The Pro Angels

Today my partner in crime Anders Aagaard and me did the last episode of Win Veltz In A Toyota Proace. The mission was easy: pick up table at Katja’s house and drive it to the junk yard for destruction. We started with a visit at the drive-in bakery in Vallensbæk for a x-large latté a bun with cheese and butter PLUS a huge danish pastry called rosenbrød (with chocolate glace on top.) Then we drove to Katja’s house to pick up the table for destruction. Katja’s house was very nice and especially  the cellar stairs was unique with aluminium safety rails – wow! When we arrived at the junk yard we had to pick the right container for destruction. But before we went to the junk yard we stopped by a gaz station for more coffee but the machine was apparanetly doing a routine cleaning mechanism and NOT filling up a HUGE cup of tea (stupid me.) This was the last episode for now in the saga of Aagaard & Veltz aka The Pro Angels. Thanx a million for Toyota Denmark making this project a reality!

NOT a huge cup of tea (stupid me)

NOT a huge cup of tea (stupid me)

the gates of Mordor aka the junk yard

the gates of Mordor aka the junk yard

a living room on wheels..

a living room on wheels..

isn't she a beauty..

isn’t she a beauty..

NO problem containing the tiny table of Katja's husband

NO problem containing the tiny table of Katja’s husband

bye, bye and of for destruction

bye, bye and of for destruction

not your regular wrecking ball

not your regular wrecking ball

Aagaard & Veltz aka The Pro Angels

Aagaard & Veltz aka The Pro Angels

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Radio And Rice Pudding

Yesterday I picked up Liva after school and together we drove to Mileparken where I had to do my radio show. Liva was SO sweet getting me hot chocolate every time my cup was empty. I think she had a good time even though the last hour of the show becomes as Liva said:’s a little boring now dad”. Then we drove home and made rice pudding and everything became NOT so boring anymore.

DSC_1750 DSC_1752 DSC_1755 DSC_1756DSC_1749

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A Car In A Van And A Cake In A Pan

Oh yes! Today my partner Anders Aagaard and me took off to help Sharon in beautiful Karise. The mission was to clean up her Fiat Grande Punto and make it ready to sell. Aaagard and I did an amazing job cleaning the car from A to Z. We also managed to fit the red Fiat Grande Punto INSIDE the Toyota Proace (unfortunately my camera was out of battery so we could not take any photos of our extreme effort.) Sharon made a chokolate banana cake that tasted absolutely wonderful. A day full of happines and sunshine and not to forget Fiona the sweet dog of Sharon and Claus. I am SO looking forward for the next assignment – you can sign up right here!

DSC_1663arriving with style and grace in Karise with the magnificent Toyota Proace

DSC_1662everybody was so happy to meet Aagaard and me especially Fiona

DSC_1660Sharon had made a wonderful chokolate banana cake with a perfect topping decoration writing

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The Drill Master

Second edition of the new the feature on my radio show called Win Veltz In A Toyota Proace aired today. I am very pleased and happy about todays result. My partner Anders Aagaard showed a side og him today I did not know he had the skills of a pure Jedi like Drill Master. I have NEVER in my life seen a handyman use TWO drills AT THE SAME TIME!!! Aagaard is pure genius and I must say that without him the shelves would not have been mounted with such precision and perfection.. obviously! Me being the professionel driver of the Toyota Proace is an easy and very comfortable task because the Proace is such a cozy and relaxed ride. I am SO looking forward to the next assignment and remember that YOU can sign up right here to Win Veltz In A Toyota Proace!

DSC_1516looking serious before todays assignment

DSC_1518me being a smartass trying to look like a handyman

DSC_1519the REAL handyman aka Anders Aagaard aka The Drill Master

DSC_1520ssshhh.. Drill Master at work

DSC_1521shelves mounted with perfection

DSC_1522work of a true handyman aka The Drill Master

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Chris Daughtry On My Show

What a day and what a show! The interview with Chris Daughtry was so awesome. I was actually a bit nervous but when Chris showed up completely down to earth everything just went fine from there. I was blown away by his acoustic version of Waiting For Superman and now I can not wait for the concert later on tonight!

DSC_1450 DSC_1454 DSC_1461 DSC_1463 DSC_1466

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Chris Daughtry

Tomorrow – wednesday the 5th of march – my radio show will have the extreme pleasure in welcoming rock star Chris Daughtry. I must admit that I am a bit nervous. I remember seeing Chris on American Idol and imagine ME interviewing this guy is an unreal scenario. Chris will be preforming with his band Daughtry at VEGA the same night – get your ticket here. Be sure not to miss this must hear radio event tomorrow at Radio 100 at 15’o’clock where Chris will preform LIVE!


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The Chest Of Drawers

I could not have wished for at better premiere for my new radio feature: Win Veltz In A Toyota Proace. My wing man was the truely awesome radio legend Anders Aagaard and the presence of greatness is always inspiring and uplifting. As a handyman team we where to pick up a chest of drawers from a seller in Valensbæk and move it to lucky listener Jane in Hvidovre. It all went nice and easy with LOTS of space and comfort in the Toyota Proace – it is a really nice vehichle and I love the automatic transmission. When we came to deliver the chest at Jane’s place she had baked a cake and it turned out that Jane is a truely stand-up comedy fanatic with her favorite comedians autographs painted on her walls in her office – how about that! If you would like to sign up for a visit from Anders Aaagard, me and the Proace – you can do it right here!

still a little hyped about my name on a car


the chest of drawers was no problem for the Toyota Proace


proof – Jane is a comedy fanatic galore


the autograph of comedy genius Thomas Hartmann


the autograph of comedy-magic-mad-man Rune Klan


me pointing at some no-name radiohost-wannabe-comedian I did not know


the chest without the drawers representing the minimalistic interior design style


the chest of drawers shining bright like a diamond in Jane’s apartment

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My Name On A Car

I have been working on a feature for my radioshow (Kør hjem med Veltz) where I could come to visit the listeners while doing a good deed. The working title became Win Veltz In A Van. Now the project will premiere on thursday the 27th of february and I am so glad and proud. A huge thanks off course to Toyota Denmark who is the sponsor of the feature. And yesterday to women from Toyota surprised me at work with the brand new car for the project – an all new Toyota Proace WITH the final title for the feature on the side – Win Veltz In A Toyota Proace! If you would like to sign up you can do it right here!

DSC_1300 DSC_1301 DSC_1302for upcoming events I will try not to look like a burglar

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The Science of Sexuality

Ever since I played this clip on my radioshow medio december 2013 I have been looking forward to interview the personality of sexologist Paprika Noel. The clip was banned at Facebook because of explicit verbal content. Wow, it is just a woman speaking words not a porn clip or what could be worse. I will ask Paprika how she became interested in the study of sex and sexuality or a scientist who practises sexology. Do you have to do a lot of research? Do you need to prove some kind of track record into the world of sexuality. Can anybody become a sexologist – if they want to? I will also present Paprika with some male reactions to her banned clip which I look very much forward to. Do NOT miss my radioshow today at Radio 100 from 15-18 (Paprika will be on air between 16-17.)

Sexologist Paprika Noel


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Oh Lord.. Veronica Maggio

So today was the big day where Veronica Maggio would come to my show. Me and Karsten from the morningshow began to prepare in different ways. Karsten was wrapping in a gift box for Veronica where I just would try out the AMAZING eyeliner from ACE of FACE that I got in my goodiebag the other day attending the Fashion Blog Awards.

Karsten preparing his gift for Veronica

The content of the giftbox from Karsten to Veronica

Me trying out the AMAZING ACE of FACE eyeliner

Veronica came sharp and was very professional sweet and very charming. With her was her guitarplayer Claus who also was very cool. We talked about a lot of different things and I found out that Veronica besides having a voice like an angel also can bowl – how cool is that! I could see why Karsten has an official crush on the little songbirg from Sweden, Stockholm.
Veronica and Claus played an accoustic version of “Dallas” that sounded absolutely amazing and I can not wait to hear the song tonight again at the concert with all the lights and magic.

Veronica with her present from Karsten

Now I will look forward to the concert tonight and hook up with Karsten and share a beer and show him the picture of me kissing Veronica on the cheek.

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