Lord mayoral candidates stage debate and discussion in St

Lord mayoral candidates stage debate and discussion in St. John’s

‘Not a day goes by in public life where this isn’t discussed,’ says Green Party candidate

“If you look at these numbers, it just makes it more important in the next municipal election to get them right,” said Mayor Chris Ballard of Saint John, N.L.

“If you look at these numbers, it just makes it more important in the next municipal election to get them right.”

The data is based on data compiled by Elections Canada from a random sample of the last two municipal polls conducted by양산출장마사지 Mainstreet Research in January and February. The poll showed a slight lead for Green Party candidates Rob McEwan and Jonathan Denis in B.C. and Nanaimo, B.C.

With the exception of Halifax, which showed NDP leader John Horgan at the top for each riding, the other citie더킹카지노s of the Prairies were split evenly in the polls’ two parties.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May’s riding in Saint John (Rafferty), home to former prime minister Stephen Harper, has seen a rise in the number of registered voters of both major parties since 2006. The riding has also seen a significant increase in the number of Liberal voters since that time.

“It’s a significant swing that we should be aware of, I believe, because you can’t buy a political vote that way,” said May’s campaign manager Adam Gant.

New polls suggest Green Party leader Elizabeth May (R) will pick up a majority in Saint John’s riding (file photo)

Saint John has also seen significant Liberal support for some time, esp포항출장마사지 포항출장샵ecially in its riding of Mont-Royal, an affluent urban area on the east bank of the St. Lawrence River.

A September 2011 poll found only 28 per cent of the residents in this suburban riding favoured her while 51 per cent said they wanted Green Party leader Elizabeth May to be the only candidate seeking the job. However, that gap narrowed to just over one percentage point over the next month, from 39 per cent on Aug. 19 to 35 per cent in the following week.

Growth on the Green Party’s share of all vote in Saint John’s, for example, was the only city to double in value since the 2011 provincial election.

In addition to the growth in support for the Green Party in Saint John, the poll also saw an increase in the Liberal support that would seem to suggest the NDP was losing the confidence of voters in the riding.

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