Bitcoin value will still increase

《Ready Player One》 has recently been hotly released, both in the US and in other countries, and is very popular, with a box office of $591.9 million. The film tells the disappointment of the people at the time, so many people are immersed in a game called Oasis…

People in the movie are disappointed with the real world, but the film does not say what it is. But in today’s society, it seems that some people are also relatively disappointed. The rapid development of the economy, the increase in prices, and the pressure are constantly increasing. People’s wages are growing, but prices are rising faster than wages, which makes the purchasing power of money continue to decline. So I think that in the near future, people’s income sources may not only rely on their own wages, but multi-channel income. People don’t have to deposit money in the bank because the interest given by the bank can’t offset the depreciation of the currency.

But this part of the money will not simply be left at home but used for investment. So in the future, people will probably have two parts of income, some from the company and some from the benefits of investment.

There are many investment channels now, and there are many projects. Of course, there are still many consulting companies selling their own investment products, which may have been a scam in the past, but this will be called ”trend” in the future.

As investment is slowly being known, investment projects are slowly changing. In the past, I might invest in real estate, etc. Nowadays, many people are investing in cryptocurrencies. For the cryptocurrency, there may be many people who don’t know much about it, but I believe you must have heard of bitcoin, for those who have invested in cryptocurrency. In terms of bitcoin, bitcoin is no longer familiar. Some people may ask: ”How much is a bitcoin worth?” The price of a bitcoin has risen to over $20,000, and this is not the highest time.

Now, due to the influence of some external environment and the status quo of the entire cryptocurrency industry, the price of bitcoin has plunged all the way. In June of this year, the price fell to 6,000 US dollars. It can be said that many investors are extremely upset. But after June, the price of bitcoin has gradually increased. In the long run, it is likely to continue to rise. In particular, Facebook has also eased restrictions on advertised currency re-advertising, which is also a signal that bitcoin has risen from falling. In this era, no one can ignore the effects of advertising.

There were too many things happening in June, and Bithumb, Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, was shackled. For cryptocurrencies, it was like ”Black Friday” on Wall Street. However, just after June, the trend of the decline of the entire cryptocurrency market has also rebounded. Looking back at the historical price of bitcoin, bitcoin still has a lot of room for price recovery.

Disclaimer: The above views are purely personal opinions and are for reference only.

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