Månadsvis arkiv: november 2017

11 månader på Testo. Se senaste klippet på min youtube kanal

Shit I almost forgot today it’s 11 month’s sence I started T. I don’t regret anything and I don’t miss nothing. This is the man I’am today and what motivates me is my progress and my reflection of who I’am becoming. Yes, I have changed you guys can see my transformation and see how I’am changing every month. But we will always change as long as we challange ourselfs and do the hard work. I feel new things, I want new things and I’am only focusing on things that will get me closer to where I wanna be. I’am open for things I said no to before and that’s because I’am on a whole new level with myself than I was a year ago. The more you do what your love, the closer you are to your freedom

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