It can be a color or a graphic of various sizes

You are welcome to change the ”Reds” dropdown to any color you choose. You will see a drop down box with the default selection of ”Reds”, and a bunch of color boxes under this dropdown. That is it! You should be able to now preview your auction in ebay!No knowledge of Html is necessary to design ebay auctions with FOAM. Go ahead and start setting up your auction up to the Item Description screen. Most people use the buttons to the right of the boxes to set the graphics or colors, but you are welcome to type a custom color code into the color box, or a web address into the graphic box.

After you click the Edit Design button, you will first have the choice to load a pre-made template, or to make your own. You can come back to this screen at any time to see what your auction is going to look like after you post the code to an ebay auction. After you select a color, a link that says ”Done! Preview Changes?” will appear. If you want to see a completed example you can go ahead and load a foam factory pre-made template, but for this article I want to start out leaving the ”Premade Designs” dropdown on to make great looking auction templates for HTML compatible websites for free!The first screen you are going to see after clicking the ”Free Template Generator” link on the homepage of foamtemplates.

It can be a color or a graphic of various sizes. Then you will click ”Copy to Clipboard”. To start designing your template, click the Edit Design button above your auction. For this article, I want to keep it fairly simple, so click the change button to the right of the ”Border Color” text box.If you have not heard of Foamtemplates. Now your code is ready to paste into ebay. This will always display what you have so far. Next click your right mouse button, and select paste. I am going to show you how to use FOAMTemplates.Now to your right, a few new options will appear. Once you select a color, just click on a color box below and foam will auto maticly select that color for your template. With the free version you can insert pictures, but only if your pictures are already on the internet, like if you are using a hosting service like photo bucket. I hope you see how easy it is to design great looking auctions for free! FOAM Premium has the same features are the Free version with the added ability to upload pictures from your computer. Now scroll down until you see the ”Border Appearance” heading.

The three boxes below this heading are what you use to change the box that surrounds your, is going to be the preview screen.Until next time, have fun!Free Auction Templates – makeFree Ebay Auction Templates at?There should be two tabs. One for ”standard” and one for ”Enter your own Html”, we want to swich over to the ”Enter your own HTML tab. Just click this link and you should go back to the preview screen where your new color should be surrounding your auction!If you are ready to paste your code into ebay, click the ”View Html” yet, home of the ”Free Online Auction Maker”, now is a good time to get your feet wet.

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