Scaffolding Planks

What are the kinds of scaffolding in the construction

Use scaffolding material can build all kinds of formwork support frame, including beamform, cavity plate and beam slab mould and die box foundation, and used the bracket beam plate template. In the cavity plate and beam slab mould stents, support height > 4.0 m, known as the “high racks, with early dismantling requirements and its device, known as” early brace of the template system “.
Fastener type, bowl of button and the door type steel pipe ringlock system materials can be used for the construction formwork support frame, and each has its characteristics.According to its structure can make the following categories:
(1) according to the structural classification
1) pillar type racks (pillar bearing frame);
2) (bent) type brace (formed by a row of pillars have horizontal tie connecting structure);
3) double row racks (formed by two rows poling racks);
4) space frame type racks or set of space and architecture (more).
(2) according to the truss structure system
1) geometric immutable truss structural support frame (conform to the stipulations of the truss rods slenderness, vertical plane diagonal set is not less than all of two direction structure frame of 1/2 of the sash);
2) the geometric immutable truss structural support frame (comply with scaffolding framework, but have a vertical plane diagonal sash less than 1/2 of the total framework of setting).
(3) by pillar type
1) ChanLi rod racks;
2) double stud support frame;
3) lattice column brace (supported by lattice column group formation frame).
4) hybrid pillar supporting frame (a mixture of ChanLi rod, double stud, lattice column brace).
(4) according to the level of frame is divided
1) the level of the structural don’t buy a small amount of setting diagonal or shear support brace;
2) one or several level enhancement layer set of racks, and can be divided into:
A. plate level strengthen layer (each set is only a single layer, diagonal set a third level sash or higher);
B. truss type level strengthen layer (each for double, and vertical diagonal Settings).

The ringlock scaffoding helps you a lot in the construction

Nowadays, many factories in the product came out in a relatively important link, it is for testing, so in the process of testing we need to test the product of what?This is what we need to know, so the ringlock scaffolding manufacturer’s product testing when testing?In the ringlock scaffolding products above we detect and firm performance, because of this
Ringlock scaffolding necessary complete, easy to use.Bowl buckles type steel pipe scaffold supporting design also have steel scaffolding, ramps board, ladder, cantilever rack and safety net support, and other functions of auxiliary components, can satisfy the various construction requirements, to create a favorable condition for the civilization construction. The construction site management and convenient. Bowl of fastener type steel pipe scaffold components lightweight, strong, especially scattered fittings, can be neatly stacked, not easily lost, facilitate site materials management, greatly reducing the material consumption.
Construction equipment that 2014 rings button scaffolding market situation will be good in 2013 as a whole. Domestic ringlock scaffolding market price of the first yi quarter of 2014 is expected to recover unevenly, the second quarter of the market will enter phase of digestive inventory, the price is expected to shock, home for the whole year round button scaffolding market will present “weak balance”.
Ringlock scaffold should use the same elevation of beam bottom elevation range, for larger height and span of a single component supporting bracket to use, for bar pull and poling axial stress calculation, in order to ensure the stability of the frame body and safety.
Standard packing: this kind of scaffolding you need less maintenance quantity, convenient loading and unloading, transportation is convenient, easy to store, suitability is strong. Economy applicable: rail can be removed using early turnover, save resources, saving wood square, save time and effort. Actually achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, economy is more practical.

Conditions for the frame scaffold to work in the construction

⑴ According to the building plan according to the door frame scaffolding of the bar size and draw the main mast position, the location of the hole and the structure of the building with the location, etc., to do the construction program design, and to the construction staff in detail.
⑵ into the scene of the mast and accessories should be classified stacking, proper custody. On the assembly and unloading process caused by the deformation of the collision, to timely correction, so as not to affect the installation.
⑶ set up frame scaffold of the site has been smooth and compaction, flatness difference within 25mm, and to do dangerous drainage slope to prevent water.
⑷ the ink line has been put.

1, advantages
1) Gate steel pipe scaffold geometric size standardization.
2) reasonable structure, good performance, make full use of steel strength, high carrying capacity.
3) easy assembly and disassembly in construction, erection efficiency, saving time and labor, safe and reliable, affordable.
2, shortcomings
1) Frame size without any flexibility, any change in frame size should be used for another type of mast and its accessories
2) cross support easy to break in the hinge point;
3) stereotypes scaffold heavier,
4) the price is more expensive
3, adaptability
1) Construction of stereotypes frame scaffolding
2) for the beam, plate frame support frame (to withstand vertical load);
3) Construction of the activity table;

What are the features of fast build aluminum alloy scaffolding features

Aluminum alloy fast build scaffolding features:
1, all the bracket components are computer-controlled assembly completely eliminate the weld, the appearance of luxury quality distinguished, easy loading and unloading, extending the life of scaffolding, 10 years to ensure structural strength.
2, lightweight walkway deck also applies to scaffolding deck, can provide a length of 9,1 m aluminum alloy work deck. Its load capacity of 720KG per seat, allowing multiple people at the same time high degree of homework.
3, Upright unique cross-slip surface, and even rainy day in the cross-climbing climbing is also very safe, and enhance the safety of the operation.
4 nickel titanium aluminum alloy material, more light, high strength, cold and cold pressure is Upright exclusive patent. Static test strength is more than three times the weld, dynamic test can withstand 250,000 times the test
5, self-locking hook without pre-adjustment, by the spring self-locking, triangular head design, anti-high fall lock, can withstand the weight, greatly increase the stability of scaffolding. Different color codes identify different components, save time, and self-locking hooks make installation quicker and easier.
6, the work platform is self-locking hook opening platform plate, so that the installation of convenient, high-quality plywood platform board non-slip sunscreen, light weight, easy to open the platform to other staff.
7, aluminum scaffolding use of universal casters adjustable feet adjustable range of 0.4m-0.8m, convenient in the level of environmental regulation, adjustable feet unique design, convenient, universal casters, mobile steering flexible,
8, polyurethane traceless casters will not damage the ground, with a lock casters to increase the stability of scaffolding. Activities Casters anti-oil anti-corrosion, will not feel the lobby of the marble floor.

How to remove the cuplock scaffolding safely and efficiently

In the whole process of removal of the cuplock scaffolding, according to the correct operation of the Shun to carry out, should be in accordance with the top down, the first take the demolition, after the first demolition of the principle, first remove the scaffolding railings, bracing, , Scissors support parts, after the demolition of the pole, a small crossbar and a large bar, so that a step clear, prohibit the same time from top to bottom demolition operations.

Do you want to rent or buy a reliable Hebei cuplock scaffolding? Please choose our company in Hebei! Companies can provide you with regular cuplock scaffolding rental or purchase services, in addition, you can also provide you with a bowl of scaffolding on the rational application of norms to meet your needs.

Then we come together to see how the cuplock scaffolding use more reliable? To provide you with reliable structure of the cuplock scaffolding construction equipment, this scaffolding equipment in the application process, can play a good role and value for the construction staff to provide reliable security, while the workers to facilitate a variety of construction operations , Is conducive to improving the construction efficiency, and promote the stable development of our construction industry.

To talk about this cuplock scaffolding, it is safe construction, it can be considered quite fight, with a wide range of performance advantages. Here we look at the performance advantages of cuplock scaffolding it!

Steel scaffolding planks longevity and measures taken to avoid failure

Hot dip galvanized steel scaffolding planks are the construction industry, shipbuilding, repairing yard and anticorrosion construction, oil platform installation enterprise construction scaffolding used one of the indispensable supporting tools. It besides has the fire, light weight, corrosion resistance, alkali resistance and high compressive strength, good appearance, durable and other characteristics, our company production of hot dip galvanized steel scaffolding planks unique Saudi deposition prevention, sand hole and is especially suitable for the use of coating sand workshop shipyard.

All these above, it is the embodiment of the value of the hot dip galvanized steel scaffolding planks is far more than that, of course. For application of the enterprise, its value lies in its cost, and safety performance and the use of installation. Has the following several aspects specifically.
From the cost, it is lower than ordinary wooden steel board, etc. In safety performance, its corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, prevent burning, and our company production of hot dip galvanized steel scaffolding planks to regulate the arrangement of convex molding hole, so the anti-slip coefficient is high, the effect is good. Scaffolding planks i-section on either side of the design and internal embedded steel plate solid welding more increased its strength, 3 meters long scaffolding can take 5-6 people standing at the same time and not deformation, durable.

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