Drei römische Designer, drei verschiedene Linien von Schmuck

Jewellery Ladies

Diego Percossi Papi

The Roman jeweler brooches, rings and earrings to the 17th century baroque aesthetics of Borromini and Bernini, and designed inspired, he says, to elicit their support in an upright position and generate Lavish Gemstone mosaics ”regal bearing.” – Are fine miniatures painted copper combined – lemon quartz, green tourmalines, rose rubies.

 Jewerly Jewelry

Massimo Maria Melis

The jewelry of the former costume reminiscent of ancient Rome, paid tribute to the Greeks and Etruscans, also. His gilded cuffs and chains strung with Empire-era coins and intricate cameos are miracles of metalworking. Molded from 21-karat gold, they could be mistaken for stolen antiquities.


Fabio Salini

Salini modern on Flora makes clever use of old and new elements. For a pair of earrings abstruse, light, high-tech carbon fiber molded into tender branches buds sprout milky opal and diamond studded petals; Instructions for a ring, the same material is wrapped twice and with an oversized pearl crowned.

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