The engine will encounter many harsh conditions

The electrical control system of the blow molding machine used by Suzhou Hollow Molding Equipment Co., Ltd. is frequency conversion speed regulation and PLC control. In the term of blow molding machine, it is called digital control. The PLC board completes the transmission of various signals through the transmission of digital signals. It has elementary computer functions and is also called a computer board. The stranding system is completed by an ordinary motor and an inverter. The inverter controls the input current of the motor to adjust the speed of the motor.

The speed of ordinary motors is proportional to the input current. The lower the input current, the lower the speed. The Swiss ABB is used as a part of the electrical control system. The characteristics of the electrical control system of the bottle blowing machine are as follows: 1. The motor input current is controlled, and the speed can be preset before the motor starts working to achieve a better energy saving effect. 2.PLC has strong expansion ability. If you need to change, as long as you modify the program in PLC, you don’t need to add many external components.

It is said that the engine is the heart of the car and provides a steady stream of power for the car, then the lubricant is the ’blood’ of the car. Many people may know the lubricating oil. For the majority of car owners, they also know that the oil is one of the frequently replaced parts on the vehicle body, and it needs to be replaced almost every time it is maintained. Changing so often, you can see that it is both a consumable and an important one!

The engine will encounter many harsh conditions, such as air, low temperature, humidity, wear, carbon deposits, mechanical tension, and high temperature. These need lubricants to help solve them. The main role of motor oil is roughly these points: lubrication, cooling, sealing, cleaning, rust prevention and so on.

Therefore, this requires a good storage container to ensure the quality of the lubricant.specializes in producing fully automatic high-speed and high-yield bottle blowing machines with stable and reliable bottle quality. It has won the trust of customers, and currently has provided 12 sets of blow molding machines for SK: blow molding machine model: B15D-560 extruder: E70 + E40 + E30 + E20 die: South Korea 3M5L-2H-V-CD200,2 Cavity 5 layers, with liquid level line, center distance 200mm, double station product description: 2.5 ~ 4L five-layer barrier bottle, with liquid level line product Weight: 4L 200g Cycle time: 22.5S * 2 Output: 320 pcs / hour 2,304,000 Per year

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