine performance. The higher number of power, the better performance slicer will run. Then, watch to the safety aspect too. Try to consult to the seller, and try to imagine practicing them. Make sure that the design is safe and will not cause to the accident and get you injuries. Then, make sure that the slicer performance will not leave any leftover after grinding ingredients. It is because sometimes, after grinding meat, there are still some leftover in the entrance tube, which could cause to the next performance.

Meat or Deli slicer is not only for slicing and grinding meat. It also can be used for cutting vegetable, fruits, cheese, bread, and other ingredients. Therefore, it will be help you in doing your kitchen task, especially when you need to prepare cooking for a party in your house. With the help of the slicer, you could slice and prepare food ingredients faster than manually working on it. Make sure that after using different ingredients, you clean the tube. It is because some ingredients could affect to other ingredients. In example, you use slicer for meat and then continue with vegetable without cleaning it. It will affect to the vegetable texture and especially smell.

There is an easy way to clean your slicer after using it. First is by running the machine without ingredients filling, and then pour some water in the tube. Water will bring down the leftover ingredient which is previously used. It will also clean the tube and the smell. After that, you could use the slicer again for different ingredients. It is better to use cool water than hot water, as it could affect to the machine. While if you want to lose the smell of meat after slicing it, you could use lukewarm water.

If you have done from using slicer, make sure you clean it first with the same way mentioned before. Do not immediately store it, but dry it first before storing. Storing a slicer in wet condition could cause to fungi appearance. It then affect to hygiene to your food ingredients. For faster way to make it dry, wipe it with dry fabric, or place it under fan. The wind comes up from fan will help drying process faster. You could also use hairdryer, but it is not suggested as the heat could damage it machine.

There are some recommended electric meat slicers. Those are like Chef’s Choice 609 Premium, Nesco 180 Watt, with 8.7” blade, and MaxiMatic Elite Gourment. Chef’s Choice is suitable for home kitchen using, especially for preparing meat in wholesale amount. Nesco 180 Watt is easy to move the series apart, which enable you to clean it in ease. This product is also cut ingredients in consistent thick and finely. While Maximatic is suitable for home kitchen using, but not suitable for bulk amount meat processing. Even so, the pro of this product is that it can work on frozen meats.

After all those explanation, you could then choose the best slicer which will meet your need. After purchasing one, it is important to maintain the keeping and the using. For the price, it is different on each type and brands, you could search on Amazon, Walmart or Ebay in order to compare the best price. Wish you will meet the best Electric Meat Slicer for your needs.


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