white cherry blossoms & mahogany

IMG_5159 IMG_5160 IMG_5161 IMG_5163And I’m back in Copenhagen again. Actually, I have been since yesterday because my Mum and I went to my aunt’s birthday celebration here in Copenhagen. My Mum left earlier today and today is one of those days when I miss her a lot… Anyway, I’ve been to the gym today and I’ve studied. I also just pampered myself a bit with exfoliating, doing a facial mask and dyed my eyebrows. Now, I’m really sleepy but I’ve got to do a bit more of studying and then we’ll see what I’ll feel like doing.

P.S. Did you notice that I changed my wine bottles for Moët & Chandon Nectar and Ice Imperial? They are really decorative!

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red ranunculus

IMG_4966 IMG_4973 IMG_4975 IMG_4979I remembered that I forgot to post these gorgeous little red ranunculus that I bought. Actually, the Lyngby vase is new too and I adore the transparent pink colour. Currently waiting for peony season even though I have a lot less fresh flowers now that I’ve gotten my beloved lemon and olive trees transported to my apartment.

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mediterranean vibes

IMG_5143 IMG_5141 IMG_5150I’ve finally gotten some plants in my apartment! It has been pretty “dead” so far with only freshly cut flowers (they are lovely too though). I got the two lemon trees a long time ago but they’ve been at my house in Sweden and I recently bought a pair of olive trees. I love the Mediterranean vibes of these trees and they are in the most perfect pale terracotta pots. So pretty! Now I just have to get a Monstera – I already got a huge pot for it. So if you have any ideas of where to get a Monstera, I’d be really happy to know because the two places I know are all out. Today is a pretty chill day, I’m going to study some Biochemistry, go to the gym and perhaps go to Magasin to have a look. And then I’m planning on Skype watching The Killing with my boyfriend tonight.

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dining space

IMG_4824 IMG_4837 IMG_4856 IMG_4871 IMG_4953

I bought these ranunculus a while ago but they still look really cute (I think I got them like 14 days ago!?). This is a little corner of my apartment – the dining space. I bought the Kartell Louis Ghost Chairs designed by Phillippe Starck and the Bourgie Table lamp and I’m so happy for both. I’ve been wanting them like forever! I got the over the top gorgeous mahogany table from my Grandparents and I love the mix of antique mahogany and quite modern Louis XV style plexiglass chairs. And I added the sheepskin to make it all a little bit more Scandi. Now I just need to try and get a glass plate for the table made, so I need to man up and call somebody who might be able to do that… Today we haven’t really been up to that much; we’ve studied, went for a long walk in the sunshine, went to the gym, had dinner and I just tried out my Dior Hydra Life products after the shower! They were so comfortable, luxe and my skin looks really pretty now.

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pink normann copenhagen

NormannIf you haven’t been to the Normann flagship on Østerbrogade in Copenhagen, I definitely recommend it! It’s such a cute/industrial little universe (with really good photo ops because of all the different rooms and wall textures). They sell lots of pretty things too – like these cool pink velvet chairs, red throw and a cognac coloured office chair. I went there this weekend when I also got myself a clear pink Lyngby vase (a Danish classic), but not in that store though. Now I’m heading home from school, baking some seed crisp bread and having dinner.

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danish design chairs

Image 8 Image 9We went to the Danish Museum of Art & Design this morning. The museum is really nice and the chair hallway was completely empty today (last time there was this whole tour in there so it was super crowded).  I think my absolute favourite Danish designer chair is the seven chair. So pretty – particularly luxurious in leather. My boyfriend and I are just chilling this weekend and we’re collecting some IKEA furniture, going grocery shopping and going to get him a gym membership.

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Image 11 Image 14Here are some pretty little corners in my apartment. These cute little Kähler vases are perfect for small spring flowers such as these Snow Drops (in Swedish). And the big white Amaryllis are the flowers I got the other day. I thought Amaryllis were only sold around Christmas? Anyway, today I’ve had the day off but I went to a meeting in the morning and later I have some extra Biochemistry lectures.

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