Finally! Free WiFi is on its way to Mount Everest

Ever travelled to the foot of Mount Everest and cursed not being able to Snapchat the experience? Well, now you will be able to Neo skin lab, as its base camp is set to offer free WiFi zones.

According to the Hindustan Times, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) announced that the technological step is being taken to help facilitate communication and aid rescue efforts.

At a height of 5,360 metres, this will make it the highest location where free Wifi is available.

These Wifi trials will be rolled out in both the Lukla-Everest Base Camp area and at Annapurna Base Camp.

Located in Nepal, the mountain is a very popular destination for trekkers and mountaineers bull market.

Digambar Jha, chairman of the state-run NTA, said: “We will expand this service in other areas too.”

He is hoping that besides easing communication, tourists and other users can send photos, videos and messages that will help boost tourism Hong Kong itinerary.

7 Ways to Better Recall Your Dreams

What can you do to recall your dreams more often and interpret them more clearly? The experts offer these tips:

1. Incubate an idea. Before you go to sleep, consciously think about a topic or a person you’d like to dream about Karson Choi. Pose a question that’s troubling you and see how your dream responds to it.

2. Keep track. Next to your bed, place a pad and pen, or a tape recorder or laptop, to record your dreams as soon as you wake up.

3. Try to awaken naturally, without the help of an alarm clock or barking dog that can disrupt your dream cycle. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to sleep in during the week, begin your dream journal on a weekend or during a vacation.

4. Wake up slowly. For the first moment after you awaken, lie still and keep your eyes closed, because your dream may be connected to your body position while you slept. Try to recollect the dream and then store it in your memory by giving it a name like “Late for an Exam” or “My Date with Ashley Judd.” When you rise, immediately write down as many images, feelings and impressions as you can serviced apartments.

5. Connect the dots. To better interpret your dreams, try to make connections between your recalled dreams and recent events. Do you recognize people from the present or past? Can you detect any themes from the dream? Look for patterns over several dreams that might help explain an individual dream.

6. Change the outcome. If you have recurring nightmares that make it difficult to sleep, try to change the endings. Once you awaken from a bad dream, visualize a change in the action to create a more positive outcome. If you are trapped, try to fly. In your dream, you can do what you want!

7. Be patient. It may take days or weeks before you’re able to recall your dreams in detail reenex, but the experts advise to keep practicing. Dream memories are fragile, and trying to recall all the plot twists and turns on consecutive nights seems to have a cumulative effect.

The Fountain of Youth

The fountain of youth has always been the most sought-after yet illusive pursuit of man. Does it truly exist? Yes, it does, but not in a tangible form. The fountain of youth is an attitude, a way of thinking, and a way of life. The biggest thrill of childhood was the anticipation of joy and happiness yet to come in your life. Nature’s progressive order of growing up was inborn in our conscience knowledge exchange: o Get an education o Get a job o Get married o Raise a family of your own o Retire and live happily ever-after Having so much to look forward to in getting older was what made childhood so exciting and full of wonder. Occasionally people reach a stage in life when the thrill of optimism and joy of expectation of these highly anticipated milestone events seem to have been replaced with a ho-hum existence, sprinkled with disappointment after disappointment. This is commonly known as a mid-life crisis. Life automatically has its bumps in the road and everyone experiences the entire emotional gamut in varying degrees. Frustrations, worry, depression and disappointment ultimately take their toll and low self-esteem is most often the individual result. It is this low level of self-esteem that makes you age faster than maybe you actually need to. The biological clock and gravitational forces don’t show any kindness, either. So what if you start to look older? If you weren’t getting older you would have a bigger problem. It happens, so make the best of it. What would happen if you chose to think young again and discovered an entirely new area to explore within your world that gave you something to look forward to every day? Your emotional health would begin to heal and from there, your physical health would be positively affected. You could assume the same innocent anticipation you had as a child, able to experience again that same child-like inner happiness, strength and positive energy. Life is to be lived with enthusiasm and with a strong desire to see what comes next. This is the power of youth. When you make up your mind there is nothing left, age takes its toll. The power is inside you to think young and therefore restore your youth all over again. You can change your thoughts by changing the way you choose to view situations, circumstances, people and especially yourself. Self-confidence and self-esteem make you look, feel and carry yourself youthfully. Making the effort to look your best from head to toe at all times, gives you personal pride and allows you to defy human nature in an effort of fighting the negative elements of physical aging. What did you do when you were a kid? Why not continue doing it? Bounce on a trampoline. Lift weights. Play games. Swing on the swing at the park. Laugh. Take a nap. Accept a new challenge now and then. Maybe your life just needs a little rejuvenation and your furnace of metabolism just needs a little re-regulating. Having something to look forward to makes that possible and adds sparkle to life. Hope is an attitude without age limitations. Keep your mind filled with knowledge and keep it productive. Do all the good you can with what you have and never quit having a goal to work toward. Nothing brings more joy in life than achievement of your goals, perhaps because by now you have learned that you have no choice but to give your best efforts and utilize your talents to reach them. Having something to strive toward allows you to overcome emotional old age. Decide on a new goal and give your best efforts in attempting to achieve it. Nothing brings more joy in life than a goal achieved. Wanting to do something and giving it the very best you can – provides an inner personal joy. Hard work, dedication and determination will bring greater happiness than anything else in life. Refuse to get old. You don’t have to. Youth is enthusiasm, activity, plans and projects. Fall in love with what you are doing. o Smile often o Have a good sense of humor o Make others feel happy about themselves o Know your limitations o Laugh at yourself o Be your true, uninhibited self o Be determined to excel o Retain your own personal technique and make it your trademark Tell yourself you are still a child and that you plan to stay there. You can turn back the hands of time by dressing younger and listening to the music you listened to when you were a hope-filled, love-struck teenager part time degree. Seeking ways to improve yourself must become a way of life – and it’s never too late to start!

My Body Through My Eyes

Last month I turned thirty-four and vowed to be a little kinder to my body. I want to give it more respect, to stop judging it so harshly, to discontinue defining it by society’s standards. I resolve to love my body for what it is, rather than continue to hate it for what it will never be reenex 膠原自生.

I’ve got a mane of thick curly hair, symmetric features, a nose that fits my face. I’m certain that when most people look at me, they notice few of the petty imperfections that plague my body image. My body is healthy; it is strong, undamaged. But it is a body that I see laden with flaws; like fine hairs on a photo negative—only visible to the scrutiny of my overzealous eye.

Like many women who go from a teenage size twelve to a grown-up size two, I will always view myself as inherently fat. I’m forty pounds lighter and well within a healthy weight, yet I live on a self-prescribed, perpetual diet. I hover at a weight that keeps me just content enough to remain unmotivated to exercise. When the pants start to feel too tight right out of the closet, rather than out of the dryer, I motivate.

Snapshots of my teenager years reveal a girl overweight and under status quo. More at ease within the context of the powdered sugar of my dad’s donut shop than in my mother’s make up bag, I have cemented those images onto the refrigerator door of my mind in an effort to protect me from falling back into that place. These images pop up whenever I need them, like a cow-shaped cookie jar that moos when you open it, they are a mental reminder to forgo the full fat ice cream or to drop the extra handful of peanut M&Ms.

I look in the mirror and I see everything I’d like to change about my body; like an editor scribbles with red pen over a document—I see everything I’d like to cut, delete, and move around. I’m not alone.

Nowadays you can ask a woman what she’d like to change about her body and she will give you a list Neo skin lab. Botox this, collagen here, lipo there, tighten this, lift that.

Photographs for me pose a special threat and require detailed attention to many elements at once. I stand at an angle to look thinner; I don’t like my face shot head-on since it appears fatter. I prefer to be photographed on my right side; I don’t like the freckles on the left side of my face. When I smile, I’m careful so that it is big enough to show my straight teeth, but not so big that it shows off my big gums. If I’m laughing, the vein pops out in my forehead. I’m very conscious of my hair—if it’s too curly, it gets frizzy; if I wear it back, I seem bald.

I like my neck. As a chubby teenager, my mom used to joke that I got my dad’s short neck. Now that I’m a slender gal, I got me a slender neck.

I don’t like my boobs—for so many reasons. Too small, too saggy, mismatched entirely. Had my breasts succeeding at the one thing for which they serve purpose—breastfeeding—I would maintain a lot more appreciation for them.

I hate my pooch, as I call it—my lower belly that sticks out despite an otherwise indented, hourglass waist. My pooch often holds the number one spot for most hated body part; its main competition being my legs. The shape of my legs is awful; a fat wide knee sprouting from an otherwise normal calf connecting to fatty thighs. An unattractive trail of varicose veins runs down half the length of my leg—a bubbling river from my inner thigh to mid calf.

I like my calves and my toned arms, though they’re not often entered into a sexy category. I love my back—its strength, its clean expanse of skin, the tattoo I chose to put there.

I hate my feet; they’re too wide with the fourth toe hiding behind the third—the lone inhibited bone in my body. But I sustain an admiration for them; they have successfully transported me through many of life’s terrains as I collected the memories in its path.

I am eternally grateful for the services of my uterus. It successfully housed and nourished my growing son for ten months.

Historically we exist at a point where the average person has access to change almost anything about their body. Our society has blossomed into a culture that changes to conform, rather than one that accepts differences and individuality.

Hollywood has permeated our lives, presenting us with Ken and Barbie-like ideals. Synthetic idols as models for a society that strives—often through dramatic measures—to plug ourselves into the same plastic mold.

My boyfriend is a brilliant photographer who often succeeds at making his subjects look striking. “I pull out what’s beautiful about the person and focus on that,” he says.

As I stare at the mirror into a reflection of imperfection, I wish I could see my body through his adoring eyes. I often catch him gazing at me, his eyes surrendering into mine. He doesn’t see my ordinary brown eyes; he dives, soul-first, into a kaleidoscope of brown reenex facial, glinting with gold flecks.

Now if more of the world can see through an artist’s eye …

Divine Food for Divine Beauty

The phrase “natural beauty” has been abused and misused beyond restoration. The modern use is almost never associated with its true meaning. Someone said there should be a portrait of a healthy person in a museum so people would know what they are talking about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. If we don’t know what a healthy person looks like, how do we know what natural beauty is?

In our unnatural world, the word “natural” no longer means without effort, at least not in the realm of obtaining your best look. One thing is a must in defining natural beauty: its achievement must not involve any sacrifice of health. None, period. If health is compromised in any way beauty is not natural.

Our body was created in the image of God, the Supreme Beauty. When our actions are in opposition to nature, the results are different types of bodily ills, deformities, and ugliness. Since there can be no natural beauty without eating 100 percent natural food, most of you have never seen the natural you.

There is an urgent need for another word. The contemporary meaning of natural is too far from the divine. I suggest filling this void with “rawsome”, a new word circulating in the raw food community. It is a combination of two words:” raw” and “awesome” with the meaning being something between natural and divine. The diet of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds also needs to be renamed. I have often been told that the phrase “the raw food diet”, sounds like eating raw meat, particularly sushi, which is misleading. The raw food diet is so awesome that it should be called the very name it inspired- the Rawsome Diet.

Most of us feel our appearance lacks something. In reality, ugliness is more about excess. Toxic accumulations in our bodies are responsible for stealing our health and attractiveness. Beauty lies latent under cushions of retained fluids, deposits of fat, and sick tissues. Your beauty is buried alive, but in most cases it can be revived in a version that will be satisfactory to you. You must take immediate action to revitalize it. When you do, your uncovered beauty will surprise and delight you best deals.

Eating cooked food will leave residues the body cannot utilize, and they will be deposited in places our Creator never intended. Everything not fully digested and properly eliminated, the body will treat as an abnormal substance. It will pocket these toxins as far away from the vital organs as possible–on the peripheries of the body–where it will invariably be reflected in our outward appearance. If the body cannot use it inside, it will deposit it on the outside. Nutrients from the food you eat spiral upward to the epidermis, and their quality will determine whether you will have a glowing clear complexion or skin spotted with growths, such as moles and skin sores.

Some physical characteristics of our face and body we cannot change–they were determined prior to our birth. But the consumption of the raw plant diet as an adult will make a difference in the texture of skin and hair, the health of nails, weight and complexion. All of these traits and more are determined by daily choices, with food being one of the most important and, luckily, the one we can fully control.

The Rawsome diet is the most suitable one for human physiology. It is salubrious to the body’s health and salutary to its beauty. The ability to renew cells is built into your body, and the body itself is capable of making you look more attractive. After all, we were designed to bloom continuously as old cells get replaced by new ones. The Rawsome diet makes the most of this rejuvenating ability of our bodies.

Rawsome beauty is not manufactured from the outside but cultivated from the inside by nutritionally charged food. Whole raw food restores the integrity of every cell and facilitates the optimal operation of every organ inside and out. The body, having been awakened by the improved diet, in its wisdom, will reach out to the places where health was lacking, and you will gradually see your beauty surfacing. The Rawsome diet will eliminate all the toxins on a deeper level and bring amazing changes to your appearance.

Only the body sustained on raw food will host natural beauty, or should we say Rawsome beauty. The landscape of the body will change. The surface of the skin will become soft and smooth but still firm and supple. Visible pores will diminish. A sallow skin with a yellow pallor will turn into a porcelain-like complexion. The whites of eyes, once red, will become bright with a bluish tinge. As natural collagen production improves, it will fill in the places where it is needed as in hollow cheeks. Raw food eating will clarify and refine your features and bring delicacy to your face.

On the Rawsome Diet, you will marvel at how the Master Artist will make the most of your individual features and bring balance to the entire face. Texture, hues, and shape will be harmoniously arranged into a genteel whole. Perfection and imperfection will be tied together into a unique original version of beauty.

Each time I see a woman, I study her appearance, and I see not just the way she looks but the way she could look. What I see is how far her image falls short of her potential beauty. I perceive her beauty as it would stand out after the body has cleansed itself from toxins and excesses.

From age 15 until recently, I wore my hair permed, only to discover at 45 that straight hair in my natural color was the best possible frame for my face. Did my preference change? Not at all. My face did. So let me give you a hint, if you need a camouflaging hairdo, you are not looking your best. The changes in your face brought about by raw foods will bring the freedom to arrange your hair in any way you want. When your peer group is thinking: “I am losing my looks”, you will be finding yours. At 45, I enjoy looking in the mirror while before I detested my reflection.

As the cleansing initiated by this diet is completed, you will be very pleased to see how you were meant to look. Your body will exhibit beauty and dignity. You will become satisfied, even fascinated, with your appearance. When you look your very best, you look perfect, in a sense that you are as close to the divine image for yourself as you could ever be. You accept yourself completely. Natural beauty is above conformity; it doesn’t demand to be accepted by the dictates of the beauty norm.

People who have been on the raw food lifestyle for several years begin to have a glow, the kind not often seen in middle-aged people. Optimal health is recognized by an emerging radiance. Glow is hard to fake because it is internal. It comes from an abundance of clear, pink, almost transparent cells that light up the face. Only superior blood circulation can bring this transfiguring glow. Several years on the raw food diet will make you look as though you just stepped out of a painting by Renoir–the impressionist best known for his preoccupation with light dermes.

I have come to believe if you do not embrace the 100 percent raw food diet, you will never meet The Most Beautiful You. The best proof that the Rawsome diet is optimal for the body is it makes you beautiful. Slim face, slender waist, and clear skin with smooth coloration-these subtle changes will convince you the raw plant diet is the best for good health and graceful beauty. No woman knows her true beauty until she cleanses her body completely of all waste.

You can say there are people who are beautiful, and they are not on this diet. That is true. It is hard to believe, but even they haven’t seen the best of themselves. Dissatisfaction with one’s appearance arises not from perceiving our bodies inaccurately but because subconsciously we are aware we haven’t achieved our optimal look. The Rawsome diet gives a feeling of authenticity, an assurance we have become what we were meant to be.

Raw food not only corrects beauty’s shortcomings but also lifts the limitations of one’s spirit and releases strains and tensions in both your mind and body. People on the raw food diet have an aura about them, a transcendent nobility and complacent dignity. Sickness is goodness lost, and our unhappiness is a longing for goodness. One takes in the goodness in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables and feels its purifying process on the inside. Goodness in one’s food summons up goodness in one’s appearance and character.

Do you think it is hard to follow this life style? Women have done so many outrageous and dangerous things to themselves in the pursuit of beauty, I believe they should at least try the Rawsome lifestyle, which promises to transform them into beautiful people. What a woman won’t do for health, she will do for beauty. This is the first time beauty asks no sacrifice from health.

2003Tonya Zavasta

This article may be freely reprinted in its entirety as long as the entire article, byline and URL are included.

About The Author

Tonya Zavasta is the author of the book “Your Right to Be Beautiful: How to Halt the Train of Aging and Meet the Most Beautiful You” and of the soon to be published its sequel “Beautiful on Raw”. In these books Tonya comes across as an ambassador for plain looking women in their quest for physical beauty. Tonya knows firsthand what it is to be humiliated, face adversity and meet the complex obstacles of daily living with a congenital disability. Facing several reconstructive hip surgeries to enable her to walk, she sought a way to offset the devastating effects of anesthetics on her health and appearance. She became more and more convinced that the solution to her quest for health and beauty was to be found in the raw food lifestyle or the Rawsome Diet as she calls it. The Rawsome Diet not only helped her to sail courageously through troublesome times, brought her general health and appearance to an all time best, but also opened a new chapter of her life. Firmly believing that the roots of under-performing and under-achieving lie in feeling and looking less than your personal best, she is on a mission: she wants every woman to look and feel beautiful. Tonya is convinced that by eating as God intended everyone can look uniquely beautiful as God envisioned.

Emu Oil For Anti Wrinkle!

Emu oil was discovered by Aborigines many thousands of years ago as a skin moisturizer, antiseptic, and as an aid in the relief of sunburn, muscular aches and joint pain, as well as aiding in the healing of injuries. The emu oil is rendered from a thick layer of fat on the back yielding 5 – 7 liters of unsaturated, non-toxic, highly penetrating oil Dream beauty pro hard sell.

Over ten years of research done at Global Canyon Ranch (Texas) has revealed that the emu oil has unique thermodynamic properties. Combined with other ingredients, the oil can be used to machine stainless steel much more rapidly, thus considerable savings in labor results.

The emu oil is the greatest emollient in the world. It penetrates the skin better than mink or any other natural oil, and lacks long chain fatty acids which is conducive to a long shelf-life apartments for rent in Hong Kong.

Emu Oil is considered a complete source of essential fatty acids. Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) are fats that humans cannot manufacture or synthesize. We must obtain them from our diet. Like vitamins and minerals they are essential to the body’s functions. Incredibly, this amazing oil contains omega 3,6,9 essential fatty acids and is a powerful skin moisturizer and possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Emu Oil for Anti Wrinkle.

Billions of Microscopic Three-Dimensional Nanoprisms! Here’s “so what.” Almost nobody knows this… but… the human eye cannot see a wrinkle. What the eye sees is actually the shadow made by the wrinkle. And, since all those billions of microscopic nanoprisms refract light.

This effect will last until you wash your face and the invisible silicon dioxide is removed. And get this: Remember how I told you the main ingredient in this cosmetic cream is made from emu oil? Well, it turns out emu oil is probably the best cosmetic ingredient in the world. That’s because its molecules are much smaller than the molecules in human skin.

Penetrate down through seven layers of human skin Production course!

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