10 best Bike shops in Toronto

Cycling is a good way to exercise and experience outdoor sports, which is becoming more and more popular.If you’re tired of traffic jams and crowded streetcars, why not try biking to work or wherever you need to go.There are many great bike shops to choose from and the GTA has some beautiful bike paths.We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best bike shops in Toronto, whether you’re looking for a brand new bike or want to fix your bike.
Sweet Pete’s is best known for its city bikes.The shop has a collection of practical and cool urban bikes with all the equipment cyclists need to ride in an urban environment.In addition to the abundance of bike-specific clothing in Toronto, the staff at Sweet Pete’s are all bikers who are ready to lend a hand and offer expert advice to help you and your bike stay on the road.
Gears Bike Shop connects people with freedom, nature and community.There is a wide selection of hybrid and electric bikes from GIANT, Liv, Cannondale and BULLS.There’s no need to worry about buying pressure, because the Gears team is here to help.Whether you’re looking for a road bike, mountain bike, city bike, or bike essentials and accessories, this is a place to try.Gears also provides various tools to restore your bike to the perfect riding state.
Fix Coffee + Bikes is a Coffee shop with a Coffee bar, bike shop and bike gallery.Customers can fix their bikes or eat delicious pastries while drinking a nice cup of coffee.Fix Coffee has a large collection of North American-made bikes from Detroit that are safe and reliable, as well as offering innovative accessories such as wearable locks, magnetic lights and retractable fenders in turn.
Brockton Cyclery is one of the best bike repair shops in Toronto.The shop is staffed by trained mechanics with years of experience in manufacturing, repairing and maintaining bikes of all styles.Brockton Cyclery offers a range of bike designs for every type of rider, from casual commuting to serious mountain biking.The store also offers a wide selection of brands, including Salsa Cycles, Surly Bikes and Fuji Bikes.

In Seattle’s CHAZ, a community garden has taken root.

”A few people saw me and asked what I was doing,” he said.They were really excited and asked how they could help.And it just keeps growing from there.”
After years of working as an urban sustainability professional and traveling the world while farming, Henderson developed a passion for guerrilla gardening as a means of exploring how the land best serves people and questioning whether existing public Spaces meet these needs.As a black man, these ideas were particularly important to Henderson.Marginalized communities have historically been deprived of land ownership, and urban agriculture is a vehicle for self-sufficiency.
As Seattle’s Black Lives Matter protests morphed into CHAZ, Henderson’s community garden attracted dozens of volunteers and, after two days of effort, had more than 50 plants.More than a hundred more were donated to begin with.The goal is to eventually feed anyone who needs food, and to remind people of what happens to the world around them when a little basil goes to the ground.
Crosscut spoke with Henderson about his passion for gardening, its value to the community, and his plans for community action in the dirt.
This interview has been edited for length and clarity.
Marcus Henderson works in the community garden on Thursday.June 11, 2020, in The Capitol Hill Borough of Seattle, Washington.The area around Carl Anderson Park near Capitol Hill has been claimed by protesters and now includes art indoctrination, cooperatives, medical tents and libraries.(Sarah Hoffman/Crosscut)
Marcus Henderson works in a community garden in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Borough (CHAZ) on June 11, 2020.(Sarah Hoffman/Crosscut)
Marcus Henderson works in a community garden in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Borough (CHAZ) on June 11, 2020.(Sarah Hoffman/Crosscut)
When did you start participating in CHAZ protests or community action?
Since that first Saturday, when the police car burned down, I’ve been here to support people who’ve been doing this for years — I’m new in Seattle.
I wanted to be there, especially as a black man.I mean, I’ve certainly been calling for change and justice.I’ve been a big advocate of sustainability and wellness, and doing things to protect the planet.But for a long time, I didn’t think I really got into my blackness and fought for black people and black rights, because it just felt like such a hard, futile battle.You almost settle into the civil rights movement and the result is, ”Well, this [all] we’re going to get.”
I feel like I’ve lived a pretty privileged life as a black person, and I feel a little guilty about it.I have a lot of great opportunities.And for a long time, I didn’t know if I had used that privilege to really help others like me.The movement woke me up in that sense and realized that I had a responsibility to give back to my community the little privilege that I had as a black man.
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Why is gardening a way for you to get involved?
It starts with the land.I was fascinated by the concept of land ownership: collective ownership of land, recovery of property and real service to the people, use of land, growing food on it, self-sufficiency.This is something That I think is very important to us as a nation.Because black people have always lived on less money — and learning how to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle is especially important for black people.
As we go through these times and we try to challenge the system, we have to resist a lot of things.We have to distance ourselves and be able to support ourselves and give you that strength.
All of this should be free.If we can free the land, everything else will literally be free.
And then, of course, gardening is just fun.I knew it was something that anyone could relate to, no matter what race or color.If someone sees a garden, there is always a smile on their face.
What role does gardening play in your life?
I wouldn’t say I’m a gardener or a farmer, but it has played a key role in my personal growth.I had just graduated from graduate school — I had a master’s degree in urban sustainability — and I was working in New York City and still playing football, but I was so frustrated with everything that I felt kind of incomplete.I decided to move to Trinidad just to farm at WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) and travel for a while to try to explore more of the rural lifestyle and, as some people say, less detour.And that’s where I discovered gardening — as a way, in a way, to support myself, like trading labor for housing — and it turned out I really liked it.

what survives a drought

The entire East Coast is suffering this year, and my Garden in North Carolina is in bad shape.
The growing season began with a spring flood that hit the 100-year line.I stood and watched the swirl of brown water that covered nearly an acre of streamside pasture, eerily quiet as it covered fallen trees and curved Banks.He came within a foot of my new pasture fence.While I was amazed that I had guessed the perfect fence line, I was also worried that a higher flood might one day occur.A hundred years is not as long as it used to be.
But it has hardly rained since that wet day.My region is expected to get wetter as the climate changes, but the forecast also requires more variation;More flood years and more drought years, and fewer good, mild blond years, are perfect for growing my own food.
This year, my summer favorites — tomatoes, bell peppers, white gourd and cucumbers — have all had serious crop failures.Which begs the question: What can survive drought?What thrives when the hay is baked and thermometers sit day after day at a hundred degrees?
The peppers grow well.We have small peppers and we have big peppers.We have red pepper, orange pepper and black pepper.We have a hot variety that I absolutely love, the Russians, when they are golden yellow, like oncini, when they are allowed to turn red, they are very hot.This year I’m testing them as dry chips with my new solar dehydrator.We have a pepper, I don’t remember growing the pepper.Even Poblanos, delayed by the wrong planting times, is struggling to grow.
Another great producer is okra.I duly planted clemson’s thornless okra, which grew to eight feet tall and was in production until October.We eat it stir-fried, in stir-fried dishes, with beans and tomatoes, with shrimp Creole, with sweet pepper eggplant in coconut rice.Even so, there’s still a gallon in the fridge and jars marinated in my solar oven and on the shelf.I also have a special variety for marinade, and a red one, which started late and didn’t go into production until September.
Tip: Most members of Malwako (including okra, hibiscus, cotton, and some edible flowers like Malwa) seem to prefer that you soak their seeds before planting.So the germination rate will be much better.What we grow is an annual hibiscus, called a rose, which dies on frost’s descent, rather than going dormant like the Salamwood rose.It also had a complete drought.We’ve been growing it for four years and we’ve never seen such a good yield.
Even if you don’t know what Russell is, I bet you’ve consumed it.The rubber calyx at the base of their beautiful flowers gives the tea its acid and reddish color, as in the popular Celestial Seasonings Zinger.The leaves are also pleasantly sour, and with sweet potato leaves and Malabar spinach, they make a nice bunch of garlicky cooked dishes.
We let the flowers fall and then cut off the seed pods, including the calyx.I cut off the bottom of the pod with a sharp knife, and my friends squeezed the green pod out.This is a super kid-friendly gardening activity because it’s simple and meets the needs of the pinkie.Yesterday I shouted, ”Come and process Rosalind!”My children came out of the tree as if by magic, without dragging.The only thing they enjoyed more was shucking corn with their father.
Speaking of corn, our bump corn is also doing very well.Last year we planted floriani fusiliers, which have beautiful dark red kernels and rich corn flavor.I made polenta and was delicious, but the seed coat of flint was hard, and there were always a few pieces in the grinding process.
This year, we tried a tooth called a blue kagi, which seems to grind more easily in my hand grinder, and there’s no hard seed coat in the final product.I watered it regularly until it was about six inches high and then let it go, the boy didn’t go eleven feet high!It has a thick substance around it.It gets a sticky material around the critical (that is, air-bound) root layer, like these amazing symbiotic nitrogen-fixing corn.I don’t know if it fixed its own nitrogen, but the harvest did give me a surprise: the light blue cornmeal was made into purple cornmeal!It looks more like a dessert than a dessert.It looks more like dessert than dinner, and it has a distinct popcorn taste.That’s a victory.

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RON kujarvis | garden magazine.In the garden early in the morning…It’s the best!

You don’t need to eat your cereal to get your day off to a good start, just head out to the garden.At this time of year, I can usually be found in the garden at sunrise or before, and no, I’m not being kicked out of the house for snoring all night.
plastic coated steel garden stakes plant stakes for climbing plants
The air is cool and fresh, which is good for weeding, watering, sowing, harvesting, and also for walking around and seeing what’s going on with the crops.There is also a bench in our garden where I can sit and observe the wit of bees, butterflies and other insects, and listen to the sweet counsel of birds as they swoop or perch on fence posts, garden stakes and trellises.Many of them would eat some of the insects I observed, preferably those that were eyeing my vegetable crop.
As for gardening, most of my attention these mornings is now focused on harvesting early crops, including peas.Peas are ready to be harvested, and the best time to pick them is early in the morning.The same goes for leafy greens such as spinach, lettuce and mustard, as well as radishes.First of all, the water content of plant cells in the early morning is higher than that in the daytime. The water evaporates a lot with the sun and heat, so the plant cells are more compact.So harvesting early in the day means the vegetables are crunchier and last longer.It’s also high in sugar in the morning because the starches that plants produce and store during the day are converted into sugar at night.The end result of the morning harvest is sweeter and crisper vegetables.
After the first cup of coffee….
You’ll get sweeter and crisper with these other early morning gardening activities.
Dark green stakes,8ft 20packs
– Consider using a hoe to easily weed between vegetable rows.Both edges of the scratch hoe are sharp to allow effective back and forth motion of the hoe.On Father’s Day this year, a pickaxe would be a great gift for dad.Of course, you’ll have to give him an I.O.U. for a while, unless you shower and sleep today when the garden Center opens.
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Harvest oregano, basil, thyme and other herbs in the early morning, when they are most oily.By the same token, if you only want to harvest leaves, harvest herbs before they bloom.As a rule, never take more than a third of the leaves off a vanilla plant.There are many ways to air herbs.Normally, my wife would put the chopped herb stalks in a paper bag and let them dry.At other times, we loosely tie the cut stems and hang them in the garden shed until they are dry.This year, I will try to dry some in our dehydrator with a low heat setting, hoping not to lose grease and flavor.For more information about dried herbs, visit the National Center for Family Food Preservation at
plastic coated steel garden stakes plant stakes for climbing plants
– Check garlic plants daily to remove scapes.Scapes are stems that bloom.Studies have shown that removing the scapes can increase the bulb size by 20 to 30 percent.Do not discard the scapes, however.They are edible.In addition, stop further fertilization, especially high nitrogen fertilizer, as plants now transfer energy to bulb production instead of twig growth.Applying nitrogen fertilizer delays the formation of corms and is beneficial to leaf growth.
– If Mother Nature refuses to turn on the hoses, continue to water the tomato plants regularly.As I write this, rainfall is down more than six inches from normal for this time of year.It is necessary to water the tomatoes continuously to prevent the flower ends from rotting and the fruit from cracking.When a calcium deficiency occurs in tomatoes, the flower tails rot.The absorption of calcium by the root of the tomato depends on the water supply in the soil.When soil moisture is inconsistent, that is, very wet and then very dry, tomato fruit cracks.
plant garden stakes frp rib tube ribs for vegetables and fruits
– Extend the harvest season by continuously planting shrub beans, sweet corn, leafy vegetables and root crops.In addition, you can plant some summer melon seeds in a pot for later transplantation.The harvest season of summer melon is often shortened by stem borer and powdery mildew.Planting some seeds now could provide an alternative to earlier pumpkin growth when these problems end in July.
– Once the spring flowering bulb leaves turn brown, cut them off.
– When cutting and arranging flowers from annuals and perennials, bring a vase or bucket with you and place the cut stems into water immediately.In addition, cut in the early morning, the stems will not wither easily, placed in the vase will also be more durable.Cut flowers that have just opened or are about to open.Those blooming flowers won’t last long.It doesn’t have to be dramatic, but a few short stems in a small vase can add a little cheer to the rest of the day

Isolated hill.Downhill review

When you think of extreme sports, you probably think of loud rock music, monster tanks, fire cannons, jackasses and Tony Hawks.What may not immediately come to mind is the solitude and peace of the Mountain.Downhill.
You’re on a quiet mountain with only a babbling stream and bird song, and on the mountain bike trail, you can ride along this beautiful hillside site.That’s the basic premise of Lonely Mountain.Downhill is a game that replaces the limits of mountain biking with serenity and relaxation.
It’s an unusual concept, but it works very well.Viewed from above (almost as if you were in a helicopter or watching a video signal from a drone), you have to guide your rider down the hill, hitting checkpoints along the way as you get closer and closer to the finish line.
Adult Country Mountain Bike 24/26 Inch with Double Disc Brake, 6 Cutter Wheel, Yellow
Minimalism is the core principle of Gu Shan.The game design of the opera.Everything from the way the game is controlled to the way it is presented is designed with usability and cohesiveness in mind.There are only four commands to control — acceleration, braking, direction, and acceleration — and the UI is such a mess that your running time is the only piece of information displayed, with any consistency.This commitment to minimalism extends to the thick, polygonal style of art, even without a soundtrack, a decision that initially disappointed me.But once you’ve mastered the game, it makes sense to offer the player the raw and unfiltered experience of cycling down the mountain.
Adult Country Mountain Bike 24/26 Inch with Double Disc Brake, 3 Cutter Wheel, White
Time is the key motivator of The Mountain.You can focus on beating yourself at the time, or see how you compare to people around the world in global rankings.Unfortunately, this is where the game comes closest to the multiplayer experience, which is a shame because I can imagine cycling down the mountain with several different friends is quite fun, but the desire to climb the leaderboard is a big draw to try and try again.Additional goals, such as finishing a track in a certain amount of time or not running too many times, increase the variety and replayability of the track.
What makes lonely Mountain.The descent is so special because each of itsmountains has depth.At first glance, every route has a clear path to follow, and you’ll often be scared away from considering deviations.After repeated visits and more confidence, you begin to notice more dangerous alternative routes.The cliffs may look less precipitous now, providing you with the perfect opportunity to shave a few seconds off your total time.The depth of each level is truly amazing, as developers obviously create each level in a explorative and experimental way.
Mountain Bikes

Plant lots of parsley, because even if we have a hot

Plant lots of parsley, because even if we have a hot, dry summer, sagging lettuce or baking, you can eat parsley salad.There can’t be too much parsley.Our possum agrees.
Put a net over the parsley, so the possum can’t eat parsley for breakfast every day.You could spray some opossum repellent on it, but unfortunately, this will make your parsley as repellent to humans as it is to opossums.Physical barriers are best.
If you don’t plan to harvest every day, choose cherry tomatoes over larger varieties.Ripe tomatoes tempt fruit flies better than other fruits, but cherry tomatoes have a harder skin and are more resistant to flies.They are also fun, bite-sized snacks for kids, and come in red, orange, yellow and, if you’re lucky, green or purple (the latter two cherry tomato varieties are rare, but do exist). You can have round cherry tomatoes, long or pear-shaped, and some even climb.
Pick the first rose of the season and leave it on your desk and kitchen bench to remind you that spring is here, even if you have to work during the day.
Listen to the frog.If you hear something interesting, search Google for ”frog census” and send it in so that the location of frogs in Australia can be mapped.
Watch the ants.Ants seem to be more accurate than the Weather bureau about drought.If the ants are building castles and covering them with bark, it will rain.

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