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I have to say we were actually incredibly impressed with the current Harley-Davidson network. But she trusts me enough now, having ridden for the last seven years. Now I think we’re in the same grouping as three or four other markets: Japan, Australia, Germany, and I think we’ve been in all those markets for a hundred years or more. What kind of market is that?India is not a touring market! India is a new market, a lightweight and middleweight motorcycle market, driven by its origins in commuting. Dealers are the same way.

And those segments Motorcycle Parts Suppliers to grow at a faster rate than what you’d call our core segment. The difference in China was they went from bicycles and scooters and graduated from cars very rapidly, especially in the big cities, and developing motorcycling as a sport had to start from a much more basic starting point.

He worked for various private companies before taking on a couple of senior government positions under the George W. I think that because we have such a compact riding season, it’s even that much more precious for every rider to plan out their summer and really think about what they’re riding and who they’re riding with. It was never seen just as recreation.It’s been a while since we’ve caught up with Harley-Davidson Canada and its new Managing Director, Anoop Prakash.In just the GTA, by the beginning of 2018, we should have another two, and another 18 months after that, at least six.. When people bought their motorcycles for commuting, they didn’t buy just on price but they also bought on colour, and on features, and on what the brand stood for in their mind.

Why did they choose you for the job in India?My work experience was one aspect, having worked in both strategy and business development and sales. It’s also said that we all turn into our parents eventually. Prakash, now 43 years old and from Minnesota, is a former U.The concern has always been that the Harley rider is aging out and is not being replaced by the younger rider. We have a lot of young riders in urban areas who are choosing motorcycles over cars, because they’re fun but also practical in the city. It’s not a pivot or a change in direction – it’s an expansion.

The Elite has some billet aluminum bits bolted

The Chieftain Elite will see production limited to 350 units, and has a paint job that supposedly takes a team of workers 25 hours to do by hand (just the sort of thing you’ll want to brag about when you ride one down to your local Tim Hortons).Other details: the bikes feature the Thunderstroke 111 air/oiled-cooled V-twin motor, Indian’s Ride Command infotainment system, ABS, heated  grips, and all the other accoutrements standard to the Chieftain line.It’s unclear if any of the Chieftain Elite models will come to Canada, as it hasn’t appeared on Canada’s Indian website yet.

The Elite has some billet aluminum bits bolted on as well.The Indian Chieftain Limited will be available in greater numbers than the Indian Chieftain Elite.Polaris has recycled its retro bagger into two new models: the Indian Chieftain Limited and Chieftain Elite. Otherwise, most of the changes are restricted to aesthetic accents to set the bikes apart from the base model Chieftain — stuff like matching headlight bezels, contrasting seat stitching, etc.

What is clear is that, for now, Indian seems to be adhering to the same business model used by Victory over the years: build a basic cruiser, and then diversify the line by simply tweaking the trim on that machine.Both the Chieftain Limited (pictured below) and Chieftain Elite have a 19-inch front wheel and 16-inch rear, which are supposed to improve the bikes’ handling

Find more details at MCN’s website.. As for the scrambler, expect to see it by the end of this year. Changes will include a high-mounted exhaust, more ground clearance, and a revised subframe.CCM made headlines earlier this winter with the announcement of the Spitfitre flat tracker, seen above. Motorcycle Alloy wheels Now, the British manufacturer is slightly tweaking that design to produce a scrambler. Its family ties with the Spitfire flat tracker will be obvious when it’s unveiled, but CCM’s marketing manager says we can expect suspension that’s capable of handling off-road action, unlike some other bikes bearing the scrambler label these days.CCM says it’s hired extra help to ensure the design process doesn’t slow down work on its other project, the soon-coming 600-class adventure bike.MCN is reporting we will see a CCM Spitfire Scrambler before the end of the year

The original service bulletin read in part

They started when a website accusing BMW of ignoring a “fatal flaw” with its bike began to gain traction this spring (skip to the end of the article for an explanation of what they’re talking about). BMW seems to think there’s a problem too, as it has been issuing recalls around the world since early June.The stop sale order is supposedly because BMW can only supply a certain number of replacement parts to dealerships each week.”The recalls started to be issued in most markets in the past few weeks. Now, some markets have a recall issued as well, and Asphalt & Rubber is reporting BMW Motorrad has issued a “stop sale” notice for the 1200 GS in the US, as it readies for a recall in that market.g.

The original service bulletin read in part:“BMW Motorrad has determined during ongoing field observations that the fixed fork tube of the specified models can suffer preliminary damage due to unusual incidents with momentary high stress without the user noticing the damage, e. The service bulletin was announced on BMW Motorrad’s global Facebook page, so it stands to reason all affected bikes will be taken care of. when driving over an obstacle, during a fall or when driving through deep potholes with unvarying speed.Although CMG has asked BMW Motorrad Canada for information regarding the R1200 GS recall status in Canada, we have not yet been given any information.It seems that regardless of whether there is an official recall in Canada, that BMW does intend to rectify this issue on all R1200 GS bikes made after 2013, so Canadian owners are probably going to be just fine either way

It’s certainly not as radical a design philosophy as Triumph’s Bobber model.Despite the blacked-out look of the bike, the Scout Bobber will cost more than the standard model (typically, blacked-out cruisers are sold at a discount rate).Aside from those slight adjustments, there’s not much difference between the Bobber and the standard Scout. For the sake of reference, the standard Scout is available in seven different colours and has an MSRP Electric Scooter With BOSCH Motor of $13,999. The new Indian Scout Bobber uses the same engine as the standard Scout model, and only weighs around a couple kg less.

The Stradale engine has desmodromic valves and a wet clutch

Engine casings are die-cast aluminum, and the cylinders are die-cast aluminum with Nikasil liners.5 lbs. of torque @ 12,250 rpm.Valve inspection intervals for the street-going version of the engine are 15,000 km, with general servicing at 7,500 km. It’s based off the company’s MotoGP engine, with the same 81 mm bore and counter-rotating crank. Engine covers are made of magnesium. We’d also expect to see the World Superbike homologation special at that time (limited to 1000 cc, to fit into the regs), but the WSB team won’t be racing that bike until 2019.

It breathes through oval 52 mm throttle bodies, with variable-length intake ducts.The engine will serve as a stressed member of the new superbike’s chassis, with swingarm, airbox, headstock and other bits attached.Max power is  210 hp @ 13,000 rpm, and 88.2 kg increase over the twin.

The Stradale engine has desmodromic valves and a wet clutch, with a servo that tightens the clutch plates under engine power, which supposedly improves clutch feel and gives some clutch assist and slipper functions. Ducati says this counter-rotating crank reduces the tendency to wheelie under acceleration, and cuts down on rear wheel hop under braking. The ECU controls the ducts, lengthening or shortening them to match engine speed.Ducati has unveiled its new V4 Desmosedici Stradale superbike engine.Here’s what the engine looks like outside the chassis.That crankshaft has a 70-degree offset; Ducati’s new engine closely mimics the firing order of a 90-degree L-twin with a 0-90-290-380 pattern.

The new engine is a 1103 cc 90-degree V4, departing from Ducati’s long tradition of L-twin (or V-twin) superbikes.-ft.Ducati says the engine’s longer stroke (53.Using the MotoGP engine’s basic layout (cylinders rotated 42 degrees backwards from Ducati’s usual L-twin design) also allowed Ducati to keep everything compact, so engineers could move the swingarm further forward and include a bigger radiator..5 mm, longer than the MotoGP engine) makes it more suited for road usage.Ducati managed to keep the engine’s weight down; despite going from a twin to a V4, the engine still only weighs 65 kg, which is only a 2.The new superbike will be officially unveiled in November at the EICMA show; however, we will likely spot a Motorcycle accessories Company few more spy photos before then.Here are the most important details.Find more details on the engine at Ducati’s website

We expect to see both bikes in Canada for next spring

There’s a new lithium-ion battery, a revised airbox, updated muffler, lighter balancer shaft. Wheels are standard 21-18 adventure bike sizes, with aluminum rims.To do that, Honda put longer-travel suspension on the Adventure Sport, with 270 mm of ground clearance (up 20 mm from base model) and adjustable for rebound/compression.The Adventure Sports model makes 94 hp at 7,500 rpm, and 73 lb-ft of torque at 6,000 rpm. Other improvements to help riders lay down long, hard miles include a taller windscreen, a revised seat and heated grips. Curb weight is 243 kg for the standard six-speed model, and 253 kg for the DCT model.

We expect to see both bikes in Canada for next spring.Although the 2016 Africa Twin model was aimed at being a very competent all-rounder, with a lot of off-road capability despite its size, the Adventure Sport has been built to improve on the original’s off-road performance.However, it’s not just all about the Adventure Sport model. Honda also added a beefier skid plate as stock, as well as crash bars.Honda has just introduced its upgraded Africa Twin Adventure Sport model, bringing even more off-road capability to the Africa Twin line.There are dual 310 mm discs up front, with four-piston caliper, and a single 256 mm disc with one-piston caliper in back.There’s also a larger-capacity 24-litre tank that is supposed to extend fuel range to 500 km. The base model also receives some upgrades this year (shared with the new kid on the block, of course).

The F3 675 RC and F3 800 RC both get updated, smoother quickshifter, tougher engine cases, and an emissions system that’s Euro4-compliant. We’d be surprised to see any show up in Canada.Built to celebrate MV Agusta’s deal with Pirelli!.As predicted, MV Agusta has updated a couple of its special-edition bikes, with minor tweaks. Three Wheel Electric Motorcycle It has a limited-edition paint scheme “hand-crafted” leather seat, and lighter wheels, plus a bigger Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP 200/55 ZR17 rear tire.These bikes will both be sold in extremely limited numbers (350 of each bike will be built).” It boosts both bikes 5 hp; the F3 675 RC goes to 133 hp, and the F3 800 RC goes to 153 hp.

This model was built to celebrate Pirelli’s new deal as MV Agusta’s sole tire supplier. To make up for that retuning of the engine, MV Agusta also has a performance kit for each bike, but of course, it’s officially for “track use only.MV Agusta also announced the Brutale 800 RR Pirelli special-edition model, built in conjunction with the tire manufacturer

A fairing can be upgraded to get the highest quality available for your vehicle

All you need to start the bike and hit the road hard while having the leather jacket on! Motorcycle vests Houston are designed to perform. As far as the motorcycle leather Houston is concerned, such leather jackets come in different styles and designs to meet the demand and need of customers. . These leather jackets also come with several pockets so that the biker can keep his or her needed items easily and in the most convenient manner and can access them quickly. Such vests are surely not going to impose any kind of pressure on your body and thus your riding capacity and ability will remain intact. These days, you can avail heavy duty motorcycle leather Houston.

These are sorted according to how large the area they are covering. There are different types of motorcycle fairings, depending on the area that these cover and how they are placed on the motorcycle.

Although each has its own advantages, it has its own disadvantages as well, such as being it’s less accessible to the engine parts of the motor that is needing repair. The Aprilia ABS fairing is a great investment because it is surely durable plus you can have it painted with colors you like. Depending on the budget and preference of the owner, a fairing can be upgraded to get the highest quality available for your vehicle. BMW motorcycle fairings kit is made because a lot of motorcycle riders want to upgrade their motorcycles, not only because of its appearance, but also because of its upgraded protection.

The first motorcycle fairings were used to improve the stability of the vehicle during high speed. In the present times, fairings are now used as part of its design. You can choose the kind of color you want such as gold, white, blue, or black. The best kind of fairing that many riders suggest would be the Aprilia ABS fairing. . Many people love ABS fairing because it is strong and flexible unlike any other kind of material used for motorcycle fairings. High quality materials will always have reasonable prices so you should make sure that you get only the best and premium ones.