The simplest and fastest way is to match their mood

The word label doesn’t really matter.People fundamentally want to be around others who are like themselves.In either case, your objective should be to make the client happy again (unless your client is so unreasonable that you need to let them go). This is very important. Sometimes our clients have a legitimate reason to be angry, such as when we screw up. By choosing to match someone, you give yourself greater influence with your clients and prospects..What you should specifically do will obviously depend on what the client is angry about.

You just do it so automatically that you don’t always notice it. Other times clients get unreasonably upset because they have different expectations about your business relationship. Yes this will get you into a similar mood as them, and yes you will be in rapport. Ever been mad at a company, or another person, or a politician for example? When you were angry, how did you feel when you spoke to someone who didn’t share your anger?

You felt misunderstood, maybe even to the Black SCREWS where you didn’t want to be around them, right?Now think about how you felt when you encountered someone who shared you anger. But only briefly as you watch their anger skyrocket out of control. In other words, you don’t want to say nasty things to your client just to match them. We seek this all the time in all of our dealings with others. So then, how do you get in rapport with an angry client?

The simplest and fastest way is to match their mood, while being careful not to match the content of what they are saying.What do you do when your client gets mad at you? How do you handle this? An angry client can be one of the biggest time and energy drains on a sales person. You felt understood and wanted to be around this person more, didn’t you?? 1999-2004 Shamus Brown, All Rights Reserved. If you do, you’ll just make them madder because they won’t feel understood.

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