It is worth mentioning that compared with a care brand

What new tricks can MAC play in the Cosmetic PP Jars Manufacturers streets that are so old and crowded? Black technology, theme area blessing, MAC to create a double-layer ’play makeup’ store It is reported that the MAC beauty concept store is divided into two upper and lower floors. In addition, the concept store also provides more sufficient space for displaying brand tone, can more effectively promote the brand image, and leave a deeper impression on consumers during interaction.

For makeup brands such as MAC, which have a high reputation among young people, the concept store is not only a leading store of the sales type, but also a social center for core fans. By 2023, the size of China’s cosmetics market will exceed 65 billion yuan. When the base makeup products are placed on a sensing device, the suitable skin texture, skin tone, and notes of the little red book can be displayed. ’Under the trend of consumption upgrade, it is promising to create a new store image based on experience and interaction, but to avoid the trend of homogeneity, there is a difference in concept positioning and distinctive services, and make its own differences. It is worth mentioning that, compared with a care brand, the advantages of cosmetics brands in opening new retail concept stores are more obvious. With the huge audience of this popular mobile game,

I am afraid to attract many young consumers to check in. You can make free appointments for make-up artists through small programs.. With the huge audience of this popular mobile game, I am afraid to attract many young consumers to check in. Among the ten articles with the highest conversion rate of graphic text entering the store, MAC ranked sixth with an index of 80%. Beauty brands are speeding up the opening of concept stores, which are sales stores and social centers. Secondly, the decoration styles of make-up concept stores tend to be more changeable and can appeal to consumers visually., with obvious divisions, and each area has the blessing of black technology.

On the other hand, under the current upsurge of consumption upgrading, consumer demand for experience and emotional consumption is gradually increasing, and single products are no longer a magic weapon to attract consumers. In the eye makeup area, consumers can freely match the color of the eyeshadow according to their preferences and customize their own eyeshadow palettes. On the second floor, make-up services are a highlight. As one of the most prosperous commercial streets in the center of Shanghai, Huaihai Middle Road is on par with Nanjing Road, ’China’s First Street’.

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Not mean domestic Here comes the opportunity for the brand

We will use Edgewell’s advanced technology and global network, coupled with our customer-oriented brand philosophy, brand building expertise and omni-channel capabilities, together with Edgewell Achieving this vision.37 billion.3%, mainly benefiting from the increase in sales of the Diaper Genie brand. Harry ’s brands include flagship brand Harry ’s, new female razor and care brands Flamingo and Harry ’s Labs.9%; 3. If you have copyright issues, please contact to delete it. Although Edgewell’s purchase price is only 4 times the annual sales of Harry’s (It is reported that Unilever’s 2016 acquisition of Harry’s rival Dollar Shave Club is 5 times the latter’s annual sales),

A senior imported cosmetics agent told Pinguan APP reporter that the tariff increase will have less impact on Estee Lauder and other US high-end brands. The impact on the ’Esta Lauders’ is limited.Yesterday (May 13), the State Council Customs Tariff Commission issued an announcement and decided to increase the tariff rate on some imported goods originating in the United States from 00:00 on June 1, 2019.’ It is generally believed in the interview that this escalating trade war does not mean domestic Here comes the opportunity for the brand.

Pinguan APP reporter noticed that in the list of 25% tariff-added merchandise, including skin care, makeup, perfume, hair care, perm, nail art, bath soap, laundry soap and other cosmetics categories; 20% tariff-added merchandise list Including toothpaste, mouthwash, shaving cream, antiperspirant, hair removal agent,

washing powder and other Cosmetic PP Jars Manufacturers and home cleaning products.’ The agent bluntly said that such brands are not strong enough in the market, have strong replaceability, and it is difficult to absorb the pressure of rising costs, so the response to even a small increase in costs is relatively Sensitive, this will inevitably be transmitted to the price level, which will cause price increases. ’Brand parties and agents are most affected.). In this round of trade wars, US imports of cosmetics will undoubtedly have the most direct impact. ’Second and third-tier US imported brands are most affected. A small US brand may have been severely damaged

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