spring & sneakers fever

IMG_4533 IMG_4536 IMG_4540I am obsessed with spring! I really want it to be spring like right now. I’ve hoarded sneakers this month, getting two pair of new New Balance sneakers (on sale though, so I am excused). I actually needed some new everyday spring shoes because my Chelsea boots are starting to look slightly used and they’re actually not that fitting for all outfits – particularly the fairer ones. I really like the gold details on both of them and I’m happy that I finally have a light and a dark pair of casual sneakers. I like the slightly (?) Nerdy vibes that NB sneaks come with. Right now, I’m waiting for my dinner to get ready and then I’m taking a shower. Other than that, I took my exam today and I’ve also been for a couple of walks and did some yoga (I’ve had a pretty long break from that).

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