Your iPhone Is About to Get a Bunch of New Features

Apple revealed Wednesday a plethora of new features and upgrades coming to the iPhone and iPad with the iOS 11.3 upgrade due out in the spring.

Most notably, Apple is adding setting allowing iPhone owners to disable a performance downgrade meant to prevent unexpected shutdowns in older iPhone models with aging batteries. The features comes after Apple was criticized for meddling with iPhone performance without customer consent; a pair of California residents even filed a class action lawsuit against the company over the issue. Apple has since apologized, lowering the price of iPhone battery replacements from $79 to $29. The ability to turn off this performance-altering feature will be found in the Battery section in the iPhone’s Settings menu.

Apple’s iOS 11.3 upgrade will also have a feature called Health Records, a one-stop-shop for iPhone owners to view their collective health data from participating medical providers. As its name implies, the app keeps track of a user’s health records so that they can see information like allergies, recent or upcoming procedures, medications, and lab results all in one place. Apple says this information is protected by encryption and requires a passcode to view.

Apple is making some improvements to its ARKit augmented reality platform as well, which it launched in the fall with iOS 11. The augmented reality software will now be able to recognize vertical surfaces like walls and doors, whereas it previously could only identify horizontal objects such as tables and floors. It will also be able to learn the position of two-dimensional objects hanging on a wall, like posters and signs, which Apple says developers could use to add interactive augmented reality elements to movie posters or museum exhibits.

iOS 11.3 will also bring changes to Messages, which will allow users to chat with businesses to schedule appointments, make purchases with Apple Pay, or ask other questions. This feature will be launching in beta in iOS 11.3 with support for companies like Hilton, Discover, Lowe’s, and Wells Fargo. Facebook has made a similar push with its Messenger app, particularly by adding a new feature that makes it easier for Messenger users to discover businesses that are active on Facebook’s messaging platform.

Other new features in iOS 11.3 include four new Animoji characters — a dragon, a bear, a skull, and a lion — and updates to Apple Music and Apple News.

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Hohe Qualität Kenwood PB-43N Laptop Akku kaufen

Marken : Kenwood Batterien
Chemie : Li-ion
Kapazität : 1400mAh
Spannung : 7.2V
Codierung : PB-43N

Hohe Qualität Laptop Akku kaufen Kenwood PB-43N 7.2V 1400mAh

Li-ion Akku passend für das Kenwood PB-43N. Der Akku verfügt über eine Kapazität von 1400mAh und eine Spannung von 7.2V. Er ersetzt den originalen Akku vollwertig. Das bedeutet, er ist voll kompatibel mit dem originalen Netzteil bzw. Ladegerät. Einfach den Akku austauschen und wieder die langen Betriebszeiten ihres Notebooks nutzen.

Wie pflege ich meinen Kenwood PB-43N Akku richtig

1.Vermeiden Sie hohe Temperaturen wie z.B. durch direkte Sonneneinstrahlung, Lagerung in einem heißen Auto etc. (hohe Temperaturen beschleunigen die Selbstentladung und Alterung Ihres Kenwood PB-43N Laptop Akku kaufen Notebook Akkus).
2. Verlassen Sie nicht unnötig denn Kenwood PB-43N Laptop Akku kaufen wenn es bereits voll aufgeladen ist, um zu verhindern, dass die Batterien einer kontinuierlichen Mikroladung und Überhitzung ausgesetzt wird, was ihre Lebensdauer deutlich reduziert.
3. Verwenden Sie das Mobilteil nicht gleichzeitig mit Batterie und Netzteil
4. Lass es mich komplett herunterladen Kenwood PB-43N Laptop Akku kaufen einmal im Monat
5. Vermeiden Sie thermischen Stress . die Kenwood PB-43N Laptop Akku kaufen Lithium Ionen sind empfindlich gegenüber thermischer Belastung, also nicht dein Leben zu reduzieren, es ist am besten Temperaturschwankungen zu vermeiden.
6. Langzeitlagerung , Wenn Sie Ihren Laptop längere Zeit nicht benutzen möchten, Entfernen und lagern Sie 50% der Batterie an einem kühlen Ort.

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kompatible Modelle



Ersetzt folgende Batterien:

PB-43 PB-43H PB-43N

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Wear Headphones

No matter what kind of headphones you’re using, they may take a bit of adjustment to get the perfect fit. On-ear and over-ear headphones are the most traditional, with the ear cups fitting snugly over each ear. In-ear headphones and earbuds need to be placed inside the ear hole.

1.Wearing On-Ear and Over-Ear Headphones

Plug the headphones into your audio device. Your device, whether it’s laptop or smartphone, has an audio input that your headphone jack should fit into perfectly. For a laptop or larger device, you may need to check around the perimeter and on the back to find the right audio input. Check for “L” and “R” labels near the ear cups. Many headphones specify which ear cup goes over the left ear and which one goes over the right. Check around your ear cups for the “L” and “R” markings, which mean “Left” and “Right.”Slip the headphones over your head. The band that connects the cups should fit snugly over the top of your head. Most headphone bands are adjustable, so if the fit isn’t comfortable, try adjusting it. Tug at the band to see if it gets smaller or larger, then adjust as needed. Place the ear cups directly over your ears. Adjust them a bit so that the cups cover your ears comfortably. Over-ear headphones, which have large cushions as ear cups, create a slight seal effect over each ear, which cancels out noise during use. On-ear headphones are smaller, and the cups are usually around the size of your ear. They will fit directly over the ear hole.

2.Wearing Ear Buds

Check for “L” and “R” labels on your ear buds. Some ear bud brands may specify which speaker goes into which ear. “L” means left ear, and “R” means right. The most common kind of ear buds, such as those made by Apple that come with iPods, usually do not have this. Hook the first bud into your left ear hole. Situate the bud in your ear by hooking it into the ear hole. The plastic stem connecting the bud to the wire should line up in the same direction as your jawline. Do not push it into your ear canal. It should hang in the crevice in the outer part of your ear-fold. Repeat with the right ear hole and adjust as necessary. Repeat the same action for your right ear by gently situating the rounded bud into the outer part of your ear hole. Adjust carefully and avoid pushing the ear bud into your ear canal. Look into accessories if you’re having trouble with the fit. Ear buds are notorious for falling out of the ears, especially during exercise. If this is happening to you, search online for accessories that you can pair with your buds to keep them in place. There is a wide range of different approaches to this, so do a little research and choose the accessory that best addresses your issue.

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Clean Headphones

Dirty headphones can be a pain for many. If your headphones are dirty, this can result in muffled sounds and can expose your ears to bacteria. Most headphones can be cleaned with either hydrogen peroxide or dish soap and water. If your headphones have detachable tips, remove them and clean them separately.

  1. Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Some headphones have clear tips covering the ends of the buds. If there are clear tips on your headphones, remove them before cleaning your headphones. Wipe them down with a soft cloth with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and then set them aside to dry. Dislodge any obvious debris. Get a soft cloth mildly damp with hydrogen peroxide. Rub down the mesh screens of the earbuds. Make sure to remove any earwax or obvious dirt and debris using your soft cloth. After applying the hydrogen peroxide set your earbuds aside. Allow the hydrogen peroxide to soak into your earbuds for about five minute. This will help soften any lingering ear wax, dirt, and debris. Use a soft bristled toothbrush. Gently scrub down your earbuds, focusing on the mesh screen in particular. Scrub down the buds so you remove any wax or dirt blocking the holes in your earbuds. Gently shake out the earbuds to remove any obvious water. From there, dab them dry further with a paper towel. Set them aside if they’re still wet to let them dry completely. If you removed the tips of your headphones earlier in the process, put them back in place once everything is dry. Your headphones should now be clean and ready to use.

  1. Cleaning with Soapy Water

If your headphones have removable tips remove them before you begin the cleaning process. Rub them down with a soft cloth dampened with warm water. Then, set them aside to dry. Use a very small amount of dishwashing detergent on a wet soft cloth. After adding the detergent, wring the rag out thoroughly over the sink. It should be just barely damp, and only contain a small amount of soap, when you apply it to your headphones. Wipe down your headphones with your rag. Focus particularly on the mesh screens, making sure to remove any dirt and debris that’s blocking the holes in the headphones. Take a new cloth and get it damp with clean water. Remember to wring it out so it’s just barely damp before applying it to your headphones. Wipe down your headphones to remove any soap residue.Set your headphones aside until they’re completely dry. When everything is dry to the touch, put the caps back on your headphones. You can now use your headphones again.


If you don’t clean them and they become coated in wax, you won’t be able to hear out of them, just like you can’t hear well out of your ears when they are clogged.

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How to Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life

Still remember the last time the last drop of power of the original battery? You hate the battery for it almost ruined your most important presentation to your clients. But by following certain  practices, you will change your affections towards your moving energy friend. Here’s how.

The fewer you drain it, the longer the battery last

Usually, laptop batteries are able to handle around 500 full charge cycles, which means, each charge cycle decreases a battery’s capacity from its design specifications.

Your laptops like “new mode”

You can start saving your battery by changing the power settings corner of your laptop.

It would be better, If your laptops offer the function of “eco mode” which may adjusts the way power automatically to conserve battery energy. And, shifting to the Hibernation mode once you leave for a moment is really a good habit for laptop battery life.

Less running app, more energy

To save even more power, take a tour of your apps and quit any that are running in the background and slowly eating into your battery life. No matter your computers are in Windows or macOS , you can what apps are using the most power by resetting the energy section. Both Microsoft and Apple offer you the instruction in video.

Besides, you can also reduce the amount of power by shutting off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when you’re absent, turning off optional features such as keyboard backlighting.

Half charging for laying up

Though battery life is longer than before, it does not mean that the energy will be always waiting for you for a long time ignorance. So if you have the plan to store your laptop for an time without using it, then charging it to 50 percent before putting it away will be better.

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Not us! Android makers say they never slow phones over battery problems

Android phone makers are responding to Apple’s recent public relations nightmare, after it was revealed the company slowed older iPhone models down to compensate for aging batteries, and to avoid any problems that may occur due to them. Samsung, LG, HTC, and Motorola have all made statements saying they do not use similar tactics.

Motorola does not throttle processors inside its phones when the battery gets old, the company told The Verge, while HTC said something very similar. LG was even more forthcoming, saying it never has, and never will slow down processors inside its devices, because it, “cares what our customers think.”

Samsung issued a longer statement, saying that in addition to not slowing processors over time, it uses software and built-in safety features to “govern the battery-charging current and charging duration.” This suggests Samsung prefers to manage the battery as it starts to age, rather than temper the processor to reduce strain. We have contacted Huawei and OnePlus for comment, and will update when both respond.

While many will be pleased their Android phones won’t hit an artificial speed limit in the future, this doesn’t mean Android phones are immune to problems. The iPhone uses the same battery technology as every Android phone — therefore it degrades in the same way — and replacing the battery inside almost all flagship Android phones today is an equally awkward process, as well.

Reports of long-term system slowdown for Android phones aren’t rare either, and are usually caused by lack of storage space, memory fragmentation, or other system issues. Huawei is one company that has acknowledged this, and the company has made it very clear how it addresses the problem. Introduced in EMUI 5.0, it used machine learning to understand how you use your phone, then allocate resources intelligently to speed things up, along with new processes to manage memory. It promises EMUI 5 and above-equipped phones will remain fast even after 18 months of use.

Apple has responded to criticism by lowering the price of a replacement battery for the iPhone, which resolves any device throttling. Apple also went into detail about why it implemented these measures in the first place.

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Superb Choice Liteon 19V Netzteil Ladegerät

Laptop Adapter Liteon 19V 
Markt : Adapter Liteon
Kapazität: 100-240V 50-60Hz
Spannung: 19V-7.9A 150W
Codierung : 19V GSBA0A
Garantie: 12 Monate.
Überprüfen Sie vor dem Kauf die Spannung!

Hochwertiger Computer Adapter Liteon 19V 100% brandneu, Qualitätssicherung!

Hohe Qualität Liteon 19V Adapter – Wir bieten den Liteon 19V Adapter von höchster Qualität, den niedrigsten Preis, besten Service, Dank der Beachtung von präzisen Spezifikationen und hohen Qualitätsstandards sind hohe zuverlässige und leistungsfähige Produkte in der Lage, die zu erfüllen der anspruchsvollste Benutzer, 100% Kompatibilität mit technischen Eigenschaften gleichwertig oder höher als die ursprünglichen

Adapter Liteon 19V – Wir stellen den Adapter Liteon 19V hohe Qualität, niedrigster Preis, die beste Qualität, erfüllen hohe Spezifikationen und hohe Qualitätsstandards sind zuverlässige und leistungsstarke Produkte für die anspruchsvollsten Nutzeranforderungen.

Ersetzt folgenden Adapter :



Kompatibel mit den folgenden Modellen :

CLEVO W860CU W870CU 6-51-W8702-010

Outlet: 3-prong
Cord Cable: US/ UK/ EU/ AU plug
One Power cord is included with this adapter for FREE
Note: Please make sure the DC output and Connecter size of ac adapter are accordant before you bid!!!

Korrekte Verwendung des Adapters Liteon 19V

1. Vermeiden Sie thermischen Stress. Das tragbare Liteon 19V Adapter enthalten chemische Elemente, die gegenüber thermischer Belastung empfindlich sind, Um das Leben nicht zu reduzieren, ist es am besten, Binsen zu vermeiden, kalt und heiß intensiv.
2. Reinigen Sie, aber seien Sie vorsichtig, den Reiniger nicht zu benutzen .
3. Reiben Sie nicht die Kontakte: Die elektrischen Kontakte des Liteon 19V Ladegeräts sind empfindlich: Reiben Sie es niemals.
4. Der Hersteller empfiehlt ca. 18 Stunden Nachladen, das gilt für ACER ADP-18TB Netzteil Laptop-Akku

Liteon 19V Adaptadores de corriente del ordenador portátil >> Liteon 19V Laptop power adapters>> Liteon 19V Adattatore PC Portatile >> Liteon 19V Laptop Adapter

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