This pump will create 5 cycles of water flow in the fish tank

Water flow is a kind of fish tank environment that can change the water in every place and corner in the fish tank. If they are not treated, they will be directly placed In the fish tank, the wreckage of these organisms will decompose, further contaminating the water quality in the fish tank. The objects put into the water can also be sent to the place where the organic animals inhabit because of the water flow, so it can be seen how important the water flow is to the environment in the fish tank..

Mastering the above knowledge will know how to use it. No one knows about its specific ecological principles, but it has achieved good results. Since water movement is so important, what is the correct way to do it? We generally use a circulating water pump to exercise during the period of time.

These coral reef rocks are taken from the ocean floor, and there are a lot of marine organisms alive.Small fish tanks for small fish are flexible and convenient, and easy to operate. However, because these biostones will inevitably encounter wind and sun during the process of collection, transportation, and contact with the air, many organisms on coral rocks will die. So, how to make the ecology of large fish tanks work normally and show us in the most beautiful posture? Large fish tank ecology, the maintenance of large ecological fish tanks is as follows:

To bring a Large Acrylic Aquarium realistic effect and clean environment to the fish tank, it is best to use water movement. Only flowing water can clear metabolites from invertebrates in water. Just putting such stones in the water for a period of time will create favorable conditions for the algae and organisms in the water to re-grow and the small reefs in the water to return to a good ecological circle. Put them in a fish tank, and the same biological reproduction will occur as in seawater, which makes the fish tank a miniature underwater ecosystem. This pump will create 5 cycles of water flow in the fish tank every hour, allowing the water flow to change its direction of movement four times a day, and switch on and off regularly

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