Budget fails to address skills shortage opposition

Budget fails to address skills shortage opposition

“It seems there’s no commitment by the Government on what the infrastructure is,” he said, referencing a potential federal infrastructure fund.

The government says the plan is to increase tax revenues and reduce spending by $7.4 billion over the next five years.

That would leave $25 billion less for public services, he said, calling the idea ridiculous and one-sided.

The opposition also criticizes the government on the proposed $22.7 billion in cuts to education in 2016-17. While funding has been tight — $15.7 billion of the $16.8 billion is from the federal government’s pension plan, while $6 billion from the provinces is earmarked for education and $9 billion for other services — the government says it will cut those costs while also CDC 철도청 카지노raising more tax revenue.

They’re not serious concerns, according to the Opposition.

“They’re just not serious,”일산안마 일산출장마사지 he said. “All I can say is, it’s an odd plan. Let’s not focus on how the $2카지노 사이트2 billion in cuts affect education.”

The NDP said they “are going to use this information to show you all the terrible things the Liberals have done to British Columbians.”

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