A poor girl from a Riverside trailer park whose father

They know I’m not guilty, of anything!”The police came and knocked on their door and summoned them to return to the proceedings. Even Witness Protection might not work, you know!

They have people inside the system that might find out where we are anyway.A. You know that I’ll do anything to protect them!” Gloria was distraught and pacing the floor in the little room of the Long Beach courthouse set aside for lawyer/client consultations. They already see what the judge is doing.

That is what his great teachers and heroes of the profession had always told him. A poor girl from a Riverside trailer park whose father had died before she came to Long Beach sure hadn’t any money for school clothes or the high life. The city was backing them ’big time’.

”This is a big case and there were many people ripped-off in the land development swindle. Then she had the misfortune of falling in love with a lying lothario! She wasn’t depressed yet; that was something she rarely ever let herself do.. He also knew it was important to getting the bills paid. Please let me ’do my thing’!””Sure!

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