Today, the shutter accessories specialist, have decided to tell you about a rather special installation: the roof window. What are the advantages of a roof window? What materials and shutters can be installed to equip a roof window? Don’t move, we’ll tell you everything.


You wish to fit out your attic? Opt for the roof window! This has the main advantage of optimizing natural wireless remote control lighting and enlarging your interior. It will also allow you greater thermal insulation and therefore, less heating costs. Roof windows also provide natural ventilation for the home. The roof windows can be installed on any roof slope (from 15 to 90 degrees) and can be equipped with double glazing to limit external noise but also to filter the sun’s rays (tinted double glazing).

roof window remote

There are different types of roof window openings. The so-called projection opening allows the window to open outwards. This type of opening is suitable for a 55 degree slope. The rotating opening allows the window to open along a central axis. The side opening allows the window to push outwards and gives you access to the roof.


Nevertheless, before long range remote control relay installing a roof window, you should think carefully about its location according to the layout of your attic, the location of your rooms and especially the lighting you want to bring to your space. Practical and available at affordable prices, roof windows prove to be a real advantage for your attic space.

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