It has 3 color numbers and the unit price is 24 dollars

In 2015, Deepica Mutyala opened her own vlog account on the video site Youtube and began uploading some of her own beauty videos. Her second video, a beauty instructional video showing how to use lipstick to cover thick dark circles, has attracted the attention of netizens and has become popular on the Internet. At present, this video has been played more than 10 million times. Deepica Mutyala has 206,000 followers on social media Instagram and 234,000 followers on Youtube. When the video playback reached 4 million, Deepica Mutyala was invited to participate in the morning news talk show ’Today Show’. This opportunity gave her a deep understanding of the needs of ethnic minorities for a more diverse and inclusive beauty platform, and the huge lack of products targeted at ethnic minorities in the beauty industry.

After gaining a deeper understanding of the entire industry, she launched Live Tinted, an extremely inclusive online community. In May of this year, the platform launched its first product, the Huestick, a multi-function makeup stick that can be used as eye makeup, lip makeup and blush.

It has 3 color numbers and the unit price is 24 dollars. Deepica Mutyala said that after real entering the beauty industry, she realized that the entire industry neglected ethnic minorities, so she founded the Live Tinted platform, hoping to provide a platform for communication and voice for like-minded people. The funds obtained in this round will be used to develop new products, expand the team, add related functions on the website to strengthen interaction with consumers, and gradually expand international business.

About Something NavySomething Navy was originally a fashion blog created by Arielle Charnas in 2009. In September 2018, Arielle Charnas officially launched the Something Navy fashion brand and reached a partnership with high-end department store Nordstrom. Arielle Charnas has more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram, she and her team are responsible for social media marketing, while Nordstrom is in charge of design, production and logistics. The Something Navy brand collection brought huge sales to Nordstrom. It is reported that in September last year, Something Navy helped Nordstrom achieve a single-day sales record of $ 4 million. However, at the end of this year, Arielle Charnas and Nordstrom’s authorized cooperation agreement is about to expire. In the future,

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