this kind of ring will be perfect with your vintage wedding dress

Traditions or vintage wedding? The ”bombed” faith!

If you are a couple who does not give up on traditions and values, you will probably prefer to wear a classic ring. If you try a convex faith, you will perhaps be enraptured by its ageless charm: your fingers will remember those of your parents, your rocks. This kind of faith will charm you even if you are a married couple with a nostalgic attitude and you love the music of the Fifties or you have organized an old style wedding with turntables and rockabilly music: this kind of ring will be perfect with your vintage wedding dress!
Francesina: delicate and sophisticated
If you have minimal tastes and you love the essential lines but of design, the Frenchwoman is your ”faith”: from the thickness that is around 3 mm, it is a subtle and very refined faith. It is usually not enriched by large stones and workmanship. It is perfect for those who have chosen a simple high fashion wedding dress and have tapered and thin fingers. You can order it in the gold colors you prefer; yellow, white or pink.

Mantovana: bold and without frills
A concrete ring. It does not go unnoticed, despite being of a disarming simplicity. Lately it is very requested as a wedding ring, perhaps because the thickness of about 6 mm makes it suitable even for a man’s fingers. If you are undecided between the various models and do not really know what to catch, try a pelmet: it is perhaps the solution that will kidnap you white halter wedding dress, just because it is a ring with character but without decorations and particular elements; those who do not like flashy jewelry and stones can never get tired of this very linear choice.
Princesses … here is your faith bridesmaid dresses, with stones
Romantic and dreamy brides, with features and very feminine tastes, can not fail to love the wedding rings with precious stones.

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