What is everyone’s favorite coin?


ZrCoin is the first blockchain option invested in the production of on-demand industrial materials. ZrCoin is not vulnerable to inflation or typical cryptocurrency fluctuations. Therefore, it is a reliable tool for the preservation and development of capital funds. Investing in ZrCoin in the early stages of the project can make you profitable. We are committed to achieving transparency at every stage of the investment cycle, from production to deployment and ZrCoin repurchases. ZrCoin is a liquidity trading asset investor can withdraw funds promised at any time after the end of the ICO within the first month. After production starts, manufacturers will purchase at least $400,000 worth of ZrCoin per month. If they like, investors can convert their ZrCoin to physical ZrO2.

Ezt is one of the blockchain music startups that Music Ally paid close attention  in 2018. Its opinion of fans is ”ownership of favorite songs”. Artists can sell certain rights to fans and investors in the following ways: agile buzzphrase alerts – ‘songs’. It has not yet fully started. However, by appointing and announcing an advisory committee, including some familiar names, Vezt took a step that may increase its credibility in the music industry.

CampusCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed to be used by college students around the world for instant transactions between their peers in their school. Unlike the currencies that currently exist in various forms of universities, CampusCoin aims to connect all colleges and universities through an easy-to-use digital currency that can be directly accessed via mobile devices. The CampusCoin team hopes to provide such coins in local stores, bars, restaurants and potentially online markets near university campuses around the world, allowing students to conduct point-to-point transactions in the future.

Verify is a cryptocurrency you can buy, sell, or trade on the open market. The coin has been traded since 08/11/2017 and uses CRED. We include various resources in this cryptocurrency, including how to buy, sell, and exchange with others.

Bitzeny is a cryptocoin that makes it easy for everyone to create value. This concept is very close to the idea of free energy. The coin Bitzeny (ZNY) was launched for trading in 2014 and was separated from Bitcoin. It uses an algorithm called Yescrypt that is a bit different from Globalboost-Y. Bitzeny was not a well-known cryptocurrency at the beginning, just like most other new cryptocurrencies.

Putincoin was designed is to commemorate the current president of the Russian Federation. As the name implies, Vladimir Putin and Russian people wants to support the Russian economy. It is one of the first national coins. These coins are intended to serve the businesses, traders and speculators of a country. It uses a combination of proof of work (where computing power is used) and proof (users lock evidence of their coins) to secure the network. It is multi-platform with clients on Windows, Mac and Linux.

As is mentioned above in the text, which one cryptocurrency would you like?

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What are some promising small coins?


Starbase is an innovative financing platform that helps small projects recollect enough cash to start operations. In some ways, it is similar to crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Investors can use star tokens to invest in projects on the Starbase platform. By doing so, they will receive the same amount in the ERC-20 token issued by the project. These ERC-20 tokens are like shares, which means that investors who help fund projects will receive dividends proportional to the number of tokens they own. They can also sell these tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges.

BitSwift (SWIFT) is a decentralized open source cryptocurrency from Novacoin that was launched in October 2014. It is a pure PoS coin and the annual PoS interest rate is set at 3%. Among other features, the project’s developer program also includes seamless integration, which makes full use of legal currencies to achieve global currency transfer at zero cost.

Monaco’s investment plan incorporates digital currency into the real situation. The Principality of Monaco is an ideal platform for mixing monetary standards in small-scale organizations. This business needs to be promoted as much as possible because it can reasonably be expected to use digital currency, especially in our daily transactions. Monaco plans to combine countless organizations to provide end-users with mobile phones and Visa applications, as well as installment terminals specifically for Monaco suppliers. Monaco engineers need to present a powerful framework that is driven by an official and useful foundation. In this way, they choose to change the latest version of DashCore while keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is to publish the first form that is safe, reliable and effortless to use. Shortly afterwards, the code upgrade will be separated from the Dash code, keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is to propose development proposals and uniquely adapt to the requirements and views of a cash client in Monaco.

EverGreenCoin is not just a new currency, it is a new ”cryptocurrency”. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be used as a store of value or in exchange for goods and services. The EverGreenCoin currency itself is only a mechanism to help us focus more closely on our efforts. By helping to raise funds for green projects, we take care of our environment and the world we live in responsibly. EverGreenCoin is the heir to Bitcoin, and it inherited some of the ancestors’ outstanding qualities. Regardless of national borders, it can be transferred to anywhere in the world with almost zero fees. Loss of personal information or the risk of theft is zero because personal information is never needed. EverGreenCoin does not print or ”dig” according to specific circumstances, it is not possible to perform paperless operations according to anyone’s wishes. On the contrary, the supply is limited and predetermined, the number will not change, only the free market determines its price. However, we will determine its true value.

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What’s currently the best coin for a small investment?


So many people worried about the return of coins when they have invested the coins. What’s more, some other people know nothing about how to choose and invest the coins. Today, I will introduce some coins to you.


MonkeyProject is a community-based POS project created by the legendary POS Monkey. The distribution of this project is fair, with a small ICO and some coins awarded to community members for participation in the project. This coin has a good start, and it shows a beautiful future from the very beginning.


Elite coins are coins that combine the game world with cryptoworld. We intend to integrate Elite into the game and allow users to use Elite as a game currency. This idea is the process of creating income and spending fun for everyone.


CreditBit was originally created to provide faster payments. The development team is now developing a hybrid system based on Ethereum’s smart contract network to provide 10 times faster transaction time than Bitcoin. CreditBit is a decentralized token that can be safely stored on your phone or PC wallet. Customers can rely on the all-weather customer service, price information and any help or advice on cryptocurrency or personal client manager investment. Our registration and verification process is one of the fastest in the market. You can register and purchase your cryptocurrency within one hour. We have a large number of cryptocurrencies to choose from, and customers can also order altcoins. We do not charge commissions or set fees, which makes our prices much lower than our competitors. Our fee is included in the price you paid for the coin.


Denarius, launched on 06/14/2017, is a new Tribus algorithm created by Carsen Klock to hash the PoW / PoS hybrid cryptocurrency. The coin has fast transactions, incredible security and privacy enforcement, encrypted messaging and high reliability.


Adchain uses a token called an adtoken (ADT), which is not a user attention tag like BAT. The purpose of adtoken is to vote, deposit and challenge. The adtoken holder will vote on whether they think the publisher’s website is fraudulent or non-fraudulent. The result of this vote determines whether the publisher’s website is accepted or rejected by the adchain Registry’s white list. The goal is to vote fraudulent websites to registries and vote for non-fraud websites to registries. The Ethereum blockchain allows this decentralized and open system to be fully audited by all participants. Advertising costs is applied in all aspects of the advertising ecosystem. Advertisers want to serve ads to real human users’ websites. Adchain relied on adtoken holders to clean up the digital advertising supply chain, providing advertisers with an encrypted non-secure white list, and providing premium non-fraudable publisher domain names for advertising. They are motivated to do so because the value of adtoken increases as the value of adchain increases.

In the end, we view adtoken as a complement to Basic Attention Token (BAT). We foresee that adtoken is used to provide an enhanced user experience to minimize fraud opportunities while protecting user’s privacy. We are also excited about the emerging design features offered by blockchain applications. We look forward to innovative solutions intertwined with ADT.


There is no doubt that the coins above can make you gain the return when you carry out a small investment.


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