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Our factory has achieved good results using vacuum high-pressure

When the temperature is raised., Ltd. It can prevent oxidation and decarburization and play a protective role.  Vacuum high pressure gas quenching heat treatment Taizhou Daxing Heat Treatment Plant (Taizhou 318050, Zhejiang) Wu Shiqiang has many factors that affect the service life of the mold, but the use of a reasonable heat treatment process is very important. When surfacing is used, alloy problems of the welding layer should be considered, such as dilution rate, fusion zone, filter layer and thermal cycle. In the welded state, the metallographic structure is martensite, and sometimes contains pearlite, bainite, and the like.

5. Our factory has achieved good results using vacuum high-pressure gas quenching heat treatment process, especially forming mold. After a period of use, there is a chipping edge in the middle of the die edge (see), and there is also a chipping edge in front of the punch edge. Due to the cooling rate is too fast, the gas stays in the metal.. Since the mold materials are mostly tool steels such as T8 and T10A, and the working conditions are mainly impact resistance and wear resistance, martensite surfacing metal should be used when selecting the surfacing metal material. The partial pressure of oxygen in the furnace is very low, and the surface oxide of the workpiece decomposes at high temperature: 2FeO! 2Fe+2.

3 Selection of die surfacing material Choosing the right metal material for die surfacing is a complicated task.   Martensitic surfacing metal, its carbon content is generally 0. According to the traditional repair method, it has to be put into production again, and the edge surfacing repair is now used to achieve good results.  Due to its working conditions, structure, material and economic requirements, the ’arc welding’ method is generally used.   4 surfacing welding method Die surfacing is a fusion welding of heterogeneous materials. All have an impact on traditional mold manufacturing and maintenance.

Choose reverse welding with DC welding machine, welding Syringe Mould Manufacturers current 90A, arc length 5.  6 Conclusion The overlay welding process is suitable for the repair of large and complex molds and small and medium batch parts, which can reduce costs and extend the life of the mold. The time is not Less than 45min; the electrode needs to be baked at 250~350: 1~2h at temperature. Because it is pumped into a vacuum, there are very few oxidizing and decarburizing gases in the furnace. The degassing effect of krypton is obvious, so the strength and toughness are significantly improved., Ltd. It is easy to operate, no pollution, and meets the requirements of modern high-quality and low-consumption clean heat treatment

There are many plastic parts in production after forming

A chuck for taking out runner waste, a chuck for taking out plastic parts, a turntable device and Plastic and sprue waste collection boxes, etc.New technology of injection mold Liu Shixiang, Yu Huadeng (Lanzhou Industrial College, Lanzhou 73005, Gansu), worthy of learning and application by mold technicians. It can also reduce the residual stress of plastics and cool the plastics after cooling.   (continued from page 76). When designing this kind of mold, it should be ensured that the formed plastic remains on the lower mold, otherwise, the ejection mechanism should be designed on the upper mold. This mold can be used to form high-precision plastic parts such as plastic optical lenses, laser records and artificial kidney dialysis filters, as well as thin-walled plastic parts that are difficult to form. New plastic molding process and mold.

There are many plastic parts in production after forming Then install it on the metal base plate. After the metal component is inserted into the metal bottom plate, the metal component is in place by the inspection device, and the metal is inserted by the indexing device with 90* two arms The metal bottom plate of the component is placed in the lower mold on the side of the rotary table, and then the rotary table rotates 180°,

so that the lower mold that has been placed in the metal bottom plate enters the forming position of the injection machine, and at the same time, the injection molded lower mold is turned To the position of the lower mold just put into the metal bottom plate. However, the required clamping force is relatively small. Since plastic is a viscoelastic body, if it is combined with a metal plate only by contraction, it will affect the firmness of the combination after a period of relief, so the metal base plate should be grooved, embossed or stepped to improve its combination Firmness.

Now some China Medical Accessories Mould Company in the south have developed an assembly injection molding process that places the metal bottom plate as an insert directly in the mold to form all plastic parts at once, which not only saves a lot of manpower, but also improves the assembly quality. The target crime of the engineering defect rate ’0*, in stock’ 0* is close. The inlet of this mold must be extended to the runner plate in the middle of the mold, so that Feed the cavity on both sides, so that a complete single-layer injection mold is formed on each side of the runner plate located in the middle of the mold. This mold is due to the melt in the cavity.


Two processing schemes have been formulated based on the original process

Conclusion Through the analysis of various reasons for the benzene hydrogenation catalyst and the corresponding measures taken, the temperature of the hot spot of the hydrogenation reaction is stable, and the production of cyclohexane is greatly improved compared with that before the improvement. The selection of the spring should meet two conditions: when the punch slide is down, the workpiece blank can be pressed without compression of the spring; and when the punch slide is up,  is a new type of tower packing with wide market demand. The mold is composed of a forming mandrel, a mounting seat, two sets of inclined wedges and springs.

Therefore, two processing schemes have been formulated based on the original process: forging wool, annealing, mechanical roughing, quenching and tempering, semi-finish pre-processing, quenching and tempering, finishing, tempering ( Medium temperature 4)-Wire cutting-Clamp repair assembly., Blood collection mould Plan 1 is more economical, but for Scheme 2 is more effective when the shape is more complex) (Editor Ming Tao) and other technical work. From the analysis of punching die materials, the wear resistance and performance of Crl2 steel after quenching are reasonably matched, and the crack resistance is high, which can fully meet the requirements of punching die. The process sequence according to the conventional machining method is: forging rough-annealing-mechanical roughing-semi-finish pre-processing-quenching and tempering-finishing-tempering (medium temperature 400 Wire cutting->clamp repair assembly.

According to statistics, more than 95 parts of a car need to be deburred and finished.   In order to solve the problem of smoothing and processing of precision parts with small size and groove structure (such as hard disk holder), the method of rotating ultrasonic vibration and opacifying abrasive spraying can be used.. Extensive research on existing processing technology mechanism, equipment improvement, perfection and its degree of automation.’   In order to effectively solve the problem of finishing of complex disc-shaped special surfaces (such as automobile wheels, large gears), rotary, vibration, and chemical compound finishing methods can be used.

 In addition, for the surface finishing of some special workpieces, special equipment or conventional equipment can be modified.   Supporting engineering strategies and methods to study barrel grinding and finishing ①According to the processing requirements and production reality, the national standards for the performance indexes, specifications and sizes of the barrel grinding blocks should be drawn up as soon as possible

The CNC program can be accessed through the memory

The purpose of this article is to find a way to realize the integration of CAD/CAM system on the basis of the development of extrusion die CAD and CAM applicable software to promote CAD/ CAM technology should be used in the production of aluminum extrusion dies.44MB auxiliary system ruler Inch: Extrusion designers are used to designing with a 1:1 ratio.

Compared with other 3D graphics and processing of complex 3D shapes, extrusion die design, drawing and CNC programming are performed on the computer. Mathematical methods are used to integrate plastic deformation mechanics and thermal conductivity. If more than one CNC machine with such a program reader is already in operation, you can choose to use perforated paper, floppy disk tape, or any other medium to transfer this CAD/CAM-integrated system also considers the future installation There is room for CNC machine tools, which can reduce costs and make full use of the available sources of information.

The CNC program can be accessed through the memory. Field, section size, shape and position tolerance and other factors are analyzed and then designed and drafted. When designing (CAD) and CNC programming requires more than one terminal, the workstation should be networked with the PC interface of the CNC machine tool through the memory.) and 4-1 in axis, wire cutting and CNC machine tool machining centers.

This change is caused by the friction medical treatment mould on the extrusion cylinder wall. The final modification of the drawing. It is a relatively advanced new variety of power supplies in digital SCR power supplies.) can greatly improve the quality and productivity of the extrusion die. Most of the software currently in use has functions to calculate the standard cavity area perimeter, volumetric mass center of gravity, and inertial momentum difference.

The size effect of Hume-Rothery shows that the larger the difference

Conclusion By Injection Syringe Mould Factory the calculation method of the distortion buckling bearing capacity of the cold-formed thin-walled steel column members, some limitations of the existing methods are pointed out. Based on the above problems, this paper conducted a theoretical study on the direct strength design method of cold-formed thin-walled steel column members, put forward a direct strength design method that considers distortion and overall related buckling, and gives a relatively simple calculation process of elastic distortion buckling Stress calculation formula.

Key factors affecting mold accuracy Key factors Control and management content and requirements Improve the enterprise management system ① Staff management and talent development training system ② Production post responsibility and technical responsibility system ③ Production equipment maintenance, maintenance and repair system ④ Product accuracy and quality assurance The machine tool and tooling are in good condition with the management system. Invisible, it will bring great business opportunities, great technical and economic benefits to enterprises.

The calculation result decreases with the increase of the column length, which can reflect the test law, and the calculated value is closer to the test result and the deviation is smaller.  Comparatively speaking, it is safer and more reliable to use the recommended method 2 to calculate the value.60kN, and the test bearing capacity of the SS7510-50-AC-Y-1 specimen is only 43. When using the direct strength method to calculate the distortion buckling bearing capacity, the existing elastic distortion buckling stress calculation process is cumbersome

Due to the existence of strain fields around interstitial atoms such as C and N, when these atoms move into the dislocation strain field, the total strain energy will be reduced, which will result in the formation of interstitial atom aggregation or air mass near the dislocation.5 eV, so the column of C atoms distributed along the dislocations can lock the dislocations,

thereby greatly increasing the stress required to move the dislocations. The size effect of Hume-Rothery shows that the larger the difference between the size of solute atoms and Fe, the more obvious the effect of substitution strengthening. Some data show that Si, Mo, Mn, and Ni are replacement solid solution strengthening in Fe The effective element 119. There are 12 hot work die steels in the tool steel standard GB1299-85 promulgated in 1985, and there are more than 10 types although not listed in the country.


Glass molds are the key components for producing high-quality glass products

Use CO2 Wholesale Dropping Drip chamber cover mould water glass sand, use self-hardening first and then high temperature hardening to ensure the size and surface finish. The glass droplet temperature is 1000~1200C. 2Technical requirements and processes The domestic automatic glass pressing production line is an 11-station, 9-station, 7-station rotary press imported from Italy, Germany, South Korea, etc. Therefore, the following heat treatment process specifications are selected:

Annealing 750~850°C quenching the material blank process control requirements: (〗Ensure that the casting method has no major defects, general casting blank defects, pinholes on the working surface and non-metallic debris and other defects None are allowed to exist. Glass molds are the key components for producing high-quality glass products. The addition amount is 2. In order to meet domestic production needs and establish a localized high-end mold material base, we have successfully developed special mold materials represented by 1Cr17Ni2MoV, which have produced good economic and social benefits in actual production applications.

Adding V can refine grains and reduce overheating sensitivity. According to the characteristics of use, the mold material needs to have stable, uniform physical and chemical properties.05, the working surface requires no plating treatment.Allrights Glass and Interface Purchase 2,002 ci30. The performance is also improved, but the presence of ferrite in the structure will reduce the quenching strengthening effect, so the addition of 2Ni reduces the free ferrite content and restores the strengthening effect. Compared with the results of imported molds,

the performance fully meets the requirements of production technology. It is superior to imported materials in service life, and there is no difference between thermophysical properties and mechanical properties, but polishing The performance and thermal cracking resistance have been greatly improved.

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