Citizens may feel sugar when they feel uncomfortable in the elevator

People with hypertension and heart disease will feel dizzy and uncomfortable. Measures to achieve safe riding. The relevant staff of the Chengguan District Public Security Bureau of Lanzhou City said that the passenger elevator’s lifting speed is usually about 1 meter per second, which is faster than the elevator of 1. If you have any questions, please contact us. The load capacity of general passenger passenger elevators is usually 1 ton, and the number of passengers should not exceed 14.. Don’t scramble to catch up first to avoid accidents; if a high-rise building has a fire, don’t take the elevator downstairs; people carrying gasoline, alcohol, firecrackers and other flammable and explosive items should not take the elevator.9 meters per second.

Farting white-collar workers who have been working in the office for a long time have experienced it. ’I’m most afraid of meeting the leader when I wait for the elevator. ’Suddenly, an elevator’ scolding war ’kicked off. ’Yesterday at 8:30 am, the reporter came to the building and saw that a’ big ’handsome guy blocked some little beauties in the elevator because of his strength. On the contrary, a person who does not understand elevator etiquette will be disgusted by everyone.

There are many people and fewer elevators. In the confined and confined space, this stared look was most frightening. Yesterday afternoon, in the elevator of an office building in Century City, three female white-collar workers started to count the leader of the company as soon as they stepped into the elevator. Speak loudly in a closed and crowded elevator, and make loud phone calls and gossips are offensive. Etiquette for entering and leaving: under normal circumstances, get down first, then go up, wait in line for the elevator to consciously go to both sides of the station, and leave the elevator passage for others.

Post Disclaimer: Since some elevator ceilings of the information on this site comes from the Internet, this site does not completely guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of the information. .Regarding how citizens can safely take the elevator, on November 4, the Chengguan District Public Security Bureau of Lanzhou City reminded the general public to take an orderly approach when taking the elevator. Citizens may feel sugar when they feel uncomfortable in the elevator to help correct the ability of the eardrum to adapt to changes in external air pressure. For citizens suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease, some measures can also be taken

Its characteristics are that the car size

1. The floor signal and button installation should comply with the drawings, the position is correct, the signal is clear and bright, the button action is accurate, and the fire switch is reliable. 2. The landing door sill should have sufficient strength, the level should not be greater than 2/1000, and the landing sill should be 2 to 5 mm higher than the decoration ground. 3. The horizontal distance deviation between the landing door sill and the car door sill is + 30mm. 4. Door leaf and door leaf, door leaf and door cover, the gap between the lower end of the door leaf and the sill, the passenger elevator should be 1 ~ 6mm, the cargo elevator should be 1 ~ 8mm. 5, the door knife and the door sill, the door lock roller and

The car sill clearance should be 5 ~ 10mm. 6. After closing the door for 1/3, the force to prevent the door from closing should not exceed 150N. 7. The landing door hook, lock arm and moving contact are flexible in operation, before the electrical safety device is activated. , The minimum engaging length of the locking element is 7mm. 8. The appearance of the landing door should be flat, smooth, and free of scratches or bumps. 9. When the landing door is automatically driven by the car door, when the car is outside the unlocking area, no matter whether the landing door is opened for any reason, there should be a device to ensure that the landing door closes automatically.

Linear motor-driven elevators use the principle of linear motors. In the design of passenger elevators, the capacity of the car and the effective area of ​​the car are often determined by the rated load. Table 1 in GB / T10058-1997 limits the longest opening and closing time. The selection and configuration of elevators is related to the rational use of the entire building, especially for high-rise modern buildings. (2)

Acceleration and Elevator Floor Company, leveling accuracy, and noise should meet the requirements of GB / T10058-1997 ’Elevator Technical Conditions’ to ensure ride comfort. Its characteristics are that the car size, door opening width, and control panel should be suitable for wheelchair passengers or blind people to enter and operate. Nowadays, single-collection selection control and multi-elevator intelligent group control have been developed. (3) The number of people in the building and its distribution on each floor.

Fire elevators can be used with passenger elevators

The installation of fire elevator should meet the following requirements: (1) The front room of the fire elevator room shall be provided with an area: the residential building shall not be less than 4.50m. Other buildings should not be smaller than 6.00㎡.

When the front room is shared with the smoke-proof stairwell, its area: residential buildings should not be less than 6.00 square meters, other buildings should not be less than 10 square meters. (2) The front room of the fire-fighting elevator room should be set against the external wall. On the first floor, there should be a direct sunlight to the outside or a passage with a length not exceeding 30m to the outside. (3) The door of the front room of the fire elevator room shall be a Class B fire door or a fire shutter with stagnation function. (4) The load capacity of fire elevator should not be less than 800kg. (5)

The fire elevator shaft, machine room and other adjacent elevator shafts and machine rooms shall be separated by a partition wall with a fire resistance not lower than F 2. ooh. When opening doors on the partition wall, Class A fire doors shall be provided. (6) The driving speed of the fire elevator shall be calculated and determined according to the running time from the first floor to the top floor not exceeding 60s. (7) Non-combustible materials shall be used for the interior decoration of the fire elevator car. (8) A special telephone shall be provided in the fire elevator car, and a control button for firemen shall be provided on the first floor. (9) Water blocking facilities should be provided at the front door of the fire elevator room.

Drainage facilities shall be provided at the bottom of the fire elevator shaft. The capacity of the drainage well shall not be less than 2.00m3, and the drainage capacity of the drainage pump shall not be less than 1oL / s. (10) Waterproof measures shall be taken for power and control cables and wires. (11) Fire elevators can be used with passenger elevators or working elevators, but they shall meet the above requirements. (12) When arranging fire elevators in high-rise buildings, the convenience of firefighters should be considered, and it should be arranged in combination with evacuation stairwells.

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