Computer detection system to ensure that the air compressor station

In the case of cotton textile enterprises using air jet looms extensively, the construction of air compressor stations is an important auxiliary project. The main equipments equipped in all air compressor stations in Tianjin Textile Park are centrifugal air compressors and frozen air dryers. Compressed air supply systems are composed of air storage tanks, connecting pipes and valves, etc., and are equipped with cooling systems and instrument air systems. ,

Computer detection system to ensure that the air compressor station is the first line of production to ensure the gas demand of different pressures and different loads. Under this premise, ensuring the qualified gas supply quality, satisfying the stable gas supply pressure, and automatically adjusting the gas supply flow rate are the basic tasks of automatic control of the air compressor station. With the continuous improvement of the level of automation, the discussion on the construction of unattended air compressor stations is an inevitable subject in the development process.

The necessity of automatic control of the air system is applied to the air compressor station of the No. 1 Cotton Spinning Plant of Tianfang Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., with 4 sets of 70M3 / min4, 53M3 / min4, 48M3 / min2, 43M3 / min4 centrifugal air The machine and a 42.5M3 / min screw air compressor are equipped with a freezing dryer with corresponding processing capacity. The CMC controller of the air compressor equipment can automatically control and protect the operation of the host, automatically prompt work information, have fault alarm and protection shutdown functions, can automatically load or unload according to the amount of gas consumption, and is equipped with LCD display

n I / O: switch quantity uses IO function to access n analog quantity: use bidirectional PIO to expand serial A / D, D / A converter, see PIO sample program n 896KB memory usage: just use it directly, no special skills are needed, See DEMO example program. N File operation: see DEMO example program. N RTC: See DEMO example program. Users can modify the FTP example code and change the storage file to FLASH.

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