jeans project

ImageI have to buy new jeans soon, which is a pretty big project for me. I haven’t really bought any recently because I think it’s the most annoying item to try on ever when I’m out shopping… Because I usually fit all (except for when the leg length is not adjustable) – but I’m not really sure which ones fit well. I need to buy two pairs, basic black and blue ones. Most of the jeans I’ve bought so far are pretty cheap and they’ve been pretty good but now, the black ones are fading and I’m thinking about getting a pair of Iro og Rag & Bone Jeans. Those brand make their jeans look really appetising when arranged in the store. But the thing about jeans is that I never really know if they are going to be favourites until I get to wear them a couple of times, wash them etc. We’ll see. Perhaps I’ll try a pair this weekend because I’m spending it in Copenhagen with my boyfriend. Pic is Abbey Lee Kershaw’s DIY project for Rag & Bone.

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