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The results will be interesting as many tech-happy motorcycle

A manufacturer from India has Electric Bikes Manufacturers put together an electric motorcycle design that it claims is good for a 500-km range.It will have belt drive, a steel trellis frame, radial-mount Brembo 320 mm front brakes, fully adjustable Ohlins fork and a choice of Showa rear shock, or Ohlins shock at extra cost.com.

However, Mankame is at least taking the first steps, which is more than we see many other manufacturers doing publicly.That all sounds good, but for now, the bike is only at the design stage.

The results will be interesting, as many tech-happy motorcycle consumers are a bit leery of crowdfunded projects, thanks to the Skully fiasco (which is supposedly working out now).

No charge time has been listed. Curb weight is a claimed 396 lb. Mankame is getting its figures from laboratory testing and design work, and we haven’t seen an independently-tested prototype yet..Find more details at mankamemotors.

The Indian manufacturer is currently planning to raise funds for the project through IndieGoGo, like every other proper 21st-century startup. And, even if the bike is built, it’s another thing to make it to market in serious numbers. ABS and traction control systems (designed in-house) will be standard

America’s first motorcycle company founded in 1901

a Quick Release Trunk, and for the motorcycle exhaust manufacturers owners, a 10-spoke 19-inch contrast-cut wheel with an open fender can be added to give your bike a custom look.

The Chieftain Dark Horse will have a $32,499 price tag.Several enhancements have also been made to Indian Motorcycle’s stock audio system to significantly improve sound quality.“As we continue to evolve the Indian Motorcycle brand, we want to expand our lineup with more aggressive style options, while still maintaining the availability of our more classic style options,” said Reid Wilson, Senior Director for Indian Motorcycle.

While the new Rogue gunfighter seat gives the bike a sleek, low-slung stance, Chieftain maintains its superior handling and comfort with more than four inches of rear suspension travel.Be sure to check out the photo gallery below for dozens of photos of the new bikes. and $31,499 in Canada. 5, 2018) – Indian Motorcycle,

America’s first motorcycle company founded in 1901, today announced a redesigned Chieftain lineup.S. The saddlebags have also been restyled to match the new fairing.”At first glance of the new Chieftain, riders will notice a restyled fairing and saddlebags with sharper lines and harder edges that give the bike a commanding presence and more streamlined look. and $32,499 in Canada. More details in the Indian press release below.

A bump in horsepower and maybe engine capacity

It would be super-cool to see Honda release a Valkyrie based on the new Gold Wing, but there have been no hints of that. This is one of the most interesting bikes, as it has the possibility to really zap the whole mini-adventure scene another step forward.Both the Tiger 800 and Tiger 1200 saw changes last year, and we got the Speedmaster and Bobber Black models, so what’s likely to come this year?

Maybe revisions for the T100 lineup? Maybe a replacement for the Trophy tourer, or the long-in-the-tooth Rocket III? We certainly haven’t heard any indication of either of those, but they would be welcome moves. All that’s missing is a classic V-twin cruiser, and it’s hard to imagine that the current market would make it worthwhile to build one.

Like all Italian manufacturers, Aprilia would rather unveil its new models at the EICMA show, but we might see it at Intermot if we’re lucky. Plenty of Triumph fans were hoping for a Daytona 765 for 2019, based on the company’s three-cylinder Moto2 engine,

but that isn’t coming, at least not for next year.KawasakiKawasaki just announced slight updates to the ZX-10 superbike line, and before that, an upgraded H2.There’s also rumour of updates to the 1090 Adventure, including a bump in horsepower and maybe engine capacity.