parade red burberry scarf

IMG_9591 IMG_9599 IMG_9602 IMG_9625 IMG_9629 IMG_9634 IMG_9643It’s snowing peacefully outside and the view is super gorgeous whenever I pass by a window. I’m currently taking a mini break from my Chemistry studies for a quick blog update. Anybody else still got exams or is everybody done with them? Anyway, I wanted to show you this beautiful “Parade Red” cashmere scarf from Burberry that I got in London in December. I got it in the big flagship store on Regent Street right after the Burberry Breakfast. Whenever I buy something new, I almost never use it immediately, which I think most people do. It’s a little weird but I sort of like that the clothes are still new in their bags and packagings. Particularly when the packaging is as fabulous as Burberry’s! Can’t wait until exams are done and I can continue living the Burberry life…

P.S. The setting outside would be perfect for some outdoor outfit pictures of this beauty… I’ll try to take some pictures and post soon. And yes, these pictures are shot in my favourite Danish design spot – my Stingray by Fredericia Furniture.

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