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One Night Two Birthday’s

bild 1 (28)bild 2 (26)bild 4 (13)bild 3 (22)I had an quite busy and eventful saturday night. My first stop was my high-school best friend Lisa’s surprise birthday-party and boy she was surprised! I actually felt quite bad for her, since she was getting ready for a cozy night with her bf and all of sudden all her best friends stormed in. I stayed at her party for around two hours before I headed of to the next birthday kid Oliver, my best friends Mikaela’s boyfriend. On my way over there I met up with Agneta and later even Natalia and her friends joined the party.


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bild 3 (21)bild 2 (25)bild 1 (27)
Beanie and Scarf: Monki/ Jeans: Abercombie/ Leather-jacket:Miss Sixty/Fake-fur west: Calvin Klein/ Boot: Old biker boots

I had a really good day, even though I had to go to school. Solved all the problems without any difficulties, quite proud of myself actually haha 😉 After that I went shopping, bought myself a new beanie and scarf. And the cherry on top was of course meeting Linn for a ice-cream at the sunny steps of Dramaten!
Right now I’m waiting for dinner and after that I will be getting ready for a night out. xx

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The XXL-Bun

bild 3 (20) bild 3 (19) bild 4 (12)
Fur coat: Vintage/Sunglasses: Calvin Kelin/Shoes: Nike Air/Leggins: Monki Scarf: Bought in Spain

Tried out my new extremely huge hair-bun today! I have nothing more to add actually, since I’m dead-tired today.

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Late Morning’s Are The Best

IMG_5355IMG_5354Bathrobe: Victoria Secret

I love the fact that I start school 13.00, because then I don’t need to set the alarm at an early hour. I can drag myself in bed for ages and watch series (or do something productive like studying)..before I decide to eat breakfast and get ready. Or take selfies with my camera-stand for the blog haha.

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Busy Monday – Oriflame Meeting

fur fur1 fur3fur6
Fur: Vintage/ Dress: Sheinside/ Shoes: Nine West

Math studying -> Oriflame meeting -> Coffee pause -> Dinner -> Gym
Woke up early to meet up with Elin to study math, which we barley did haha. We have something to work on, not the math maybe..but how to study together 😉 We also paid a quick visit to our old school, for no particular reason really. After the failed studying, I meet up with Peter for a meeting at Oriflame (swedish make-up brand) for the Miss World Sweden 2014 final!

I also had a coffee with a friend, before I went home..and now it’s time for dinner and later I’m hitting the gym!

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Miss World Sweden 2014 Gala På Grand Hotel

1743481_617150561691879_394050847_n 1782083_617151128358489_872632813_n

Nu har vi släppt biljetterna till Årets Gala kväll på Grand Hotel Stockholm den 31 maj 2014.
Där vi kommer att kröna Miss Sweden som kommer att delta i Miss World 2014. En kväll du inte får missa.
Gå in på länken till ticnet.se och köp din biljett

Vill ni kontakta mig angående Miss World Sweden 2014, mailia mig på [email protected]

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TBS: Harry Potter World


20130724-141955.jpg 20130724-135853.jpg 20130724-140748.jpg20130724-140112.jpg20130724-142203.jpg935082_10201691576393686_701381315_n1004635_10201691583193856_1268980573_n 1075662_10201691619714769_257216486_nIMG_6451


TBS: Throw back Sunday! Harry Potter World in Universal Studios in Orlando. I have to go back, it was amazing! The Harry Potter world lived up to all of my geeky Harry Potter dreams – detailed and nuanced, Hogsmeade was spot on! And even the Butterbeer tasted amazing. LOVED IT. All of it.  I have to admit that I touched the Hogwarts castle to see if it was real which is was haha.. and it was made of hard stone..no plastic crap!

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Outdoor Training

bild 1 (24) bild 2 (22) bild 3 (18)
I always go jogging or PW:ing with my mum on weekends, and now we started to take the route to the outdoor ”gym” to do some exercises there. It’s really good because you get really warmed-up by getting there, so you can directly throw yourself at the machines.
On todays schedule:
Study Math
Write 1 essay
Gym: Body Pump
Goooooooo meee, I can do it!



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Red Bird

hhHere is the result of the body paint shoot I did about 2 weeks ago. I think it’s really cool how I blend into the painting, you can barely see my body in it. I look like a transparent human, I’m a ghost 😉 It was hard to stand like that for a few hours, my legs started itching after a while..I’m used to stand still from pageants..but I don’t stand in the same position for 2-4 hours. In pageants you stand still about 15-30 min, before you start walking,dancing, waving and god knows what!
Anyway the artist is very satisfied with the result and so am I!



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Ready 4 Scho0l

IMG_5329IMG_5318Skirt: Asos, Blouse and Cardigan: Urban Outfitters, Bag: U.S Polo Assn.

Soon it’s time for my second day back in school, feels good to be using my brain again haha 😉 It has been way to much ”Is this too much bling?” ”Is my dress to short?” ”Which camera should I look at” ”Where is my sash?”, typical pageant girl problems for the last few months. So now I’m back in real world for a while! I will be searching for my calculator instead of my sash, and I will be writing real essays instead of World Peace speeches haha!
After school I’m going directly to the gym and tonight I’m going out with a bunch of friends, it’s friday after all!
Blurry pictures today, sorry for that! xx

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