Everything in the world can be regarded as a system

The PDCA cycle Navy Polyester Yarn method is currently the most commonly used management method for cotton spinning companies in total quality management.1 Four-level management system of super large group companies The four-level management of group companies is divided into first-level (group companies), second-level (production companies), third-level (production workshops), and fourth-level (production shifts) .

Simply put, everything in the world can be regarded as a system. When the production line is blocked, it indicates that there is a problem in some links such as production quality, output, labor, equipment, etc. 4 Commonly used management techniques in workshop production management Workshop management is inseparable from technical and economic analysis and quality management.3 Equipment dynamic management system According to the dynamic situation of on-site development, the specific content and form, cycle, standard, etc.

Technical and economic analysis should have systematic thinking and working methods. .The method of PDCA management work has several characteristics: (1) Big ring sets of small rings, which promote each other. 10,000 spindles, 30,000 spindles, 50,000 spindles, 80,000 spindles, etc. (13) Responsibility for the positioning of the production environment. Generally, there are four steps, one is to analyze the current situation, the other is to diagnose and analyze the various factors that cause the problem, and the third is to find the main factors that affect the problem, and to formulate measures for the main factors, that is, to make the plan more specific. Management regulations, execution standards and assessment rules.

Workshop equipment personnel are required to implement a high level of maintenance and repair management of equipment, and the maintenance and repair management of equipment is the sole responsibility of the workshop. Therefore, to promote the PDCA cycle, we must consistently grasp the summary stage. Practice has proved that through these analyses, the cause of the problem can be found, and an effective method for solving the production problem can be provided. You can also incorporate successful experience and lessons from failure into the work of formulating relevant standards, systems and regulations, consolidate achievements, overcome shortcomings, and prevent repeating the same mistakes.1

The advantages of the combing preparation to cancel the pre-drawing

Generally, the following lilac Polyester Yarn should be mastered: 1. 55. The number of combined roots is large and the draft multiple is large, which can fully improve the straightness and parallelism of the fiber; but if the draft multiple is too large, it is easy to make the fiber mature and small. The amount of processing during rough grinding is controlled within the range of 0. Choose the appropriate cotton feeding method and length: ①Select the appropriate cotton feeding method according to the quality requirements of the variety being spun. 3. Is it possible to cancel the pre-drawing machine for combing preparation and only keep the drawing and associating machine? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Answer:

The advantages of the combing preparation to cancel the pre-drawing machine seem to be that it can reduce the labor of the draw process and save electricity for the draw process, simplifying the process. The combing ability and quality requirements of different types of combers should be selected and set.31. What are the quality control points of the combing preparation process? Answer:

Attention should be paid to the saving of raw materials, electricity, and labor, and the profits that have been hard-earned in the production process must not be lost. Category B is an important task that must be done today.4 Operation management Operation management has always been a key task in the operation management of spinning enterprises. The classification method is to classify the whole day’s work according to importance.

ABC classification management is based on job classification. The management range of shifts is determined according to the size of the workshop. Understand the staff’s operation difficulty, and correct the job arrangement in time to make it meet the smooth flow of the production process. during the tour inspection work. Let high-quality employees have a enthusiasm for work; let employees with poor working quality have work goals; let employees in the study period have the opportunity to learn and be taught at work. Category C is generally less important and can be done on the same day. 1.2 Arrange production (1) Coordinate the production team leader to adjust the operation positions of employees. 2



The tangent angle of the two trajectories is larger

The design of the eccentric High Elastic Yarn of the upper jaw has two aspects, one is to design the eccentricity value and the initial positioning of the eccentricity; the second is to design the eccentric transmission mechanism to control the eccentricity movement. One is a combination of a multi-link mechanism and a planetary gear drive train (E65); the other is a combination of a conjugate cam and a planetary gear drive train (CJ60), as shown in FIG.

CJ60 reduces the acceleration of the jaw movement and reduces the mass of the jaw assembly, thereby reducing the inertial force P and the moment of inertia M of the high-speed reciprocating jaw assembly. CJ60 clamp The total weight of the board assembly is less than 2.4 Separation movement In order to obtain an ideal, uniform and clear cotton web, the separation and joining movement of fibers has always been the subject of attention and research.

At the foremost position of the nipper, the tangent angle of the two trajectories is larger, but due to Due to the eccentric movement of the upper pressure, the sudden change of the tangent angle between the two trajectories is very small at the instant of the upper and lower jaws, and the abrupt included angle at the instant of the small bite is conducive to reducing the collision noise of the upper and lower jaws. Choosing a cylinder carding angle of 112° can increase the carding points of the cylinder.

The maximum compression of the spring rod when the upper and lower jaws are engaged when the CJ60 combing machine has a pitch of 10 scales and the upper and lower jaws are engaged is 1. The ’sound angle’ refers to the upper and lower jaws When the plate bite point begins to separate, the tangent angle between the two motion tracks. The air flow in the combing machine is operated under negative pressure, and the external supplementary air forms a circulation system.0. Designing an eccentric transmission mechanism to control the eccentric movement can improve the compression of the jaws (pressure value, stability of pressure) and reduce the instantaneous impact force of the jaws during bite. 1. (2

There are broken ends and roving that should be replaced

When entering or exiting the gear, the front and rear of the car do not leak. Other stalls have fewer broken ends. Foreseeability is a prerequisite for planning.When the yarn is raised too tightly, wrap the yarn guide before inserting the connector, or replace the worn-out traveller. ⑤ Roving pagoda segmentation: Roving pagoda segmentation is to form the roving into large and small pagodas in a certain order, so that the roving change work is evenly distributed in each tour to complete the plan, which is convenient for better organization of the overall plan. (2)

The basic characteristics of the working Brown Polyester Yarn: ① Work is active and regular: always follow certain circuit lines in the work, patrol in the car, do all the work in sequence, master the production rules and machine performance, and carefully carry out the handover shift Work, so that the work is active and regular, from the machine management of the past to the person mastering the machine. (4) Tour planning: To strengthen the planning of tour work, first of all, we must have predictability, flexibility and plan to ensure it. B. In case of abnormal section of the pagoda, you can use the method of pinching the tube to adjust it at any time to prevent empty roving. ③ Strengthen predictability and master planning.

. There are broken ends and roving that should be replaced in the 40 spindles of the front and the rear of the car. Other stalls have more broken ends, and this stall does little or no cleaning work. Life is good, we must seize the time and do more cleaning work that affects quality and end breaks, strengthen inspections, catch defects, and prevent sudden changes in production. Less yarn breakage in the middle yarn.1. Handover work. If there are floating heads, jump tubes or rollers, rubber rollers, etc. , Arrange all work reasonably and balancedly in each doffing and each tour, reduce the tour time difference, even the labor intensity, and make the work from passive to active.

When the pagoda roving is changed quickly in sections, the cylinder foot should be supplemented. The section control range of roving pagoda is generally controlled within 12-16 spindles. The shifters are mainly responsible for the clearing, creating good conditions for the successors; the shifters are mainly based on inspections and carefully control the quality., and changing the roving to be replaced in advance to prevent the occurrence of small yarns.

The package receiver and bagger are the quality inspection executives

The phenomenon of hang-back of the machine and channel 5. The large and small chucks are not allowed to be wound around the large chuck and small chuck. The ribbon is flawed. Figure 4 Small chuck wrapped around the wire 6. Focus on the temperature and humidity and the amount of electric cleaning defects. The team manager should pay attention to the changes in the temperature and humidity of the workshop and the number of electric cleaning defects. Process problems and quality issues of tracking previous processes. 7. Package quality inspection For package package inspection,

the car stopper is the first person in charge, and the package receiver and bagger are the quality inspection executives. They must be checked layer by layer to prevent problematic packages from flowing to the post-process. 8. Package weight must be qualified Most packages are packaged by the winding process.

Each package of cotton yarn must be weighed to be packaged. There must be no loss or weight, otherwise it will cause customer complaints or damage to its own factory. 9. Clear identification The color of the paper tube head of different yarn count varieties, packaging sealing ropes, and packaging straps must be clearly distinguished to prevent wrong packages and wrong varieties from being installed. 10. The logo of the outer packaging product should be clear. The production date and variety count are very important and must be clearly marked.

If the yarn count is unclear or incorrectly written, it will cause a major quality accident of wrong count; without date marking, after the customer uses a yarn with a longer interval when weaving, the cloth will basically appear yellow-white or cloth crosspieces. 3. Concluding remarks As far as yarn sales companies are concerned, the winding process is the finished process of the spinning mill. The quality of the package formation, whether the splicing of the joint is qualified, and the number of residual defects in the yarn will directly affect the post-process warping and weaving. Production efficiency.

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