pisco & pear

IMG_8227I woke up pretty late today because last night was really fun! So today I’ve spent some quality time with my boyfriend. We studied a bit in the morning and then I went to yoga. I was quite worried I couldn’t go because of my hand but it wasn’t as tough as it usually is (thank God). Then my boyfriend and I went for a walk and got him some new gym stuff before grocery shopping and heading back home and making yummy dinner. Right now, we’ve just gotten back from Helium, which is my favourite cocktail lounge in Copenhagen. I’ve been wanting to show it to my boyfriend for a while now but we’ve had other plans almost all Fridays and Saturdays. So now we finally went there and it was lovely as usual – we had the classic pisco sour and a “Rye & Pear” whiskey cocktail, that was quite nice and grown up candy-ish. Now we’re watching a series before going to bed pretty early.

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