A recall is required in accordance with state regulations

If a cosmetics production operator or an agent that imports cosmetics fails to stop production or operation or implement a recall as required, the cosmetics supervision and administration department of the people’s government at or above the county level may order it to stop production or operation or implement a recall.

On New Year’s Day this year, the e-commerce law was formally Vacuum Bottles Manufacturers. Cosmetics have quality defects and should be immediately discontinued and recalled with reference to the food recall system and medical device recall system. The number of cosmetics manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong ranks at the forefront of the country, and there is an urgent need for legislation and regulation.

Where a recall is required in accordance with state regulations, the recall shall be implemented by the cosmetic manufacturer or the agent that imports the cosmetic, and the cosmetic operator shall assist the recall. In the case of a cosmetics safety management responsibility agreement, the relevant competent authority shall order correction within a time limit; those who do not make corrections within the time limit shall be fined between 20,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan; if the circumstances are serious, they shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification and be punished for 100,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan fine. The sale of 14 types of cosmetics micro-business platforms, such as unauthorized preparation, is prohibited. report. The draft further elaborates cosmetic product recall and suspension of production and operation regulations, clarifies the main responsibilities of all parties involved in product recalls, and enhances the operability of the regulations.

Take joint responsibility with cosmetics operators in the platform. It is worth noting that cosmetics that are banned from being used for business services or as promotional gifts or prizes for prized sales activities will also be considered as business activities. But at present, there are many product safety risk accidents in cosmetics, a lot of publicity on cosmetic violations, confusion in the field of cosmetic processing, low level of enterprise safety and quality management, and the need for innovation in the development of cosmetic supervision models. Is this sales illegal?

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