Some simple mobile homes after experiencing a typhoon

Such a sharp contrast affirms the impression of container mobile homes in people’s minds.There are more and more container mobile homes on the market. In this way, if they encounter rain or snow, workers We can rest and play in such a comfortable house, make the workers’ mood to make an appointment, and naturally work harder.

In the past, some simple mobile homes, after experiencing a typhoon, will be somewhat traumatized and need to be repaired or rebuilt. In the long run, leasing container mobile homes can not only save the cost of contractors, but also greatly shorten the construction period. In the hot summer days, they also install air conditioning in the rooms to improve the workers’ accommodation and thus improve the workers’ work efficiency. However, no matter how big the natural disaster is, the container mobile home will be safe and safe.

After the appearance of the occupant container, this container mobile home in the typhoon let many people know that the product is very durable and practical. In fact, the container mobile home is an upgraded product of the mobile home. Why don’t you do such a double benefit! Today’s construction market is full of fish and dragons. In order to save costs, in addition to purchasing, site contractors will also choose to lease Folding Container Houses Factory according to the length of the site period Container mobile homes provide workers with accommodation or their own office use. In some big cities, there are more and more large construction sites. Whether they are leased or sold, the demand is high. Container mobile homes are the best portrayal, and leasing has advantages. Only humanized products can stand on the ground.

Bolts or rivets are usually used to connect each member

The structure is mainly composed of steel beams, steel columns, steel truss and other members made of section steel and steel plates. The all-steel structure, all-bolt connection and all-hot-rolled components make the operating efficiency higher, the quality and safety more controllable, and the environmental pollution less. After some understanding, the original building is not only strong and durable but also uses new technology and new materials. At present, this steel structure building has successfully obtained heavy-weight green construction certifications such as the US LEED-CS gold certification, China National Green Building three-star certification, Shenzhen green construction gold certification, etc

According to the latest news from Baidu, a green building with all steel structures has been completed and accepted in Shenzhen. Because of its light weight and easy construction, it is widely used in large factories, stadiums, super high-rises and other fields. Let us take a closer look. The industrially produced components can also be recycled and reused.As we all know, steel structure is a structure mainly composed of steel materials, Low Cost Prefab Houses Manufacturers and is one of the main types of building structures. Out of industry experience and curiosity,

I can’t help but understand the differences about this building. Since it is the first all-steel green building, there must be unique craftsmanship and characteristics in construction. The welds, bolts or rivets are usually used to connect each member or component. As a domestic steel structure enterprise with many years of design and construction experience, we have to admire such achievements and are willing to work together to revitalize the construction industry. This building adopts the design of all steel structure, all bolt connection, all hot rolled components, and uses the BIM system with independent intellectual property rights to realize the digital construction of the entire life cycle, fully highlighting the advantages of steel structure..

The use of digital construction is the unique charm of the building. ’Project’ was initiated. According to reports, the steel structure has unique advantages such as light weight, good ductility, good seismic resistance, and high degree of industrialization, so it is favored by the market and widely used

The company has launched three major product systems

This batch of packing boxes is one of the chemical and petroleum engineering supporting facilities constructed by China Chemical Engineering Seventh Construction Co. After the country issued the “Belt and Road” development strategy, the company responded positively,

seized opportunities, integrated scientific and technological resources, market resources, and policy resources, explored the way for corporate economic growth, created a brand new, and realized the export of packaged products to Russia. arrived in Omsk, Russia, through Manzhouli, China’s largest land transportation port city. A few days ago, 672 sets of packaging boxes (also known as integrated residences) produced by Suzhou Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President Unit and Environmental Technology Co.

Tiandi Tianzhi Toilet Containers Factory Manufacturing Co. The company is a Suzhou private enterprise built by Jiangxi entrepreneurs for 15 years. The company has launched three major product systems, mobile international camps, refugee resettlement houses and modular multi-functional box houses in 86 countries and regions around the world. is responsible for product design, production and installation. ’Good start’., Ltd.The Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce reported on December 6 that 672 sets of packing boxes entered the “Belt and Road” initiative.

The main industrial sectors are machine manufacturing and instrument manufacturing, petroleum processing and petrochemical industry, forest and wood processing industry, light industry and food industry. After more than 20 days of hard work by all employees, the first batch of 672 sets of packaging boxes carrying the quality and strength of Chinese manufacturing were delivered on schedule and on schedule. Omsk is one of the five largest industrial cities in Russia., Ltd. The company has achieved a ’good start’ in exporting products to Russia. The time is tight, the task is heavy, and the technical and quality requirements are high.

The concept of container transportation was first proposed

The form of container building is: adopt ISO standard container and combine into various forms of small and medium-sized buildings. Whether it is temporary buildings, public buildings, family residences, event venues or any business form between the above building types, container construction can be competent.

The advantages of container construction are: prefabricated modularity, strong corrosion resistance, mobility, temporary, recyclable and reusable. Can be quickly assembled, low cost, environmentally friendly, but also has a special artistic form. Under certain circumstances, container construction has advantages over other forms of construction, such as tight budgets or short construction periods, or very demanding terrain. There are two ways of his construction: 1. Overall modification 2. The use of sheets and components to modify existing buildings.

The most important issue is design. Why? Let’s trace the roots and take a slow look. The concept of container transportation was first proposed by the British in 1801, and the earliest prototype of container transportation appeared in the United States 50 years later, and was used to improve the efficiency of railway transportation. In 1956, the American Transatlantic Shipping Company transported 58 large containers, which marked the beginning of container shipping at sea. In the ensuing time, container transportation showed great advantages.

In 1970, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) also began to develop container standards to achieve intermodal transportation of different companies and different vehicles. The standardization of containers has also laid the foundation for the development of container construction.