golden hour in stockholm

IMG_5624 IMG_5583 IMG_5610 IMG_5598 IMG_5591 IMG_5599 IMG_5607 IMG_5628 IMG_5638Good evening dear readers. I found these outfit pictures from the first day in Stockholm that I haven’t posted yet. We shot them during golden hour and I’m super happy with the light in the pics, it is so warm and makes them really pretty even though my lipstick looks very shiny and almost white in some of the pictures. I’m really sleepy right now, I’ve been to school most of the day, then went for a one hour walk, had dinner, fixed a bunch of stuff, studied a bit and now I’m Skypeing with my boyfriend and we’ve just watched an episode of The Killing. So now I thought I’d update my blog a bit (The Killing is rather scary and I need to focus on something else before going to sleep) – please scroll down for more new posts. Tomorrow is going to be a full day of studying and I’m planning to go to the gym – leg day. Anyway, outfit details are below. I’m so happy with my new Levi’s jeans!


Sunglasses: Tom Ford.

Earrings: Carré.

Faux Fur Coat: Ilse Jacobsen.

Shirt: PLAY Commes des Garcons.

Jeans: Levi’s.

Bag: LV.

Sneakers: New Balance.

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