Clarify charitable non-border marketing

Clarify charitable non-border marketing
Second session of the National People’s Congress for the first time recently Seventeenth Meeting considered the draft charity law, the draft regulations prohibit the promotion of buy marlboro 100 cigarettes online tobacco products generally recognized.
Some experts told the ”Legal Daily” reporters, said it would help buy marlboro cigarettes online tobacco control process, should further improve the draft, explicitly newport cigarettes prohibits all tobacco companies, charitable donations, do not give the tobacco companies leave the back door.
However, on the prohibition of tobacco prices donate view has also been opposed to some users. They believe that the tobacco companies should buy newport cigarettes online wholesale not donate ”a stick and killed,” the title of donation can not, do not spread, philanthropy needs to be given attention and support in all aspects.
Health Law Research Center at the Chinese University of Politics and guest researcher at ol The opinion, buy newport online tobacco is the world’s only legitimate but causing death illness products, tobacco control, which can prevent Marlboro Gold Cigarettes harm to human health to a certain extent, further expanded.
”Tobacco products very special, the state allows the sale of goods, but smoking buy newport online cheap is harmful to health, it is an indisputable fact. The positive publicity for tobacco products, more or less extensive development of the tobacco industry, even as the tobacco companies justify.” Beijing president of the Tobacco Control Association, Jianshu Zhang said.
”Tobacco companies through advocacy and charitable donations, efforts to establish the company’s good corporate image, this practice is now becoming more widely used in sports, cultural activities.” Health Development Research Center Deputy Director, tobacco control expert Wu Yiqun For example, such as tobacco prices to public or private organizations for charitable donations, financial contributions to the community, health, welfare or environmental organizations or in-kind donations.
In our country 10 years ago to join ”World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.” Article XIII of the Convention provides that Parties shall comprehensive ban of all tobacco buy newports bulk advertising, promotion and sponsorship.
”Parties to the Convention and as a responsible big country, the Chinese government has the responsibility and obligation to prohibit all tobacco corporate charitable donations.” Wu Yiqun noted that the tobacco buy newports online industry sponsorship is essentially ”wrapped honey of poison,” a lot of good people I thought it was money, in fact, all donations are selling cigarettes.
”Through charitable activities, companies generally can get a win-win on the one hand contribute to the community, it also makes business and brand recognition by society, for commercial gain..” But at the same time ol The said: ”tobacco companies to do charity, called The social responsibility behavior, but only a single win, because the higher the social acceptance of by newport 100 tobacco companies and their products, brands, means that people are more willing to accept tobacco products and smoking behavior to more cigarettes online consumption of tobacco products, cause marlboro cigarettes harm to society increases, ultimately benefit only tobacco companies unilaterally. ”
In ol The said Charities must not harm the public interest, which is the basic principle of carton of marlboro reds free shipping charity law, tobacco companies and charitable activities, on the surface seems to be beneficial to society, in reality, it is precisely at the expense of the public interest.

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