The best ways to optimise supply chain efficiency

Plastic pallets are one of the best ways to optimise supply chain efficiency. Though many believe wooden pallets to be a better option to plastic, there are numerous ways in which the plastic ones can cut down supply chain outlays right away. One should look to buy plastic pallets in Brisbane (or in any location) because of these clear-cut reasons. ISPM No. 15 Regulations on Plastic Pallets As per International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15, one needs to treat wooden pallets having a thickness of 6mm. It should be free from insects and diseases, and for that wood, pallets need to be heat treated. What Does This Mean? It means that one would need to spend the extra cash for its treatment. That will increase the cost of shipping, particularly in the long run.

Plus there are other implications such as testing methyl bromide/debarked. If officials find wooden pallets not complying, they detain the shipment. That again causes unwanted delays Plastic Flower Pots Plate Manufacturers and unnecessary expenses. With plastic pallets, one doesn’t need to worry about all such intensive testing. And because of this, it proves beneficial to have them. Plastic Pallets They are Environment-Friendly Businesses that are environmentally conscious have every reason to go for plastic pallets. They are prepared as per ISO 14001 standards and adopting those means avoiding any adverse impacts on the environment.

These are also 100% recyclable, and if a unit does get damaged, one can break it down and make a new one out of it. If anything, one can go to a reliable supplier offering buyback offers. They take the damaged pallets and recycle them to make fresh ones. Purchasing recycled pallets any day cost less than buying a virgin pallet. Saves a Lot of Space For every shipment, space and weight of the item are crucial factors which influence the cost. Empty plastic pallets are easily assembled, something which is not possible with the wooden ones.

That allows it to take up less space when returning. Being more specific, empty plastic pallets save 1/3rd of the total available space, and that helps businessmen save money on that. They are Hygienic and Easier to Wash Wooden pallets are known to have pathogens, and that is why most pharmaceutical products, beverages and even edibles are contained in plastic containers. The same applies to plastic pallets. They are hygienic and extremely easy to maintain. If anything, one just needs to clean them using water and a hosepipe. There is no fear of the surface not drying and inviting fungus growth. Plus there are no chances of any termites invading the surface or pathogens hampering the products.

Plastic pallets are easy to clean and the fact that it imparts no damage to the stored products it prevents businessmen from expensing more. Final Words It is clear how plastic pallets help save supply chain expenses almost immediately. For those who desire to purchase quality plastic pallets, always choose a reliable supplier with lots of industry experience under their sleeves.

That guarantees the products one procures to be strong, enduring and capable of meeting specific requirements. The author has a lot of experience when it comes to purchasing plastic pallets and also knows about companies from where one can buy plastic pallets in Brisbane. Visit for more information on plastic pallets and other products.

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