Bitcoin outflows up to 3.6 billion yuan

Today, the digital currency market is mixed, with a wave of rebounds in the morning, but the rebound between currencies is strong and weak. XRP coin is the strong currency that led the gains, and today’s rebound is also leading. As of 8:00 this morning, the total market value of the 24-hour digital currency market was US$213.26658 billion, a decrease of approximately US$3.7 billion from yesterday, and the total volume of 24-hour transactions was US$1.622831 billion, an increase of approximately US$2.7 billion from yesterday.


In the news, Google will lift the comprehensive ban on cryptocurrency-related advertising in October, which will have a positive impact on the digital currency market.


Bitcoin price fell below the support level of the shoulder line. The long and short matchup here, the rebound of the weekly line has been relatively weak. Whether it can continue to rebound upwards depends mainly on whether the support level in the short-term day can be held.


The trend of ETH price is still similar to that of Bitcoin. It has once again fallen below the support of the shoulder line, and the flow of funds is similar. For the past few days, the two mainstream currencies are mainly shipped, and the amount is relatively large.


XRP once rushed high in the morning, but the breakthrough was weak, and it fell back. The current increase is narrowing. The trend of mainstream currencies such as BCH, EOS, and LTC are similar to those of BTC, etc., following the trend. The trend of XLM is similar to that of XRP. Before the increase, it has returned to the vicinity of the shoulder support position.


Top ten currencies for capital inflows

The top ten currencies for the net inflow of funds in the past 24 hours were XRP, DASH coin, OMG, TRX, USDT, GTO, AT, BI, OKB, INB, etc. XRP rebounded this morning and led the net inflow of 780 million RMB. DASH net inflow of 415 million yuan ranked second.

Bitcoin price stands at $6,700

In the past 24 hours, BTC price successfully broke through the $6,700 mark after a small shock adjustment. Since then, although the air side has launched several attacks, it has not achieved effective results. As of press time, the average price of Bitcoin is about $6,760. The cryptocurrency Ripple Coin price (XRP) reported $0.46, an increase of 3.54%. According to the Citicoins platform, Ripple has risen more than 42% in the past 24 hours.


The trading activity on the BTC chain decreased by 16.03% compared with yesterday, and the ETH activity decreased by 9.66%.


In terms of the number of daily transactions in the blockchain project chain, the number of Bitcoin daily transactions in the past 24 hours was 213,688, which was 40,819 lower than yesterday’s data, a decrease of 16.03%, and the total transaction amount on the chain was 630,350 BTC (about US$6.812 billion). Compared with yesterday’s data, the data dropped by 38%. The average value of each bitcoin transaction was $1,853, a decrease of 25.9% from yesterday’s data.


The number of transactions in Eth price was 467,252, which was 50006 lower than yesterday’s data, a decrease of 9.66%. The total transaction amount on the chain was 1,152,164 ETH (about 281 million US dollars), which was 53.2% lower than yesterday’s data. The average value of each Ethereum transaction was about It was $602, a 47% drop from yesterday’s data.


In contrast, the average value of Bitcoin transactions is 32.978 times the average value of Ethereum transactions.


Summary: In the past 24 hours, after a small shock adjustment, BTC successfully broke through the $6,700 mark. After that, although the air side launched several attacks, it did not achieve effective results. In the case of the stable king, the compatriots of Ripple – The performance of the star currency is outstanding. Its market value has increased by more than 20% within 24 hours, and it is currently competing with the eos coin for the fifth position. In the past 24 hours, the number of unconfirmed transactions in the Ethereum network has fluctuated greatly, currently 47895, which is 30% lower than yesterday’s data, and the degree of network congestion has been greatly eased.

The market has risen sharply

Citicoins offer: BTC bitcoin reported $6535.97, up 1.6% in 12 hours. ETH Ethereum reported $223.42, up about 5.9% in 12 hours. BCH Bitcoin cash reported $466, up 7.8% in 12 hours. XRP Rebo is reported to be $0.47417, up about 35.7% in 12 hours.


The market has risen sharply. This wave of leaders is not the Ethereum. It has risen from $166 to $230. Greatly driving the market enthusiasm, there has been a general increase. Bitcoin’s current round of the market is more staggering, but the increase is also slightly behind, but in the afternoon, it is not to be outdone.


Currency analysis

1. Bitcoin BTC price

Yesterday gave an analysis of the long-term and long-term positions, and made clear that the profit-loss ratio is appropriate. Today, the K-line has broken through the neckline position for 4 hours today, so if you don’t break the $6,580, you will continue to move up.

2, Ethereum ETH price

ETH‘s 4-hour K-line successfully broke through the recent focus of 218 US dollars, so it went straight to 230 US dollars. At the current adjustment stage, as long as it does not break the 220 US dollars, the probability will continue to rise.

3, grapefruit EOS price

EOS’s 4-hour K-line confirmed yesterday that the form was slightly positive, the callback was not strong, and there was hope that it would break through $5.35. If it breaks through today, then it will continue to move upwards without breaking $5.6.

4, Ida ADA

The ADA was also analyzed in the previous period. Today’s trend is similar to that of the BTC, but it breaks the neckline more aggressively. Then it will continue to move upwards if it is not broken.

5, CMT

This is yesterday’s analysis: CMT has recently been relatively strong, the daily line has been yin and yin, and the 4-hour level breaks through the triangle. As long as the step back does not fall below $0.09, it is expected to continue upward.


IOST was very calm recently, and the low position fluctuated for a half-month. The next step was to wait patiently for the direction. The interval in the picture was wider, but as long as the direction was big, I didn’t care about the difference.

Bitcoin price $6,500, and Ripple up 30%

Citicoins data: BTC Bitcoin reported $6535.97, up 1.6% in 12 hours. ETH Ethereum reported $223.42, up about 5.9% in 12 hours. BCH Bitcoin cash reported $466, up 7.8% in 12 hours. XRP ripple price is reported to be $0.47417, up about 35.7% in 12 hours.


In the past 24 hours, ADA and XRP have once again surged by more than 10% while Bitcoin remained stable, leading the recovery of the cryptocurrency market. Earlier this week, the valuation of the cryptocurrency market fell to $190 billion, and many investors are worried that the market valuation may fall to an annual low of $185 billion. In the past few weeks, Bitcoin price has remained relatively stable in the $6,100-6,500 area.


The market is gradually picking up

On September 16, when the price of Bitcoin hovered around $6,500, Lei Shu said that when the bitcoin trading volume dominated by the cryptocurrency market was lower, it could be considered as a short-term weakness in the market, which may affect other encryption. The price of money has fallen.


Normally, when Bitcoin falls slightly in price, there will be a small rebound in the rebound, and it will also lead to a small increase in the mainstream cryptocurrency. However, bitcoin trading volume is too low, and now the market value of about 3.3 billion US dollars, may also cause investors panic.


On September 17, bitcoin prices fell below $6,300 while cryptocurrency Ethereum prices also fell to $190.

After a small rebound in bitcoin on September 18, the cryptocurrency market has seen a good gain in the past 48 hours. But the more important signal is that bitcoin turnover has risen from $3.4 billion to $4 billion in the past few days, and the market is gradually picking up. In the past few days, Bitcoin’s trading volume has increased by more than 26%, and turnover has increased from $3.4 billion to $4.3 billion.


Supported by the strong performance of major cryptocurrencies such as Ida and Ripple, Bitcoin’s trading volume has grown so rapidly that it will drive a short-term rebound in the market, when Bitcoin’s resistance may be at $6,600 or $6,800. In the past two months since the beginning of August, Bitcoin has been using $6,000 as a strong support. BTC prices are still fluctuating between $6,300 and $6,500, and it is impossible to find stronger support points above $6,000.

Do you still want to wait for the bull market?

On September 18, the digital currency market as a whole declined. Nineteen of the top 20 currencies of Citicoins’ trading volume showed a downward trend, with a large decline, ranging from 2.96% to 11.62%. Among them, Dogecoin fell less, with a decrease of 2.96%. VET- only declines in the chain, with a drop of more than 10%. BTC fell slightly today and is now adjusting around $6,260. Among them, BTC global average price of 6627.23 US dollars, a decrease of 3.82%; ETH current price of 196.87 US dollars, a decline of 11.31%; BCH price current price of 417.64 US dollars, a decrease of 8.48%; EOS current price of 4.83 US dollars, a decrease of 10.96%; XRP current price of 0.2722 US dollars, the decline It is 3.4%.




BTC price got a rebound around 6200 yesterday. Yesterday, the madman told everyone that the support around 6200 is good. The probability of a direct break is not very large, so the position will be repeated and the two sides will be separated. Winning and losing.


Although there was a rebound yesterday, the amount of energy was still small, and today it is shrinking again. Then the position of 6200 is bound to be tested. The overall market is still mainly down. Because of the weakness of the bulls, the price will be above 6000. Repeated shocks, so still pay attention to control the risk, remember that sentence, live is the most important thing to do at this stage.




Yesterday, suddenly the amount of pull up, today’s volume can be lower than yesterday, the price decline is not large, because the pressure above is strong, so the probability of direct breakthrough is not too big, if the cake is not strong, it will be possible to link the pie again At present, the position is the platform pressure level, so it is possible to go up again after the currency price is repeated, and the short-term shocks callback.




The amount of energy can fall back, and the kinetic energy of short-term long-term waning is weakened. The recent decline in the total amount of ICO is extremely serious. It has become the norm for the project side to raise money. In addition, the attitudes of countries to the currency are not friendly, but it is not a good time. No one, the demand for ETH coin is seriously reduced, and will continue to cool down later, the overall market is still dominated by short positions.




Yesterday’s decline was saved by the bulls. Once this position falls again, the new downside will open. Fortunately, the bulls have supported it. However, from the bullish counterattack, although the increase is not small, the sustainability is expected to be average. 0.9 is a super pressure position and it is difficult to break through in the short term.


DASH coin:


Yesterday, after a callback to the support level near 180, there was a sharp rebound. From the perspective of the continuous energy situation, the trend is relatively healthy. After the sideways, it still has the momentum of the upside, and the currency is mainly held for the time being.

Ripple rose 21%, and Litecoin fell 10.02%

After a sharp decline in the increase, today’s digital currency market generally rebounded, the top ten currencies of the market value rose across the board, of whichXRP price led the rise, the emergence of the big Yang Xian, the top 50 currency in the market value is also leading, followed by STEEM coin.


In the past 24 hours, the total market value of the digital currency market was US$199.263.9 billion, an increase of US$6.6 billion from yesterday. The total volume of 24-hour transactions was US$1,276.089 billion, an increase of US$200 million from yesterday, and the total market value has not returned to more than US$200 billion.


Litecoin traded near 51.961, a drop of 10.02%, the largest daily decline in the currency since September 5, 2018.


The decline caused the total market value of Litecoin to fall to $3.07B, accounting for 1.59% of the total market value of cryptocurrencies. The market value of Litecoin was previously at $14.10B when it reached its high level.


In the last 24 hours, the price of Litecoin has remained trading between $51.961 and $57.807.


In the past seven trading days, Ltc to usd has fallen by 2.7%, and its total market value has dropped significantly. As of press time, the total market value of Litecoin within 24 hours is 248.71M, accounting for 2.07% of the total market value of all cryptocurrencies.


In the past 7 trading days, Litecoin has remained trading between $47.34 and $58.87, which is currently 87.63% compared to its historical high of $420.00 on December 12, 2017.


Bitcoin is currently reported at $6,243.9, down 4.15% on the current trading day.

In addition, the market data also shows that Ethereum is currently reported at $194.15, a decrease of 14.31%.


The current total market value of Bitcoin is $108.91B. The current market value of the currency accounts for 56.29% of the total market value of all cryptocurrencies. At the same time, the current total market value of Ethereum is $20.13B, which accounts for cryptocurrency market. It is 10.41%.


The top ten currencies for capital inflows: The top ten currencies for the net inflow of funds in the past 24 hours are ETH, DASH, XRP, TRX, OMG, AT, GTO, ETC, XIN, HSR, etc. The first position of DASH for several weeks was replaced by ETH.


Top ten currencies in the outflow of funds: The top ten currencies in the past 24 hours are BTCLTC, BCB, BCH, MITH, CET, EOS, ICT, WHC, civic coin, etc.

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