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Friday At Last – Hangin’ With My Girls!

What a week this has been! I must say that writing the blog is much more demanding than I thought it would be. Not only the hole writing in english instead of danish thing but also the hasle of taking pictures with my phone transfering them to my Mac could be more smooth – perhaps I can figure something out for the future – I hope, I must, I will!

Anyway, I really thought that the radio I have been producing this week have been good. I am proud of my show and think that the listeners is getting to know me more also because of the blog and therefore are coming back to listen because of me being honest with my life. Here are some pictures of me and my loved ones I am SO looking forward being with theese beauties the hole weekend take care dear reader.

Having "dinner" with the girls

dad this food is.. how can I describe it..


dad talk to the hand for a little while

girls are so much more relaxed being around than boys

what I do on a friday.. being the human chair

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OnePiece – OneLove

I just got a very nice and cozy gift – it is an original jumpsuit from OnePiece and I never thought that I would be the type to wear an adult-baby-suit but I must be honest and say that on a cold winter day like today the idea of a jumpsuit in cotton is not bad at all. Happy Friday!

OnePiece - OneLove

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Veronica Maggio In Concert

Veronica Maggio Live at VEGA in Copenhagen

I just came home from an absolutely wonderful concert in VEGA with Veronica Maggio. I had a blast and so did Karsten. Actually Karsten had a smile on his face during the hole show.. perhaps he was thinking of Veronica using his Metallica t-shirt as her bedtime t-shirt. To sum it all up in short Veronica Maggio rules! BIGTIME! Now I will try to clean of my ACE of FACE eyeliner and go to bed. Tomorrow will be just as action packed as today..

The crowd was nothing but fantastic!

Great light settings makes a big difference

How cool is that!

Veronica on fire..

.. and the crowd loves it!

Veronica you just got yourself a new fan!


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Oh Lord.. Veronica Maggio

So today was the big day where Veronica Maggio would come to my show. Me and Karsten from the morningshow began to prepare in different ways. Karsten was wrapping in a gift box for Veronica where I just would try out the AMAZING eyeliner from ACE of FACE that I got in my goodiebag the other day attending the Fashion Blog Awards.

Karsten preparing his gift for Veronica

The content of the giftbox from Karsten to Veronica

Me trying out the AMAZING ACE of FACE eyeliner

Veronica came sharp and was very professional sweet and very charming. With her was her guitarplayer Claus who also was very cool. We talked about a lot of different things and I found out that Veronica besides having a voice like an angel also can bowl – how cool is that! I could see why Karsten has an official crush on the little songbirg from Sweden, Stockholm.
Veronica and Claus played an accoustic version of “Dallas” that sounded absolutely amazing and I can not wait to hear the song tonight again at the concert with all the lights and magic.

Veronica with her present from Karsten

Now I will look forward to the concert tonight and hook up with Karsten and share a beer and show him the picture of me kissing Veronica on the cheek.

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Veronica Maggio Visits Me!

Veronica Maggio have written a song prior to her visit in my radioshow it’s called “Jag kommer” how sweet is that!

I will have the extreme honour in welcoming a true heartbreaker to my Radio 100 radioshow thursday the 30th of january at 15’o’clock. The utterly charming personality of Veronica Maggio will stop by because of her sold out concert at VEGA in Copenhagen. My collegue at Radio 100 Karsten Baun told me that his absolute highlight of 2013 was when he met Veronica to an interview, and I think it is fair to say that Karsten ever since have an ongoing crush on the swedish angel. I have never meet her before but I must say that just by looking at this picture of her makes me a little bit nervous as well – she really does look like an angel and I have always had a sore spot for swedish girls especially the sound of their language. Did I mention that I will play “Lips or Cheek” with Veronica? Do NOT miss my blog tomorrow.

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Fashionblog Awards 2014

Me and Anne-Mette arriving at the Fashionblog Awards 2014

Well I must be totally honest and say that me and my blog-partner-in-crime Anne-Mette came a little late to the award show because we were at a nearby winebar were the time kindda flew by. Anyway, when we arrived, the show had already startet and we saw the host Emil Thorup doing af great job presenting the nominees and winners. The crowd was a little.. how can I put it.. calm or not loud – let’s put it that way and the show seemed to fly by faster than a speeding bullet.
Al of a sudden Christopher came out to present an award and give a preformance – which he did really good! I think I got to or three (perhaps four) beers when the show came to an end. Everybody rushed out of the very beautiful old Børsen and I felt like I just came so I walked around and took some photos and talked with some of all the nice people around the stands.
Anne-Mette having fun
Noboby have the time to watch the show as everybody was mobile-blogging
The technical crew (hipsters)
Best part of the show the Mokai stand
Anne-Mette and Elisa Lykke (same jacket designer expensive vs. very expensive)
Anne-Mette with Johnny Depp
Overall I survided attending a fashion event and my masculinity is still the same.. I think! My bad-ass t-shirt was the bomb even though most of the people did not care about my awesome outfit. I think that it is a part of attending a fashion event – that you do not give a fcuk about anyone except me, myself and I. Remember to check out my blog tomorrow where Veronica Maggio will be my guest on the radioshow – and yes – we will play the kiss trap game “Kys eller Møs” / “Lips or Cheek”.

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Mission Accomplished: I Kissed Joel Lambert

Joel signing an axe – how cool is that!

Wow, did I really do that? Ohh yes I did. But I cold not have done it without the help and support from my back-up plan Miss Sander. Joel Lambert is a really REALLY cool dude with whom I would never feel unsafe around. I am looking so much forward to see the first episode of “Manhunt” sunday the 2nd @21’o’clock on Discovery Channel. I gotta invite some friends so I can point at the tv-screen and yell I KISSED THAT GUY!
Me and Joel “having fun”
 Miss Sander and Joel “having fun” or actually having fun

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What Have I Become..

Today marks a new start in my life as a man. I will attend the annual Fashionblog Awards with my fashion partner in crime Anne-Mette Høyer. I have NEVER been to an event like this and I hope that I will retain my masculinity. I will try to take as many pictures as possible so you can feel like a fly on the wall or even a parrot on my shoulder. Because I am a comedian and have a I-don’t-give-a-fcuk-attitude I will wear my German Garment t-shirt with the rather subtile statement NOBODY READS YOUR FUCKING BLOG. Make sure to check out my blog tomorrow for details and pictures!

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Manhunt + Kiss trap = Mission Impossible?

Tuesday is action packed so I will post some of what is going to happen now. My radioshow will have the extreme honor in welcoming the star of the Discovery Channel program “Manhunt” Mr. Joel Lambert himself. Joel is a former Navy SEAL and a true bad ass mofo. He is the real deal and nothing I have ever interviewed before. I will present Joel with open arms to the show but I must be totally honest I am a bit nervous about presenting him for my latest feature the “Kys eller Møs” that actually is a kiss trap where I get to kiss my guests either on the cheek or the lips. Until now I have only had male guests to kiss so that is a bit of a bummer rutine. I hope Joel will take on the mission with a smile or perhaps he will call it a mission impossible and say no instead of game on! Only time will tell. I will give you the answer later and hopefully post a picture of me and Joel.
Manhunt + Kiss trap = Mission Impossible?

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Freezing My Butt Off!

This morning after delivering my two girls in school and kindergarden/nursery I really wanted to have a cozy moment with myself. I stopped by Riccos to get the all time favorite latté doubleshot with milk (no not the low fat one.) I was freezing my butt off so I kept my jacket and beanie on. I also got a breadpiece with cheese (no not the low fat one.)
But after I finished my bread and coffee I STILL was freezing my butt off!
So I came up with a genius plan.. I think the pictures will give you a hint..
.. and FINALLY my body temperature became plus 37 °C

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