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Watch out for the fireworks! Preventive measures for a safe new year

When you fire a fireworks display for the first time, don’t be afraid: if you take all the appropriate safety measures, the chances of seeing a problem arise are very low. And if they do occur, the risk of injury is even lower. Injuries almost always involve people who are not concerned about the safety of fireworks.

So when you’re out of your professional sphere, apply the same safety-conscious mindset as when you’re at work and make sure everything goes safely. Once the fireworks have been fired, you will be able to return to a healthy job unless you have applied the safety measures described above.

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Safety rules when using fireworks

-Only buy fireworks with instructions in your language and read them beforehand. Pay attention to the presence of the CE marking.

-At home, keep fireworks in a dry, locked place out of the reach of children.

-Choose your launch area carefully, preferably on a solid, stable and flat ground, located at a sufficient distance from buildings, parked vehicles and other obstacles – preferably on an open area.

-Wear the proper PPE when lighting the fireworks, including safety glasses, safety gloves, a fireproof jacket, headgear and hearing protection.

-Make sure that the spectators stand at a sufficient distance from the launch area and demand that they respect it. Besides, the fireworks are much more beautiful and better visible when you are 20 or 30 meters away.

-Do not let animals near the fireworks, they may be frightened by detonations. So take your precautions.

-Do not drink alcohol before/during ignition. Make sure that the pyrotechnician on duty is a sober BOB or do not blow the corks until after having fired the fireworks.

-Always have a fire extinguisher or water handy.

-Always take wind direction into account. Position yourself to the wind, so that the projections move away from you. Think also of the spectators.

-Light the fireworks with a remote control ignitor or a long wick. Do not use an open flame (match or gas lighter). With an open flame, the wick burns faster and the fireworks explode sooner.

-When lighting the wick, operate from a distance, with your arm stretched out, and do not lean your body over the fireworks.

-Throw lit firecrackers towards a safe place and never towards spectators, animals or objects that could be damaged. Unroll the firecrackers in a dry and safe place and move away from the ignition.

-Stabilize fire pots, batteries, fountains and other floor products by using heavy stones or breeze blocks so that they cannot slip or fall.

-Slide the rocket into a tube firmly plugged into the ground. The tube must be at least as long as the rocket stem. Glass bottles are not suitable for firing fireworks.

-Turn on each device separately.

-When a device has lasted a long time or has not burned out completely, you cannot turn it on again. Wait at least 30 minutes, then throw a bucket of water in it.

-A device that has failed for a long time can never be left on the public road.

-To prevent children from touching them, dispose of residual waste after seeing it wet first.

-Most fireworks accidents occur around January 1st each year. Never imagine that this can’t happen to you.

-If something goes wrong, call the emergency services.

-In case of burns, rinse them thoroughly with running water until the emergency services have arrived on site and take over to treat them.

How to test the solenoid valve of your dishwasher?

In restaurants or at home, who among you does not know this unique dishwasher? Its principle of operation is quite simple. She doesn’t wash like your hands! In addition to being fast, it rinses your dishes first with cold water, then with hot water. The dishwashing liquid then comes to do its work and the hot water makes its smashing return in the theater of washing. Then drying occurs. Your plates are ready to receive your food.

The machine for cleaning dishes has not stopped evolving. Today, the dishwasher is equipped with a solenoid valve that releases the water during the rinsing operation. It is also equipped with a pressure switch regulating the quantity of water used. The latest versions of such a device are capable of harmonizing with home automation since they are programmable.

A malfunction in your dishwasher? Maybe it’s a solenoid valve failure. To find out, the solenoid valve must be tested. We explain how to do this below.

wireless remote control water valve

Role and utility of the dishwasher solenoid valve

Among household electrical appliance spare parts, the dishwasher solenoid valve is certainly not the most well-known among consumers. However the role of this small part is preponderant in the good functioning of a dishwasher. It is the solenoid valve that will partly regulate the water inlet and outlet of your appliance. This is made possible thanks to the ingenious structure of the wireless remote control water valve which allows to play on the systems of pressures and depressions on the passage of water. The result is perfect regulation of the dishwasher water circuit.

Thus, two main cases of malfunction of your dishwasher should encourage you to test the solenoid valve:

A problem with filling and water supply.

A substantial and abundant water leak on the ground while the appliance is switched off.

Test the solenoid valve in your dishwasher

First of all, for safety reasons, you must unplug your dishwasher. Then lay him on his side. Remove the complaint on the back and bottom of the unit and the supply hose connected to the solenoid valve. This is then visible. Unscrew the panel located under the dishwasher. Remove the connectors connected to the overfill protection float. You can now remove the panel. The solenoid valve is then removed for testing. To do this, disconnect it. Remove the solenoid valve from the notch and remove it from the hose. You will be able to switch to the solenoid valve coil measurements via an ohmmeter. If the coil value is greater than 3Kilos Ohms, the solenoid valve is in good working order.

Strengthen your garage security

Invest in a garage? It means protecting your vehicle from the elements and incivilities above all. However, even in a garage, your car will not necessarily be spared theft. That’s why you need to make your garage safer at all costs. Double your vigilance if you store valuables in your garage and especially if it is attached to your house.

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Some proven solutions

Installing additional locks remains a good idea to secure your garage door. Attention, to avoid any bad surprise, do not choose any lock! The ideal solution would be to opt for anti-lift locks, armored locks or multipoint locks. Whatever your choice, make sure your locks are certified. In addition to adding locks, consider adding a security bar to your garage door. A safety bar is especially recommended if you bet for a folding, swing or folding garage door.

The windows in your garage also deserve special attention. These must be equipped with bars and brackets. Also, to prevent potential burglars from seeing the contents of your garage, bet on opaque windows. The glazing must also be thick enough.

If your garage has a door to your home, also make sure it is secure enough. If not, do not be surprised if the perpetrator was able to enter your home easily.

Bet for an alarm system

Is it still useful to remember that an alarm system can deter potential burglars? There, several options are available to you. For example, you can bet for:

A mini-alarm with motion detectors or an opening detector: this type of alarm will trigger a siren as soon as an intrusion is detected.

A detector connected to your home’s alarm system: this solution also allows you to scare away intruders.

Think about the garage motorization option

It is obvious: by motorizing your garage door, you will complicate the task to the criminals. Yes, a motorized garage door will be much harder to force or lift. Good news: from now on, far are the times when garage door drives are only accessible to the wealthiest among us! Without spending a small fortune, you can then secure your garage as well as possible. On top of that, you gain in comfort. In the end, by a garage door remote control, you no longer have to get out of your car to open and close the garage door.

The motorization will be even more interesting if your garage door opens onto the outside. Indeed, in this case, you run more risk when you get out of your vehicle to open the garage door. All you have to do is choose the drive best suited to your garage door. Note that a system equipped with an anti-lifting security ensures you more peace and serenity.

The characteristics of a telescopic ladder

The telescopic ladder is the perfect tool for working at heights and is the latest in ladders on the market. What is a telescopic ladder? A telescopic ladder is a ladder with which you can modulate the size, via an integrated adjustment system.

What you need to know about the telescopic ladder

With this type of ladder, it will be easy for you to increase or decrease the size of the telescopic ladder. It is the tool you need to easily reach the roof of a house, or the branches of a tree, at an affordable price. This ladder can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition to being useful for DIY work, you can use it to retrieve objects at a height or for storage. The telescopic ladder combines ease of use, safety and price. Indeed, it allows an easy storage since it measures only about 75 cm once folded (according to models). Thereafter, its light weight makes transport much easier. In practice, a telescopic ladder weighs less than about 10 kg. This manoeuvrability greatly facilitates transport and storage in simple places such as the boot of a car, for example. During use, the telescopic ladder is very efficient since it can unfold up to 3 meters in height, to support up to 150 kg, in compliance with current standards. This scale gives free field to the realization of many works, with a real ease in the implementation and the use. Additional, a wireless remote control is recommended to install on the ladder.

Criteria for choosing a telescopic ladder

Generally, the telescopic ladder is suitable for some types of work such as on hard and flat ground, with simple and relatively light tools. Thus, the choice of the telescopic ladder is made inadequacy with the height of the site to which you must reach. To calculate the maximum access height, you must add 1 meter to the ladder height. This measurement corresponds to a standing position on the ladder, not exceeding the fifth step from the top. On average, an open telescopic ladder can reach heights of up to 3.80 meters, with heights between 2 and 4.40 meters. When unopened, it covers between 0.60 and 1 meter. In order to test the practicality of your ladder, you must ensure the flexibility and simplicity of its mechanism. This results in a flexible mechanism, which can unfold and fold easily. Don’t forget to check the ergonomics either, to choose an adjustable size, to be able to adjust it according to the height at which you wish to work.

Why automate your portals

Why automate a portal? Often, aesthetics and modernity are among the essential reasons mentioned by many people. However, the ranges of a motorized gate are much greater. This article allows you to appreciate the usefulness of automating your portals.

Automatic portals: what are their main advantages?

Automating a portal is above all the contribution of a new comfort. Much more practical, an automatic portal allows you to save energy and time. Your gates will open and close automatically without you having to move or exit the vehicle. In addition, the motorization of a gate gives you maximum protection.

The automatic opening and closing of the gates via a remote control limits intrusion, burglary and theft attempts… As a result, only the owner will have access to the gate automation control. Inputs and outputs can also be checked using an intercom or surveillance camera.

Thus, an automatic portal allows you to optimize the security of your living space. Finally, whether you have a swing gate or a sliding gate, automation helps optimize the aesthetics of your main entrance and enhance the value of your property.

Automatic gates: some precautions to take

In order to benefit from the great advantages of a garage remote control, it is important to take into account a few decisive elements: the choice of motor, safety measures and maintenance.

The motor of your choice will have to conform to your gate, and adapted to the space you have. For example, if you have limited space, you can opt for an underground motorization. It will easily adapt to your space, however, it is better suited to the new gate. Also, in order not to deceive you, it is recommended to call upon a professional specialized in automatic gate installation.

In addition, a few security measures are essential when setting up an automatic portal. The structure that will accommodate the motorized system must be solid, and the opening and closing area must not contain any obstacles.

In the field of gate drives, a standard has been established in order to preserve and guarantee the safety of the owner, the environment and third parties. For motorized gates, the presence of lighting and light signals is mandatory, followed by the possibility of manual disengagement in the event of a breakdown.

Finally, maintenance ensures the durability and proper operation of the motorized gate. Two to three times a year, maintenance consists of cleaning the various components of the motorized gate and checking the operation of the motor.


Which gate remote control to choose?

Technological evolution facilitates human life in all fields. Even portals are not immune to this phenomenon. It is now possible to use the home automation system. You can open and close the door using several gadgets such as the remote control.

garage door remote

Remote control operation mode

This device eliminates time wasters for individuals by opening and closing their gates. You should know that choosing this device is very difficult. The choice depends on device programming. There are three models on the market:

switch programming: the mini-switches inside the remote controls must be operated. You must set the switch on the new one as on the old one to cause coding.

self-learning programming: you only have to put them side by side. Then, you must press the buttons on both remote controls so that the new one can take the data from the old one. It is recommended to use appliances of the same brand.

receiver programming: simply open your receiver and press a button inside and then press the remote control. Programming the receiver is not recommended as it can be locked by the manufacturer.

Your new remote control model must use the same frequency as the previous one. This is to ensure that your signal has a long range. The coding must be well understood by the receiver. Indeed, it can cause delays when sending signals.

The characteristics of a garage door remote

Garage door remote works on a simple principle. The transmitter in the remote control simply sends a signal to the receiver at the gate. It will transmit a code to the receiver to trigger the action desired by the owner.

It is sold with devices for gate automation in general. This solution is due to the fact that not all remote controls on the market are compatible. But in case of loss or malfunction of your remote control, it is recommended to use the same model. Companies sometimes have your model in stock. Simply give them a reference number of the device.

There are universal models whose coding must be programmed to be compatible with your portal receiver. Just buy the same brand as the old one.

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