Talk to a professional angler like Kevin Schweder

Ideally, rods should be kept upright in the boat in a secure holder. Keeping rods and equipment organized provides many advantages, not the least of which is allowing the angler to spend more time fishing.” And really, isn’t that what it’s all about?Anne Elliott Research & Development Cornerstone Manufacturing. Keeping all your rods in a central location provides quick and easy access to your arsenal. An angler in the hunt for walleye for example, may want to have a 7 foot rod set up with a favorite rigging presentation while also having his foam sheets 6 foot rod set up for jigging.With the average angler owning more than six rods, storage and transport can present a real problem. To save more time he may also want to set up his favorite presentations for trolling.
Besides taking up premium boat space, they are also more likely to get broken tips or have tangled line. A quality rod holder will allow an angler to keep his rods safe yet accessible from anywhere on the boat.Loose rods can be a real hassle on the water. Making the transition from storage to pick-up to boat is often time consuming and frustrating. Look for a rod holder that easily converts from a holder while in the boat, to a safe way to transport and store your rods out of the boat. But keep in mind that a rod holder that will quickly and easily move to different areas of the boat can be a real asset.
Talk to a professional angler like Kevin Schweder(2003 PWT Rookie of the Year), and you will quickly find out that organization is a major part of their game plan. And it’s not much fun untangling rods on a hot August day, or losing you favorite rod to a broken tip. A rod holder that can accomodate up to 8 rods is your best bet. ”Simply put, the Rod Wrangler makes organization and transportation of rods and reels simple, so I can spend more time fishing. Keeping different rods and presentations ready at all times allows a fisherman to easily change technique at any moment.An angler may also save time by rigging his favorite presentations before even getting on the water.
Protect your rods from scuffs and wear by using rod holders that feature foam locking rings. Kevin Schweder suggests a rod holder such as the Rod Wrangler by Cornerstone Manufacturing. Be sure to look for a heavy duty rod holder that can safely handle more than one or two rods. An ideal rod holder will accomodate all these situations. This is especially critical when time is a factor, as with tournament situations, but can save alot of time for any angler.

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