Car elevator for two opposite doors

The elevator operation suddenly accelerated

(1) The model frame Elevator Landing Doors Manufacturers should be made of rectangular timber with a cross-sectional size greater than 100mm \u0026 times; 100mm. The four sides should be planed at right angles, and any materials with loose materials, fractures and twisted surfaces should be removed. (2) The joist of the model frame and the wall of the hoistway must be firmly positioned to ensure that no deformation or collapse will occur when the person goes up to adjust the position or hangs the model frame. (3) The material used in the model rack should meet the material requirements of the model bracket to ensure that it does not bend or break. (4) When the lifting height of the elevator is greater than 40m, the model frame joists should be made of steel with corresponding strength to meet the requirements of the lead hammer to be heavier and loaded.

To ride the elevator safely, learn to recognize A and three situations, and be more careful: 1. The elevator stops running when it fails. 2. The elevator operation suddenly accelerated. 3. The elevator runs abnormally or has a burning smell. B. When you enter a malfunctioning elevator, you must be alert: 1.

(No matter how many floors) quickly press the buttons on each floor. Note: When the emergency power source moves, the elevator can immediately stop and continue to fall. 2. If there is a handle in the elevator, hold the handle tightly with one hand. Explanation: In order to fix your position, you will not fall because of unstable center of gravity. 3. The entire back and head are close to the inner wall of the elevator and are in a straight line. Description: In order to use the elevator wall as spine protection. 4. The knee is bent. Explanation: The most important thing is that the ligament is the only tissue rich in elasticity in the human body, so the knee is bent to withstand the pressure of the blow, which is greater than that of the bone. 5. To lift the heel is the foot pad. If there are few people in the elevator, it is better to spread your arms and grab the handle or the elevator wall. C. Observe before you enter the elevator. 1. When you take the elevator,

if you find that the elevator is operating abnormally or there is a burning smell in the elevator, you should stop it and tell the maintenance personnel in time, and put a warning sign at the elevator entrance. 2. Do not take the elevator that is ’overage’ and does not meet the use standard. 3. Parents should educate their children how to ride the elevator correctly, and how to deal with elevator accidents. 4.

The method is: adjust the wedge connecting nut to change the gap size

1) Frequently check the transmission link part, and be flexible and free from seizure. Inject lubricating oil on the rotating parts every month. The sliding part of the wedge should be flexible and reliable, and coated with petroleum jelly to prevent rust. 2) Check and adjust the safety lower limit switch on the safety gear every month. When the safety gear is activated, the switch must be activated. 3) Check the gap between the wedge and the working surface of the guide rail with a feeler gauge every quarter, because the gap is 2-3mm, and the gap values ​​should be similar.

(1) Step width: common 600, 800, 1000mm, etc .; (2) Step depth: the depth of the step pedal, which is the part where the passenger’s feet contact the step. Greater than 380mm; (3) step distance: the distance between the main wheel and the auxiliary wheel, usually between 310 and 350mm; Step spacing: generally between 400 and 405mm.

Otherwise, adjustments should be made. The method is: adjust the wedge connecting nut to change the gap size. 4) After the safety gear is actuated, if it is found that the clamping positions of the two guide rails of the car are inconsistent or the bite marks are uneven, the nut on the connecting rod should be adjusted, and the nut on the pull arm should be adjusted to make the forces on the two clamping rails consistent . 5) After the safety gear is activated,

it should not be put into operation immediately after the brake is released. Instead, carefully check the cause of the safety gear and eliminate it: carefully check the condition of the speed limiter rope being clamped by the pressure tongue; repair the track being gripped by the safety gear; check whether the safety gear is reset and flexible; check whether the car is deformed Wait. Only after comprehensive inspection and troubleshooting, can the elevator be put into normal operation.