Depending on the lifestyle you lead and how often you shop

Generally speaking, top of bottom door freezers are more energy efficient than side-by-side units, which are also limited in shelf-width space. Nearly 60% of households own a separate freezer.When it comes to buying a new refrigerator, or refrigerator-freezer combination, there are a number of factors that need to be considered before you make your purchase. If you’re simply stocking it with large quantities of packaged food, you may need only small crisper Also consider the load from the point of view of the shelving capacity of the unit.

Therefore a fridge/freezer with easy access is easier to stock, and easier to use things you need quickly. Nearly all households have at least one refrigerator and about 30% own two. You can choose a refrigerator to be modelled to reflect and enhance the décor of the kitchen into which it is being installed. Single compartment refrigerators Single compartment refrigerators are units with only fresh food space and no freezer compartment. They are also regulated for MEPS (minimum efficiency standards).

Depending on the lifestyle you lead and how often you shop for fresh foods, two people need around 220 litres to 280 litres of refrigerator capacity. They are generally automatic defrost units. You can search Myshopping. A fridge that’s too small has you constantly rearranging food to make it all fit, which results in wastage of energy because of long periods the door is open and wasted time. For each additional person, add another 30 litres. What capacity refrigerator should you buy? To answer that question, you need to consider what-and how much of it-you will put into it. Top or bottom freezer units are generally more efficient than side-by-side units. Factors that will, influence the best buy for you are in three broad categories:

The environment heat transfer factory the appliance is to be installed The load you will place on the appliance The total cost of owning and operating the appliance. On the other hand if fresh vegetables and fruit are a large party of your pantry, then you need a unit with substantial crisper to make comparisons between makes and models of specifications, energy ratings, price and vendors. However, a quick check of the energy consumption on the label will give you accurate comparison. The load The load you place on the appliance affects how effective it is as a refrigerator, and how much it costs you in the long run. Shelf adjustments and strength are important. Frost-free refrigerators Frost-free refrigerators are generally two door models that have automatic defrost in both the freezer and fresh food compartments.

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