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The metal surface that lost the passivation film is in an active dissolved state

In the bearing production process, many links may produce small pore corrosion, especially the storage and turnover links after the sheller processing.2 mm, randomly distributed and dispersion. There are many reasons for corrosion of bearing parts. Especially in wet, hot, close climate environments, it is necessary to avoid the production of small holes corrosion.

Small hole corrosion prevention and treatment is generally, small hole corrosion is less likely to occur in smooth, cleaning and dry surface. Small hole etching not only affects the accuracy and surface roughness of the bearing, but also reduces its service life, and even leads to scrap, therefore should cause people’s full attention., CL-) in the electrolyte solution is active, and the electromigration occurs.

It is different from the material defect, which all occurs on the surface of the ferrule, the internal cut, the internal dust phase There is no abnormality in the organization. Since the small hole has a deeper depth, the diameter is also small, and it is often removed, which causes the hole to continue Wholesale China wheel bearing kit factory the anode reaction, so that the small hole continues to deepen. Sometimes after the ferrule turning, there is no heat treatment immediately.

The metal surface that lost the passivation film is in an active dissolved state, at which time, if a certain concentration of electrolyte solution is encountered, the corrosive anion (e. To avoid hike, it also leads to the occurrence of small hole corrosion; as the storage time of the vehicle, deeper corrosion holes may be generated so that these small holes cannot be eliminated.

Strictly follow the rust procedure of the rust rust procedure to prevent rust treatment, the cleaning liquid used, anti-rust oil (liquid) should meet the requirements of process technology; at the same time accelerate the turnaround speed in the production process, prevent various Take it.