A text from my own private diary..

”I want to get old with you baby. When i’m dying, I want to lie in your safe and warm arms while you gently stroke my cheek and whispering that everything will be fine eventually. I always want to look into your glittering eyes, which delight my days with love and joy, a kind of substance that rays throughout my body while I always want to be there for you in every step you take here in life, whether it’s light or maybe even difficult decisions. Even in the most difficult times when you feel bad and push me away because everything gets too much for you! I want to share everything with you. Everything you do and will do in the future, I also want to experience it, but, together with you, hand in hand. Every day that goes without your irresistible smile is very hard for me sometimes. Several days can pass, but in the end it means a lot to me that you are willing to stay with me no matter what situationen we have or might end up with someday. The very magical time we spend with each other just makes our love and friendship become much stronger even if it hurts in the heart that sometimes we just hangout over a weekend. But in the end, we overcome most and our feelings as well as chemistry become so much stronger than we actually can believe. In spite of all this, I can still lie alone in my bed and think how our love can be so strong to each other, despite several miles from each other. Besides that, you should not forget all the possible risks that exist when you take the chance to have a distance relationship. The days and moments we are not with each other will only make our love grow for stronger. Only that, it is a challenge in itself, being able to be away from each other but still having butterflies in your stomach and being completely goofy every time you see each other. I also know, honey, that things are coming and going all the time. Things can be destroyed and words can even escalate to fights, but despite that, we keep fighting against all ods and the hard times we might end up with. I will never ever give up on you! Even if, my heart stops and I take my last breath. Then I take my last breath, just for you and nobody else. Never forget how valuable you are as human being and how important you are, especially in my eyes! I love you now and forever!” / Your love Lolla

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