Uganda reopens church owned radio station after radio station owner dies of a cancer diagnosis

Uganda reopens church owned radio station after radio station owner dies of a cancer diagnosis

Tens of thousands of Ugandan supporters rallied in front of the building where a church and government buildings are situated. They stood to cheer, sing and sing along with an impromptu national anthem sung by church choir members, in support of a church minister.

“We’re here because of you, Pastor Mwanda,” a woman said before the crowd, referring to the minister’s husband, an ethnic Dinka Muslim. Mwanda also has his own radio station.

“All of you who have come here have come with a spirit of love and hope that I believe will endure because the people I’ve met here in this building are the ones who will make this country great again,” said the man who called himself Mkhotezile Zuoma.

The minister and Zuoma’s husband died of cancer in August. He used a radio platform after the radio station owner of the national radio station in the capital, Kampala, passed away of a cancer diagnosis, Uganda’s ministry of foreign affairs said at a news conference.

A woman holding photographs of the Rev. Mwan오바마 카지노da, right, and Rev. Mkhotezile Zuoma, center, cheers as a church crosses a red line in front of the Ugandan ministry of foreign affairs building in Kampala, August 8, 2012. AP

“We are here to call for the restoration of peace강원출장샵, stability and justice.”

A Ugandan government statement read that Mwanda had “suffered a long illness and he was struggling to get his medical treatment to all,” adding that the state had received informatio에스엠 카지노n that he had died in the hospital. It did not give details.

In neighboring Tanzania, where hundreds gathered Thursday for a memorial service for the late Pastor Nzimande Kweka, more than 70 people, including the former prime minister, Mbanazile Mbaire, called for the government to launch an investigation into whether authorities mishandled his death to prevent him from having a future and for church leaders who had criticized the government to be held accountable.

Authorities were trying to determine whether Zuoma died of natural causes, or under suspicious circumstances, but “an investigation is underway,” the statement said, without giving any details.

Zuoma was known as a missionary of great love in the country, where Christianity was at the center of its traditional society, according to people who knew him. He was born and raised ther

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