Good filter materials can reduce the workload of nitrifying bacteria

The formation of green Marine World fish tanks: It is generated by planktonic algae, but it will be formed by the following factors: light: too much sunlight, in general; the light time is 8-12 hours, it does not need to be all day It ’s on, and it ’s all day long, and it ’s going to evoke the physiological habits of the fish.) There are too many baits and too much bait to feed. . Good filter materials can reduce the workload of nitrifying bacteria to reduce the accumulation of organic matter. Therefore, some algaecides or clarifiers are added indiscriminately, but usually last for a period of time. Insufficient oxygen content:

Some large fish tanks use acrylic materials and fish tank bottom cabinets. The construction work is complicated, mainly including the installation of fish tanks, filtration equipment, water pumps, sterilization equipment, constant temperature equipment, water quality monitoring equipment and landscaping implementation. According to the introduction of the Shanghai Blue Lake Aquarium, common large fish tanks are made of ordinary glass, quartz glass, acrylic resin glass, etc., customized fish tank, these water plants can be fixed at the bottom of the fish tank.

It can be a pillar in the lobby, a cylindrical platform, or a square fish tank close to the wall. The large fish tank fits exactly everyone’s needs. [Reminder: Shanghai Blue Lake Aquarium has rich experience in the construction and production of large fish tanks. Although the installation process is relatively simple, it is very important. Custom large fish tank. 3, large fish tank landscaping Water plants can choose triangle mousse, staghorn iron crown, staghorn moss, water ficus, etc. 1. Many people now pay attention to health and have higher requirements for the living environment

Nitrifying bacteria have a poor effect, there are enough nitrifying bacteria, and green water is not easy to occur. Green water often happens after a period of time, and it still happens after changing the water.. It will happen again, but it cannot be cured and I don’t know why. You can add UV germicidal lamps to eliminate, reduce sunlight or change your eating habits. Too much organic matter (such as nitrates and phosphates

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