How to get bitcoin spot price history data

A person who truly understands investment must be a rational person. Investment has a certain randomness, but true connoisseurs always look at data. Because the real data is rational, it will not deceive investors.

To understand an investment project, or to decide whether or not a project should be invested, the first thing to do is to conduct data analysis.

There are many investment projects now. Taking cryptocurrency as an example, cryptocurrency is an investment with extremely fast price changes. And there are many currencies, the highest price of which is bitcoin. Some people say that Bitcoin is a bubble economy. I totally agree with this statement. As the time has come from bitcoin spot price history data, bitcoin prices have risen very fast since the beginning of the year, and prices have fluctuated greatly during the development process.


In the past ten years, the price has risen from the previous $0.04 to the highest of nearly $20,000, which is many times higher than the price of gold. When the players were very optimistic, the price of Bitcoin began to fall again. By June 2018, the price had fallen below $6,000. In the later period, there was a phenomenon of warming up, but until now, the price has not exceeded 7,000 US dollars, but it has maintained a slow upward trend.


This trend is analyzed by bitcoin spot price history data, Get out of the results. In fact, these related data are also very easy to collect. The specific operations are as follows:

  1. Find a website about cryptocurrency and enter it. For example: (a very authoritative cryptocurrency website)

2, after entering, you will come to such a page, which is the home page of the official website. Find the location of Bitcoin and click to enter.

  1. Icame to the relevant page on the website about Bitcoin.

  1. Click on ”Historical data” of Bitcoin as follows:


  1. You can find the historical data about Bitcoin price for any time period.
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